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Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm thinking about joining the US Air Force. I've been talking to just about everyone I know, many of whom have military experience and have seen action in Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Korea, and Iraq. Some encourage it (including some who've never served), others don't (including some who have).

I've been kicking this around for quite some time now. If I decide to do it, it'll be several months before I actually join. I haven't been praying like I should. Maybe I oughta start.

'Course, if I do, that means I won't be writing Firefly fanfic for a while. But I'll definitely go after a commission (since I already have a degree), and I'll have the resources to go back for my master's.

I either want to be a pilot or a communications officer. Right now, I just.......don't know. We'll see.


Thursday, July 21, 2005 9:51 PM


I'm a Navy man myself and the only really useful advice I have about making that decision is to explore all your options. There are peculiarities to each service that may be desireable or not. One of the things I've heard about the Air Force is that you may be required to do an overseas tour unaccompanied, which may be a problem if your married or in a serious relationship. It may have changed or only be applicable to enlisted personnel. Joining the military is a big decision and I know when I joined (both times) I didn't really think about the little things that may have swayed me from one service to another, or even away from the military at all.

Perhaps my father's advice might be better than my own: "Don't let your meat loaf."


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