I got the Bad Timing Blues . . .
Sunday, July 24, 2005

I really wish I'd written the Ballad of Joss about 6-8 months earlier than I did.

To tell the truth, one reason I put off writing it is that the idea seemed really obvious to me, so I figured someone had already done it.

Now, I've got a filk song that people seem to like, and no time to get into a con to sing it. I mean, I could go to Dragon*Con as a fan, but I really can't afford the trip. The management is too busy to even say no, though I've been told unofficially that they're full up on concourse bands. The Browncoats there aren't interested in sponsoring my band. We're not famous enough yet. If only I'd written that song a few months earlier . . .

Cons closer to home seem to have either no musical guests (and therefore probably no interest in musical guests) or a bunch of musical guests, including bands I watched form several years after mine started.

Sure, Firefly fandom isn't going to go away after the movie comes out--but let's face it, the iron ain't gonna be quite so hot come October.

How did this get so complicated?



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