The Scent That Attracts Birds parts 2, 3 & 4
Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just a continuation of the story. See ya……..Z


The Scent That Attracks Birds

Part 2

Ian Suitor Perspective or Suit known to anyone who’d made his acquaintance, was a hell of a fellow. He was no small man by any means and he’d become known as a reneged during the great war ( conflict between the Alliance and Independence) he was willing to fight for either side, whomever provided the best outlook or opportunity at the time truth be known, and he hadn’t any guilt or reservation about laying waste to anything or anyone if it looked like a profitable opportunity for himself.

Born to a moderately wealthy family he was the third of four children and from an early age Suit had problems adjusting to the successes of his older siblings. Through time he became aware of certain skills he possessed that he could even the playing field through his ability to manipulate, conjure or corrupt most any situation. Though his methods were unknown to his parents this pooled a spotlight upon himself so that there was more attention cast his way from his parents and others. Ian began to cultivated this skill. He became a scammer and had a talent for being one of the best. Yet he hadn’t advanced to the point to were he could hide it all from his family. They found out and soon Ian was put to the test of changing his ways or having no family ties at all. He chose the latter. He would show them, through cunning and manipulation he would become wealthy. Then he would go back and prove that he was worthy of the Perspective name, but would they be worthy of him? His abilities began to excel.

Only thing about Suit…….as of late he’d had a run of bad luck, plus he’d scammed the wrong guy. He had taken from an older crime boss. One that he shouldn’t have. One with a reputation of getting even. It hadn’t frightened him. He’d been threatened before and this didn’t seem any different, well not until that day. That morning he’d walked out on the porch of a mildly fancy saloon in the small town of Hitchcock on the planet of Beaumonde.

Something told Suit that he was being followed. He looked from street to street. Looked up to the windows of the neighboring shops, brothels and hotel rooms. Nothing stood out. No worries. Suit always carried his weapon strapped to his thigh. A high powered six shot Case-Master revolver. He felt safe. He strolled across the muddy street to Sheryl’s Café’ & Restaurant for an early morning breakfast and maybe pick up on the latest news from the cortex monitors that were stationed at each table.

It wasn’t until he was waiting on his mornings breakfast order of “Beaumonde Dove Eggs” and “Hitchcock Bacon Strips” that he noticed a fellow that had been in the bar across the street had followed him into the restaurant. Ian sipped his morning cup of “Mudders Coffee” , compliments of Sheryl’s café’ and posed not to notice. Maybe just a coincidence?

His breakfast arrived soon enough and Ian gulfed it down quickly. He exited shortly thereafter and headed up to his rented room above the restaurant. With the ears of a bobcat he listened to the footsteps following behind him. Once on the second floor and in the hallway leading to his room Ian made a quick turn into an alcove going right instead of the room 25 which was to the left. He hid there waiting for his shadow to arrive. The fellow walked at a leisurely pace past his door. Ian knew he was surveying the situation. The fellow continued down past the end of the hall and turned right.

Ian smiled to himself. “ Was he becoming paranoid?” mere seconds later proved him not to be. He guy returned and walked past his door a second time…..slower than the first. Ian waited until he exited the stairs toward the café’ then followed. He caught up with the fellow at the bottom of the steps. Ian grabbed the man by the collar and forced him to the wall.

“ You following me!!?”

“ NO SIR!!” Ian could see in the fellow’s eyes that he was surprised and shocked.

“ Then why have I seen you in every place that I’ve been?”

The guy just looked at him.

“ I don’t know! I was looking for my room.” He held up a key. “ Room 84. Sorry but I wasn’t sure where it was.”

Ian looked at the key. 84 stamped right on it’s tag plain as day. He relaxed his grip a little.

“ Sorry!” was all he could think to say. But he still wasn’t convinced that fellow was telling the truth. He could see that the younger man was easily manipulated so just for his piece of mind he told him what he wanted him to do.

“ I’ll tell you what……I’m not in the habit of trusting folk that seem uneasy around me. Makes me think that they’re up to something. It’s the sort of feeling I’m getting from you… here’s what we’re gonna do.”

Ian snatched the room key from the fellows grasp and held it snuggly in his fist.

“ You’re gonna walk out that door there and I’m gonna head up to my room. Once I’m up there and you’re across the street wave to me and I’ll toss the key down to you. Think that will make me feel a whole lot better. You Ok with that plan?”

The guy nodded his head in agreement.

Ian loosened his grip on the fellow’s cloths and watched as he exited the door, then he himself went up to his room.

End part 2

Once inside his hotel room Ian latched the door behind him. He strolled over to the window and looking out spotted the fellow he’d just confronted. He raised the window and tossed the room key out into the street.

