Hello San Diego (Glimpsing ComicCon)
Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Well, I am sitting here on the 7th floor of the San Diego Marriott Marina looking out at the downtown skyline. It's my first time here and it actually wasn't for ComicCon! I am here for a meeting of the National Academy Foundation (http://www.naf.org). Yup, flew in on Sunday afternoon and just as the Jedis and Browncoats and AnimeFreaks were leaving town, the teachers were moving in! I must admit, there is no stranger sight than rollin' through downtown San Diego (in a 1959 VW bus no less) and seeing Jedis walking right beside Aragorn copies and Sailor Moon girls! Didn't see anyone in Browncoat gear, sadly. But it was sheer chaos getting checked in at the hotel and back out into traffic to go to a BBQ on Fiesta Island. Needless to say, San Diego's an awesome town and I can't wait to be back.



Wednesday, July 20, 2005 5:39 PM


I'm glad you enjoyed my neck of the woods. I was a little disappointed myself not to see any browncoats in costume, but the Serenity panel was standing room only (much to the annoyance of the fire marshall). Even more crowded than Kevin Smith's Q&A that preceded it.


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