Sweet Nothings: The Story (Part XI)
Monday, April 10, 2006

Everyone fluff and angst. Based off of cottonwoolfairy's fic. Lunch time on Serenity. Comedy ensues.


I dont own 'em. They belong to Joss.


"Mornin' lil Albatross." said Mal as he entered the galley hand in hand with Inara.

"Hey sweetie." Inara said, pecking the girl on the cheek.

"Good afternoon." she corrected, a small smile spreading over her angelic features.

"Mornin' all!" yelled Kaylee as she bound into the rom with Simon in tow. She ran up and kissed her captain's cheek.

"Happy birthday, mei-mei." cheered Inara, hugging Kaylee tightly.

"What's all that girl screamin'." yelled Jayne who entered walking in front of Zoe. His body hiding their joined hands.

"Happy birthday lil Kaylee." said Zoe, slapping Jayne on the arm hard enought that he had to let go of her other hand to rub his bruising bicep.

After lunch was prepared the whole crew sat around the table eating quietly. All the couples sat together while River was at the head of the table. She suddenly laid down her fork. "You were all very loud last night AND this morning. This time it wasnt all in my head." Just like that she picked up her fork and began eating again, leaving the crew to stare amongst each other. Inara placed a delicately manicured hand over her smile as she reached for Mal's hand under the table with her other. He smiled as he pulled her hand into his lap.

"Not under the table!" yelled River from the other end as a hard knock shook the glasses and Mal's face scrunched in pain. The entire table set into a fit of laughter except River and Mal.

"Well," said Simon. "I think now's as good a time as any. Kaylee would you like to tell everyone?"

"Really?" she cried. He nodded with a grin. "Simon proposed this mornin'!"

"Oh mei-mei!" cried Inara as she launched herself into Kaylee's arms.

"Congrats, Doc." said Jayne.

"Why," he was caught off gaurd. "thanks, Jayne."

"Yea, um. Congrats." said Zoe. Jayne could feel her tension and sadness as she recalled her marriage to Wash. Jayne reached for her hand under the table and stroked it lovingly. She looked up into his eyes giving him a thankful, beautiful smile.

River chose to ignore the events under the table as it was meant as a comfort not a sexual act.

"What no congratulations from the bratty sister?" asked Simon.

"I knew before you did you boob." she said. She smiled at him and he responded by sticking his out his tongue at her.

"Congrats, Doc." said Mal shaking the man's hand over the table.

"Thanks Captain." said Simon.

"Oh 'Nara. We gotta start the plannin'!" squealed Kaylee. "I wanna get married soon."

"Alright mei-mei. We can start tomarrow."

"River, Zoe you'll help too right?" Kaylee asked sweetly with a bright and innocent smile that neither could refuse.

"Of course." said Zoe squeezing Jayne's hand for support.

"Can I marry you guys?" asked River.

The entire room looked at her for an explanation. "I can get ordained over the cortex. Mal and Inara are gonna be best man and maid of honor. So Zoe and Jayne can be in the wedding or just guests. I'm left out. Plus where are we gonna get a preacher that won't recognize the groom as a fugitive.

Simon looked over to Kaylee and when she nodded to him in approval he responded. "I think its a wonderful idea. But River you really should have let Kaylee and I ask the rest of the crew to be in the wedding."

"Well its not like you have a lot to choose from." said River, making an excellent point.

"'Nara, would you? Be my maid of honor? And Zoe I'd like you to be a bridesmaid." Kaylee asked.

"I'd be honored." said Zoe, as she rose with Jayne's plate to get another serving. A gesture that was only recognized by the merc.

"Oh Kaylee." said Inara. "How could I refuse." The women embraced in a tender, friendly hug.

"Captain, I wsa wondering, as if you already didn't know, if you'd like to be my best man. And Jayne." he paused. "You can be in the wedding too." The nervousness in his voice reminded the crew of his first few months on Serenity and how he would speak to Kaylee.

"Sure, Doc. I reckon there's no weddin' I'd rather be a part of." Mal said. Inara's strong hand slapped him in the back of the head. An action he wasn't prepared for. She gave him a glare that he clearly understood. "Oh! 'Cept my own of course."

"Count me in, Doc. S'long as I get ta kiss the bri-" Jayne also recieved a slap in the head from Zoe. "Ow! Gorramit woman!"

After a few moments of small talk about the wedding, Mal spoke. "Well, we got a birthday needs celebratin'. Why don't we all meet back here for dinner, cake and presents." They all nodded in agreement. "So go do chores and when ya get done do some relaxin'."

As the crew left the galley there was no doubt that Mal was in a good mood.

"Now that's just all sorts of creepifyin'." whispered Jayne to Zoe as they walked into the common room. Zoe stiffled a laugh as they headed back to his bunk.

------------------------------------------------------ TBC- Kaylee talks to Simon bout the wedding. Cake and presents. Inara gets a wave. Long chapter ahoy!


Monday, April 10, 2006 8:30 PM


Oh...this was hiliarious but great in how the crew is just letting everything be with one another:)

But should we readers be wondering about the wave, Sweet?


Tuesday, April 11, 2006 9:13 AM


lol you guys rock... and yes you should be worried... Angst ahoy. ye be warned

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 9:13 AM


lol you guys rock... and yes you should be worried... Angst ahoy. ye be warned

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 9:13 AM


lol you guys rock... and yes you should be worried... Angst ahoy. ye be warned

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 9:13 AM


lol you guys rock... and yes you should be worried... Angst ahoy. ye be warned

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 9:13 AM


lol you guys rock... and yes you should be worried... Angst ahoy. ye be warned

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 9:13 AM


lol you guys rock... and yes you should be worried... Angst ahoy. ye be warned


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