The Glutton Bowl
Sunday, January 2, 2005

So I had a rather creepifying end to 2004. The wife and I had our best friends over for New Year's and we come across the International Federation of Competitive Eating's 2001 Glutton Bowl on the local sports network.

Okay, exactly when did America accept its slumminess and start to revel in it!? I mean, the audience was getting about as amped up for this as they would for a WWE match! There were kids in the audience cheering and chanting and shouting for their favorite person to eat the most sushi or eggs or rocky mountain oysters or cow brains!! Am I the only one who sees something terribly wrong with this?! When did eating become a competition? Yes, let's celebrate the fact that you can pack away 128oz. of mayo when there are so many people just here in the States who go without food daily!

It's disgusting and I only hope that the people who put this on and compete in it go to that very special place in Hell with the empty fridge!



Sunday, January 2, 2005 5:13 PM


I wish I would have seen that. I'm sure watching someone eat 128 oz of mayo would help me with my diet.


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