Saturday, July 16, 2005

Well, I have done my second lot of laundry today and have discovered my actual age is 1.1 years younger than my real age which is pretty cool.

This means I will finish HP just in time for bed so I will probably write my final blog when I have had time to digest it after a good nights sleep.

So far though I have to say I am a bit fed up with the lack of plot. There seem to be three plots at the moment:

1) Malfoy
2) Harry's Lessons with Dumbledore
3) The bloody romances/loves

None of them are inspiring me at the moment - I need some action but I think it is about to kick in as we have just discovered The Dark Lord has torn his soul into many pieces and Harry is off to kill a piece soon.

I am enjoying it but it isn't having the emotional impact I was expecting, hey ho maybe it will come and I will regret wanting it! I was longing for some loving and now wish there was less of it, we are probably going to have deaths now. JK PLEASE don't kill off Neville, I couldn't bear it.

Anyway off to bed now with the last 130 pages of the book...

Night night and I will see you in the morning


Saturday, July 16, 2005 3:10 PM


You know, I think you're a bit too slow of a reader for your own good. It sounds like the plots aren't moving not because of the writing but because of YOU. Then again, I read the whole thing in seven and a half hours non-stop, so...

Anyway, enjoy the death and the relatively surprise ending.


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