Saturday Ramblings
Saturday, November 22, 2003

8:25 am

So I'm sitting here this morning wondering about faith. Especially about Book's "You don't fix faith. Faith fixes you." The thing that has always bothered me about the idea and practice of faith is it so often requires you to do nothing. It seems like faith based on inaction is pointless. Let me be more specific, faith in God or a higher power seems pointless if that belief requires you to not act and just passively accept.

Faith in yourself, faith in your friends and family that seems like a better bet. Faith in those folks seems to require action and interaction which results in something you can touch and feel. It's also immediate not like rewards that might exist once we get kicked into that engine. I know faith is sometimes defined as believing in things that are "unseen." To me it seems like there is unseen and then there is unbelievable. I'll take here and now, worrying about death and what does or does not follow is a waste of energy.

Mal once said, "We all die alone." We do die alone but I think it's more important that we lived together.

Onward to morning caffeine and hopefully a less pensive outlook!

Be well fellow browncoats!



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