Eh, You Win Some....
Friday, February 25, 2005

You know the rest. The iPod idea...posting it here...that was dumb and I'm sorry. It's begging, it's pandering...that's not cool in retrospect.

iPod, SchmiPod for all I care right now.

So I've had the pleasure of being off work all week. Being a teacher rocks, really it does. And it rained here in NorCal all last week...rained a lot!! This week, the rain stopped...and I think we had one day where it was kinda clear. The past two days have been solid gray. I mean, we could have been snatched up by some alien ship on The Outer Limits and are hurtling through the far reaches of the Verse right now and I'd never know.

Real sad thing...supposed to start raining again Sunday night and not stop for a while!



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