The Real River / Rolling Like a Celebrity
Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Couldn't decide exactly what I wanted to talk about, so y'all get a double blog from me!

First, my wife's landed a job for next year teaching 2nd grade. So she took a tour of the classrooms recently and met many teachers and some of the kids. She recounted to me this one girl who was always kind of off in her own world, making pencils talk to each other, and so forth. But she always got her work done and did very well on it. Okay, cool...wound up forgetting about it for a week or so. Last night we're just turning in for the night and she says "You know that girl I told you about? Off in her own world? I finally remembered who she reminds me of...River!"

LOL Apparently this girl looks a lot like Summer Glau right down to the fact she was even wearing boots on the day my wife met her! And this is a first grader, folks! Too cool. I warned my wife that if anyone at her work came in wearing blue gloves to just run!


My thoughts on Weezer have always gone back and forth. Sometimes I dig 'em, sometimes I can't stand 'em. "The Sweater Song", "Hash Pipe", "Beverly Hills" I like. "Buddy Holly" I freakin' can't stand. Always have to change the station when it comes on! Anyway...I'm watchin' the video for "Beverly Hills" and I gotta say they have some real cute fans! There's that one girl with the red skirt and blue shirt next to the drums. Then there's also that gal in a yellow top and pig tails who looks remarkably like Molly Shannon (is it Molly? Weezer fans help me out)! Compare them to the Bunnies and there's no contest...the bunnies look all vapid with bloated lips and other things! Let's hear it for all the nerd girls and weird girls (yes, even our own!) out there! Y'all rock!



Wednesday, June 1, 2005 4:28 AM


Yes, they do rock!!! THEY ROCK HARD!!!

Also, I think the Blue Hands guys tend to work custodial/lunch room, so, tell your wife to be on the lookout...


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