The best part of House of Wax...
Wednesday, June 1, 2005

... was the Serenity trailer that played before it!!!

What? Did you think I was going to say Paris Hilton's death?

I went to a second-run theatre last night with a few (unconverted) friends/acquaintances. The lights dimmed a bit and the trailers start and the image on screen looked... familiar. It took my brain a second to realize that it was Serenity (the ship) and another few seconds to realize that it was the trailer (at which point I half-gasped/half-squealed before clapping my hand over my mouth).

My friend next to me gave me this slightly alarmed glance before I told her what it was, and then she turned and told everyone else.

Sadly they didn't seem too interested . But my reaction may have confused them a bit. The friend-sitting-next-to-me's reaction was 'hey isn't he the guy from the X-files' (upon seeing Adam) and 'is that Laurence Fishburne's wife?' (after seeing Gina). Strangely enough, she didn't notice 'the guy who played Caleb on Buffy.' (a big Buffy fan who has so far resisted all offers to watch Firefly).

I'm really not sure how the trailer will do attracting non-fans, but then, I was a bit too shocked to see it on the big screen to really look at anyone else's reaction. (Big screen definitely better than little computer screen!)

I think I'm rambling a bit. I'm just so excited that I got to see the trailer in a theatre!!

House of Wax wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. A cliched horror film (everyone knows you don't go in the weird stranger's house!) but still entertaining.

However, my judgement may have been impaired. I was on a trailer high after all!

I know that no one is excited about the trailer anymore, 'cause of all of the advanced screenings, but for some of us seeing the trailer is probably as exciting as it's going to get until September - so I'll be as giddy as I wanna be!

If anything, I now really want to see a preview simply for the experience of seeing the film with other fans - and not being the only one in the theatre grinning like an idiot!


Wednesday, June 1, 2005 1:58 PM


ARRGGHH!!! By my count, I've been to the movies 7 times since the trailer came out, and still no trailer!! No fair!


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