If What Doesn't Kill Us Make Us Stronger....
Saturday, January 15, 2005

....What about that which hurts like a tamahde!!! Good gawd, my right hand's pinky is still in incredible amounts of pain! I was workin' on my VW bus this morning in about 43 degree weather (mistake one) and I was trying to knock the ball joint's bolt out so I could adjust it. When it broke loose, my hand slammed into the frame, brusing the crap out of my pinky and cutting it slightly. Wow, there just are words to describe the pain I felt. All I remember in hindsight was a loud clunk and yelling OW followed by imaginary Chinese swear words (I kid you not...this is how Firefly has influenced my life!). Two hours later, some Neosporin, and a band aid later the adjustment's been made and I'm sitting at home typing up this blog and it still hurts. Oh my gawd does it hurt! I don't think it's broken; I can bend it. But it almost makes me shiver when it throbs! If the codes work right...here's a pic of it about 10 minutes after it happened. Sorry for the blurr. And there's also a picture from about three minutes ago.




Saturday, January 15, 2005 2:42 PM


No-no, it's that which does not _kill_ us makes us stronger. Pain, and probably lots of it, is implied there. See also: Marines, 'Pain is weakness leaving the body.'; 'Pain is temporary. Pride is forever. Chicks dig scars.'


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