Heartbroken Chapter List
Friday, April 15, 2005

In case you're wondering what you're in for should you decide to read the whole thing.
I'll warn you, there are some spoilers in here.

Heartbroken - Part 1
Life sure ain't easy out in the black, whether your problem is the Alliance or just dealing with the matter of a broken heart. Before he went to war, Malcolm Reynolds was a regular guy with hopes, dreams and ideals. Adair Quan shared them all. Then the war came to change them both, tearing their bond asunder in the name of freedom and equal rights. Rene Cariveau is a freighter captain who only ever wanted to run a tight ship and ended up a legend. His crew is comprised of the family his father built, and the one Rene has begun to create on his own. Aboard his ship are the desperate people of a world firmly under the boot heel of the Alliance, looking for a little freedom of their own. Add an attempted murder, and one passenger who raises Mal's hackles just to look at him, and it's pretty much guaranteed this ain't about to go smooth.

Heartbroken - Part 2
So the Zirondelle sent a distress call and Serenity answered what?

Heartbroken - Part 3
A first officer's stabbed, Zirondelle's pilot is an old girlfriend of Mal's and Mal just hit one of the refugees - have things gotten complicated enough yet? Heck no!

Heartbroken - Part 4
The plot's thickening, and so is the jambalaya--plus Inara and Adair get to have a little heart to heart about the men in their lives.

Heartbroken - Part 5
Who is Jian Wang and what in nine hells has happened to Inara?

Heartbroken - Part 6
Where did Mal meet Adair, what is it about Larkin Hague that irritates Mal so much, and just how WELL did Book know Ellis Rhodes' mother?

Heartbroken - Part 7
Mal knows who the trouble maker is on board, that is, on board ships. He takes care of business, gets an eerie little visit from another Serenity Valley survivor, then he finds out whose heart was broken first.

Heartbroken - Part 8
One last loose end to tie up...and beat into a bloody pulp.

Heartbroken - Part 9
We're havin' ourselves a wedding, Cajun style...but you can be sure and certain that ain't all that'll happen.



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