catalogues of catalogues? It just ain't right
Sunday, November 23, 2003

did you know that in order to find catalogues of medieval manuscrips, one has to look in...other catalogues? That's right, you look in a library listing to find a book full of listings of listings. The inanity is endless. Makes me want to fly about the fringes of the settled universe in search of semi-legal employment.

On other sci-fi notes, finally went to see Revolutions last night. It just might be one of those movies that falls into the 'so bad its good' category. Right up there with 'Attack of the Killer Tomatos.' The symbolism was so blatant it came out to smack me in the face. Ah, the chistological allusions, the blindness briging true sight, all that damn believeing. (If one more person uttered the line 'I believe' I'm pretty sure Tinkerbell would have popped up on screen.) Oh, the glorious awfulness! I revel in it.

Well, that's enough time-wasting for now.


-you can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think. - Dorothy Parker


Wednesday, June 29, 2011 2:48 PM


Have no idea if you still read this, but I just started blogging on and was browsing some old blogs and read this. I love your analysis of Revolutions and I haven't even seen it. But I could say the same of so many dreadful flicks out there! Do they think we're just totally brain-dead out in the audience? Luckily, bad movies can provide unintended hilarity. For instance, about thirty years ago my brother, nephew, and niece saw a piece of hideousness called "Star Crash," in which the funniest part was the Emperor of the Galaxy -- or was it of the Universe? -- saving the day by yelling out "Stop the flow of time!!" thereby allowing the protagonist to just stroll away from whatever was trying kill/eat/hurt him, and say thanks.

Oh, we did laugh. My brother dubbed it "Star Trash." I think John Carradine played the emperor.


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