To his surprise the fellow smiled, waved and entered the saloon he stood in front of, leaving the key out in the street. He tossed a coin into the air and caught it right before he entered.

It was then that Suit heard the defining noise of a pistol hammer being cocked back then a split second later felt cold steel pressed behind his right ear.

“ Funny what some folk will do for a bight shiny copper don’t you think Suit?” A voice behind him spoke with jest.

Ian felt his Case-Master pistol being withdrawn from his holster.

“ You know a guy up on his game woulda known that this place doesn’t have a room 84. But the PALACE HOTEL down the street does. That was my room key you just tossed out to him. This place does have a room 25 though. I paid Lester there to follow you because I didn’t know which room you were in. Doesn’t take much to shimmy a lock here. I would think with the number of people that you owe money to you’d nestle yourself into a safer place.”

Ian heard the fellow step back.

“Now turn around!”

Suit turned and was faced with a man about the same size he was, maybe a twig bigger.

“So what’s this all about?” He queried.

“ It’s about money, and how you owe my client.”

“ I don’t…….”

“ Dispense with the deceptions there Suit. We’re way past the I’m innocent of this gig stage. The best way for you to get yourself out of this fix is to pay up and find another line of work.”

“ May I ask who your employer might be?”

“ Nope! Just someone that loaned you some money, or paid you to do a job that you didn’t finish. I don’t care which. Ya see that’s two things that make you different from me. One, I ain’t getting paid for this, and two, I plan on finishing the job. See, this will tell my client that I’m serious about working for him. That I’m willing to start small and climb my way up as fortune arise.”

The man looked coldly at Suit.

“ Your not much of a drop in the bucket for my client, but he has a reputation. A reputation for not being crossed. You’ve crossed him. Now where can we go to get his payment?”

End part 3

It was a nice clear day there out in the rocky terrain outside of Hitchcock. A beautiful time for a hovercraft ride during the noon time hour. At that moment U could feel the clean air blowing around his face past his goggles. Suit, with his hands tied behind his back was sitting in front of him and with no goggles his eyes were shut most of the time. He’d also been fitted with a sturdy length of rope tied to one leg so that jumping ship wouldn’t become a tempting notion. Not that it would do him any good for now they were ninety-six feet above solid ground.

They’d been flying for about forty-five minutes and by U’s estimation and they could be anywhere from fifty to seventy-five miles from town. It wasn’t the distance that concerned U but that Ah-Ha moment he was looking for. That time when the feeling was right. Another thirty seconds and he got that feeling. He brought the craft to a hover still quite a distance from the ground.

“ Suit we’re here!”

Suit opened his eyes.

“ Where’s here?”

“ Here’s where you tell me where you’ve stashed my client’s money or I shoot you and throw your body out. Your choice.”

“ But I haven’t got any!”

“ Stand up!”

“ I’m telling ya there ain’t no cash! I didn’t do it!”

“ Well that ain’t good!” U paused. “ Now stand up or I’ll shoot you were you’re sittin.”

Suit stood.

“ Shoot me and your client will never get the divided side of a copper!”

“ Suit! I’m not planning on shooting you!” The fellow said.

With that his captor pushed him overboard. With a scream of bloody insanity the man fell the full length of the rope, six feet.

Dangling there the man that had tricked so many folk into handing over their work pay or scamming them over a loan muttled for his very life.

“ Oh please…..I’ve got the money….. I’ll give it to ya….just lift me up. Bring me back in…..please!!”

“ Now that’s more like it! That’s a long way down there isn’t it? That tongue starts to wagging once you get a view from this perspective, right Mr. Perspective?”

“ Yeah….Yeah anything you say, just get me back up.”

“ You know there Suit I believe you. No……I really do believe you.”

The man hanging there tilted his head so that he could see the man leaning over the edge of the hovercraft.

“ I really believe that you don’t have a blooming copper to your scheming name………see you in hell.”

With this the man swung a blade severing the rope that was the life’s cord of Ian Suitor Perspective. He heard the man’s screams all the way down. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t heard those before. With a grin across his drying lips the man shifted the hovercraft into gear and headed back to Hitchcock. He’d have to break the bad news to Mr. One. Well maybe it wouldn’t be considered bad news he thought.

End part 4


Sunday, November 1, 2009 6:44 AM


Hmm, good trick.

Sunday, November 1, 2009 12:34 PM


Howdy Byte,

Trick? Well it was Trick or Treats yesterday in the ‘ol U.S. of A. I donno, may Perspective had it coming!
You play with fire and……..well you know rest.

Chapter 5 going up in a few. It’s the conclusion of theTSTAB series. Hope you enjoy.

Can you imagine Suitor hitting the ground from 100 feet up? What a sloppy mess…… :)

Thanks for posting, Z


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