A different type of Firefly dream
Friday, June 10, 2005

I know a few if no many of us have dreamed about Firefly but last night I dreamed about a firefly SNL/MadTV skit! Most of it was from a 3rd person perspective but I interacted with Jayne (actually HER name was Bob or something) near the end. Since it was a skit of the show everyone was played by someone else and were almost caricatures of there characters. It started off that the crew was hanging around and Simon started feeling ill, Kaylee lays him down on the couch and covers him up, Book sits on the edge of the couch with his bible saying a prayer and I see Kaylee has a hand under the cover and Book stops talking and looks up, he says “That better not be what I think that is Simon.” Book gets up and runs out of the room, everyone starts laughing Simon is of course embarrassed.

The ship starts to land on a planet and the owner of the planet tells the crew that no pets are allowed off ship and Kaylee wanted to bring a dog with them. (Don’t ask me how the dog got aboard). She brings in the dog dressed in old cloths and a hat saying no one will notice, Mal just walks away.

There are some very weird things that happen here I won’t try to explain. But at one point Wash was a cartoon of some sort...

They land and we (I’ve somehow joined the crew) start loading cargo, I decide to play a joke on Jayne (The female Jayne AKA Bob) and Mal, I see “Bob” flirting with Kaylee (damn this is a good dream, oh and did I mention "Bob" is frikken HOT), I won’t mention some of the stuff I see cuz its really dirty (Like I said good dream). I eventual get “Bob” away from Kaylee and have her grab a wheelbarrow and a shovel and head in to the woods. She starts getting curious about why we are out here, and I pretend to take a swing at her with a shovel, she gets very pissed (obviously thinking I’m going to kill her and burry her in the woods) I just start laughing and say we got to dig a big hole and get Mal out here and do the same thing. We head back and meet up with Mal and then I wake up…



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