Classes in Logic
Monday, January 17, 2005

Well, let me start by saying the finger is feeling much better. Sorry for the freakout the other day. It's still a little tender, but it didn't end up looking as bad as I expected it would.

Now here's an observation from a high school teacher about the need for simple logic classes in school. I gave an assignment for students to observe a location for five days straight at about the same time everyday in hopes they'd start noticing patterns in human behavior and so forth. As we're coming up to the due date, a couple students (without any hesitation) actually ask me point-blank if they can make up some of the information in their observation logs. Okay, now wouldn't it stand to reason that now that you've asked me, even if I say no, that I will be suspect of your work? Kids just don't remember the lessons we learned...don't ask, just do it, and with any luck the teacher won't notice! Heck, I had a paper in 11th grade history that required 10 sources. I made up 5 of them and the teacher never called me on it.

Kids, be smart...work the problem out on your own instead of asking the teacher if you can cut corners on your project!




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