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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

So now all the tickets to the Serenity preview in London have gone and in double quick time too. Apparently Universal are fairly surprised at this and you can kind of see their point: a show that has never been broadcast here on terrestial TV and only shown on satellite on a minority channel in a succession of fairly poor timeslots. But nonetheless, the tickets were snapped up. Granted, they knew 800 people were prepared to spend a few hundred quid to go to a convention so this was doubtlessly a secure market but that also begs the question: how did Firefly get to be so popular?

I think the obvious answer is Buffy and Angel. These shows already had a strong cult and mainstream audience over here and it's not particularly surprising that followers of Joss would want to see what he did next. But then the X-Files was a much bigger smash than Buffy, plus it had just as strong a set of devoted followers and yet where are the devotees of Harsh Realm? I'm sure there's some but are they getting a movie? Heck, even the X-Files might not get a second movie (which is bizarre considering that the first one piled in the money).

I think the UK always was a good audience for Firefly. For one thing, 14 episodes seems like quite a lot to us (other classic cult shows here have similar lengths: 12 for Fawlty Towers, 17 for the Prisoner, 679 for Doctor Who... er, bad example) Anyway, we don't expect 22 episodes a year, every year. Also, we tend towards the more cerebral in our cult viewing (shows that are fun but shallow like Andromeda are shown at about 2 in the morning, whereas the more intense things like Angel and Alias have made an appearance in terrestrial prime time).

Ultimately though, quality will shine through. Sometimes it takes a while for it to reach the masses (remember all the "hit movies" that were actually box office flops like The Blues Brothers and The Shawshank Redemption) but it will get there.

Anyway, I'm going to see Serenity, or at least the rough sketch of it, in less than a week. That gives me 270 days to spread the word.


Monday, March 7, 2005 11:19 AM


Just re-read my comments on the 2nd of February - looks like my comments proved worthy - the 2nd Screening will be on the 20th March in London!

I going to put my name forward again and just hope I`m not Blacklisted (just because I was foaming at the mouth :) )

Darin (Zol.)

Friday, February 18, 2005 3:40 AM


As for where the "Harsh Realm" fans are I am one and proud of it! Was so very sad Fox pulled the show. Brilliant concept beautifully realised but killed at birth by the men-in-suits. Only three episodes were originally shown before Fox pulled it so they never gave even the fallacy of active support. It was the lobbying of the fans that got a concession of sorts and prompted Fox to show the rest of the episodes on their sister channel. From there Channel 5 got the rights to show it and it turned up in a few repeats then vanished. I thought it was a masterstroke changing the original concept casting of D. B. Sweeney to the grim and gritty wisecracking Mike Pinocchio and Scott Baistow as the naive but heroic Thomas Hobbes. And Terry O'Quinn is always a joy to watch whatever role he undertakes. A big part of what gave Fox cold feet so early on was not the quality of the show or the performances but the fact that the writers of the comic series Harsh Realm - Hudnall and Paquette - sued Chris Carter for not acknowledging the series was based on their less than stellar comic. Despite Chris having paid them they wanted the kudos and any monetary gain they could glean from what could have been another success. What they effectively did was kill the series stone dead. Chris had an acknowledgement added to the episode credits but it was too late to halt the damage done by the politics of greed. We did however get the DVD box set out of it and that is something I can't regret - ever.

As for "Firefly" fans coming along because of "Angel" and "Buffy" while that is undoubtedly true for some fans it was not in my case or many of my friends. I liked both of those shows but never watched them religiously. I caught the first episode of "Firefly" and was immediately hooked. Excellent stories, well told with grit and humour, brilliantly choreographed fight scenes which flowed so naturally it was like poetry. Wonderful music, great title song and the shiniest cast in the whole gorram 'verse. My brother has never watched "Buffy" or "Angel" but when I showed him "Firefly" he was hooked.

That is why "Firefly" got to be so popular so quickly. That is why when the box set first came out it was in the top ten of DVD sales at Amazon. That is why I would sell my soul for "Firefly". So keep faith, enjoy the Big Damn Movie and let's push for a trilogy. Keep Flyin' - Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Wednesday, February 2, 2005 6:18 PM


* The Real Me controls his jealousy by sheer force of will. *

Have a good time, SimonWho!

* Much weeping ensues. *

Wednesday, February 2, 2005 1:16 PM


Er, It`s November for the Complete Movie in the UK - sorry to wind you up even further.

But hey if Universal were this surprised at a UK audience then perhaps theyshould consider another test screening after this one!

Darin (Zol.)


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