My Own Moment of Zen
Friday, February 18, 2005

No, can't say I'm skilled enough to pull a Jon Stewart here, but I must say I've been having the most insanely busy past four weeks! It's just been non-stop school stuff. *sigh* Thankfully, we all have next week off. That's good thing number one.

Secondly, our campus borders a little creek on one side...thankfully the side my classroom's on...and I was walking down to the English department's building yesterday morning before seven (no kids around, gray skies, very calm) and the creek along my left was just full enough to be making some noise (been having rain all week here). It was just so incredibly peaceful. My heart just took this deep breath and wow I felt so relaxed. It reminded me that I need to go camping soon...just pack up the bus and the wife and go camping. It was my moment of zen.

For all of you now singing the Daily Show theme...yeah, gold star on your foreheads! I am too. Daa, nah nah nah naaah, Da-da nah nah nah naaaah....



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