The Happy Budda part 2
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sorry about the little mix up in the title of part 1. Just one of them things that got by me, which happens a lot. Anyhoo here's round 2. Hoping to get started on chap 3 later in the week. Thanks,Z


The Happy Budda part2

“Ok……how’s about we lay all our belongings on the galley table here so that the ship’s authority can make a evaluation of what his new boardees have in their possession. Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re not on some big 2000 cabin luxury liner with 100 security personnel.” He paused, “ If you knew the big picture you’d understand why this is necessity. I have to think of the safety of my crew.” Mal Reynolds informed his new passengers of two onboard Serenity. It seemed to the both of them as a reasonable request.

If they had known of Dobson’s deceptions on Serenity not so long ago, then they would have totally understood Mal’s reasons of reviewing the personal items belonging to the ferry applicants of his, not so respectable transport.

Not withstanding, they did as he bid. The girl lay her belongings on the table before the ships Captain as did Inara’s accompanying Companion. The Captain made note of a six shot revolver and holster belt as well as some cosmetics and also the 600 series Horizon verse com phone that spilled over from the bag of his female passenger. He also noted the small religious items and a com phone that spilled from the purse and personal belongings of the guested registered Companion.

All the items seemed to be innocent enough. Well, the weapon of the girl wasn’t innocent but certainly wasn’t out of place for a female traveling alone.

“ Help yourselves to some galley fair while I look at what’s on the table. “ Mal informed his guests.

A little uneasy they made their way to the ship’s kitchen but it wasn’t long before the Captain stuffed all their belonging back into their bags and bid them a good-day. There were issues he had to attend to on the bridge and it seemed as the two had passed inspection without causing alarm.

“My only request is that you……sorry, haven’t been told your name.” The Captain said addressing his female guest.

“ Rachel.”

“Rachel, keep the weapon inside your cabin for the trip. If that isn’t favorable then…….”

“ It is. “ She stopped him from continuing.

“Good, “ Mal looked up at both of his passengers, “ Enjoy your travels.” Then he was gone.


The first 24 hours continued uneventful and the two Serenity guests slipped into the mundane happenings of a transport vessel doing the things it normally does on it’s day to day routine travels.

Later in the voyage ( a few hours later) Mal caught up with Inara and her companion Donavan again in the ship’s galley drinking some spiced beverages, good for the soul he presumed, and engaged in small-talk. Mal sat down and made himself comfortable and chose to be the gracious host for a while.

“ So Don………may I call you Don?” The companion looked at him but without waiting for a rely Mal continued on.

“ How’s business? A lot of laying down on the job I bet……” The Captain reported with a snicker.

Inara had noticed that a change had come over the Captain since meeting her fellow tradesperson and the truth be know she was loving it. Mal was certainly uncomfortable being around her companion and she suspected that he may be a little jealous. Her partner was about to respond when she spoke up for him.

“Donavan is not only a Companion….” She paused, “ …and a gifted one I might add….” She enjoyed seeing Malcolm Reynolds squirm. “ He’s also an artist!”

“ Oh, do tell..” Malcolm hid his embarrassing unpleasantness in his remark but the truth was he was turning a beautiful color of Kaylee’s strawberry red.

“ Yes, you should see his work!” Inara continued.

“Oh stop please……” Donavan finally spoke up.

“Truth is I could never capture the class on canvas or, the beauty in clay of such an exquisite creature sitting here by my side. Her’s is a beauty uncaptureable.” with this Donavan lifted the delicate hand of his close friend and kissed her sweet knuckles.

Malcolm chocked down a cough and relaxed his gut just enough to keep from spilling the contents he had in his stomach from that mornings breakfast. He did feel a little something at the back of his mouth though.

“ Well great!” He wound up saying without becoming sick. “ Maybe you can give my crew some art lessons. Haven forbid we roust-abouts loose any favor of our civilized universe’s social graces.” He said with a Captain evil glance towards Inara.

The conversation traveled on between Inara and the Captain while Donavan gathered up a pencil and pad and while not engaging in the communication between the two began scribbling something down on paper. The artist kept his work in his lap so that neither Malcolm nor Inara could see. He stopped once and asked the Captain for a profile view. Mal felt silly but turned to the side. In five minutes the work was done and Inara requested a showing. Donavan showed her his labor and Inara smiled and looked straight up at Mal.

Malcolm was about to ask for a look when a sound behind him caused the group to turn and see their second guest entering through the doorway along with Kaylee.

“Are we missing anything?”

“ No my fair ladies I was about to call it an evening and……if I may ask, will you join me my dear?” He asked looking at Inara.

“Why sure my tiger friend.” the female Companion stated, knowing it with drive Mal bonkers.

“ My pardon.” the male Companion bowed and placed the paper pad in the chair and with Inara on his arm exited the room.

Kaylee went to the kitchen while Rachel began to sit in the chair Donavan had occupied. She reached to remove the pad laying there.

“ May I see that?” Mal requested.

“Sure.” The girl handed him the pad.

Once paper was in hand he began studying it. There was no picture, only writing. It read.

1) Deep set eyes. I’ve seen this on individuals who show a skill for hiding the truth.

2) Ear with a small scar near the lobe. Evidently he’s been caught listening to something he shouldn’t have. A perv maybe???

3) Hair that seems to good for a Captain. Guess he needs to have something good about him.

4) Square jaw. Developed by many from having to grit their teeth during unfavorable circumstances. Might be viewed as a handsome trait by some, not me and I’m thinking not you….Inara.

5) don’t think I’ll waste any time rendering this subject. Just the same let him think I am.

A smile crossed Malcolm Reynolds face. Better to smile than to run to Inara’s shuttle and choke this son of a bitc…..”

The Captain calmed himself. Of course this meant WAR!!

End part 2


Tuesday, April 21, 2009 5:13 PM


Oooooo....never start something with the Captain. Mal is going to have some fun, me thinks. Nicely written!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 6:19 PM


I've got a smile on my face because I think something is gonna happen.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 3:14 AM


Hiya Angella and NCB thanks for coming by and posting up. Great to hear from you guys (guys=genetic term)

You are both right. Oh what evil lurks in the hearts of men, or Z’s brain anyway. Putting up chap 3 of THB right after this…….and the plot thickens.

Hope you like it, Z

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 3:26 AM


heheheh! (mine is an evil laugh) I can't wait to see how this turns out!

Friday, April 24, 2009 2:41 AM


Hello SerenityRiddle

Thanks for posting up there my friend. Parts 3 & 4 are up. Hope you like 'em.



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