oh and...i saw i robot.
Tuesday, February 8, 2005

watched it to celebrate getting a new job!
i liked it.
was dreading to go see it at the theatre. but now, wish i'd have been able to catch it in the theatres.
turned around and made a night of it by watching the commentary version too.
AT was great. husband didn't really notice it was him- good acting!
will smith, my goodness with all the spec. effects, he acted great (i mean, really, it must be tough acting to tennis balls and guys with light teets without laughing)!
liked that actor (with that cool name) from holes (and other stuff), unfortunate that his cut scenes weren't on the dvd.
and it seems like so long ago since i've been working ever since first seeing it, tempted to watch it again before returning to the vid store!



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