Heaven Has a New Chief Engineer
Friday, July 22, 2005

Before I dive into a James Doohan tribute, I forgot to add that while in San Diego I visited a shop in Seaport Village with a very helpful gal who facially reminded me a whole lot of Kaylee. Very cool.

Now, I was in the hotel just getting ready to leave town when I heard of James Doohan's passing on CNN.

He will be sorely missed. And what can be said about him, really? He was the first to give us pause to think "Could we really talk to our computers through the mouse?" And he always showed us that it could be done and the dilithium crystals could always take a little more. But the most important lesson I learned from Scotty was this:

Always tell your boss it's going to take you two hours to fix something when you know you can turn it around in 45 minutes and really impress him!

Thank you Scotty. I hope heaven is putting its new chief engineer to good use!




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