Wild West Tech
Saturday, July 23, 2005

So I've stumbled onto a mini-marathon of Wild West Tech on the History Channel today and right now there's little else getting done. They've just done a piece on the history of repeater (Colts, Winchesters, etc.) and I'm remembering back to my days of Civil War reenacting (about 10-12 years ago). I had myself a decent musket and I've used a friend's sawed-off shotgun and I've even played around with a non-functioning Colt .45. Now, I am a self-confessed peacenik...I drive an old VW bus...I'm not a violent man, but damn I love the feel cocking back that hammer. Feeling the antiquated mechanisms in motion. There really is just something reassuring about the weight of that weapon in your hands. It's strange...it really is! It is such a bad thing to like that?

Ooooh, there's an episode on shootouts on now.



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