The Hunger Flame : Shortness
Thursday, March 29, 2012

Inspired by the Suzanne Collins movie, and her post apocalyptic scenario of the world, here’s a little ditty about Katniss Everdeen, and her ability to kill!


The Hunger Flames -shortness =============================================================

Katniss Everdeen pulled the bow string across her eye. Her target, a clear eighty two feet in front of her. Although confident, she still was determined not to misjudge her intended prey.

Although her horizontal perception was without flaw, she still relied on the bow string to guide her vertical perception to success. Almost like the north/south crosshair on a rifle scope. She pressed the string against her cheek, almost imbedding it into her skin, her concentration at full peak. A canon shot could have sounded in the distance, yet her mind was so focused that she would have never noticed.

She would do this, end a life. It mattered not to her, not now, not after what she’d been through. She had to do this, for her survival, and the prosperity of her family.

The bow string bite deeply into her skin, almost to the point of drawing blood. Blood for blood, that was the notion! A life given for a life saved! Her fingers twitched, but only momentary. Not enough to throw her off her aim. Her teeth clenched, her lip quivered, her victim supposedly unaware of the stalker.

Katniss stretched the string out fully. The power delivered by it’s killing arrow point would give it’s victim little time to contemplate death. Still, there was that moment in time where arbitrary, TIME stood still.

How was it that one’s whole life could flash before their eyes in the matter of a second and a half?

Katniss may ponder the question later, but for now she was hungry, and her sister was hungry, and so her mother. The squirrel had no knowledge of this. No thought that it’s life was about to end! It held the walnut within it’s mouth with the sole purpose of feeding itself, and it’s own family.

The arrow was but a razor-dart from the time it left the bow, to the time it entered the eye of it’s intended target. The squirrel fell to the ground, void of any thoughts the second it began to fall.

Katniss picked up her quarry. She stuffed it into a bag along with five others. Dinner will be good tonight, she thought. Her sis and mom would enjoy the conquest of a divine meal! The flames would spark high in the oven of her rickety home in District 12!

The hunger flame! The consumption of a well cooked dinner. Katniss loved her mother’s cooking. If there was one thing Katniss knew of her mom, she knew the woman knew how to cook squirrel. Heck, she may even make a tasty meal of cooked cat, if ever there came a day when there needed to be!

Katniss laughed out loud.




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The Hunger Flame : Shortness
Inspired by the Suzanne Collins movie, and her post apocalyptic scenario of the world, here’s a little ditty about Katniss Everdeen, and her ability to kill!

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