When Firefly and school collide
Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I'm sure most of us wish we could work Firefly into a normal conversation, but that opportunity rarely happens. I don't think I've discussed anything Firefly related outside of the various sites and fans I've met. The closest I've ever come was in my Humanities class when someone mentioned Buffy in a presentation.

Imagine my surprise when Firefly was brought up on my English class. Okay, so it was my sci-fi English class, but it was still neat. My prof was talking about space operas, basically stories that are westerns in space, and started to bring up some examples. Naturally he mentioned Star Trek , but to my delight he also mentioned Firefly . I think quite literally my heart skipped a beat. In a nutshell he said that Firefly was interesting, as small as it was, but modest. And modest in the sense that when compared to the space operas, the show was less grand. From that little bit I couldn't tell if he had been impressed by the show, but clearly he was familiar with it.

Which led me to start thinking about writing my next essay about Firefly . If my prof is familiar with the concept of the show, I really don't have to explain it to him and that, I'd imagine, would be the hard part. I was thinking I could compare Firefly with one of the space operas we've read in class. Compare what? Well, I hadn't gotten that far yet. But personally, it's still an interesting thought. I could actually write about something that I know very well and actually sound smart.

I should probably think of a topic before I get any giddier. But how often do you get to mix Firefly and academia?


Thursday, March 17, 2005 5:49 AM


Naturally mix it in? Not often. But as an English teacher, I've managed to work it in a few times. Tell your teacher he's definitely cool! :D Get him on the site here, too.


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