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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have decided to completely scrap River's Son and start it over just was't working the way I had wanted it too. To Err is Human is done and to be completely honest it was supposed to be a little one-shot that was barely a blip on the radar, River was supposed to come to the rescue and nothing was supposed to really come of it. But Ari demanded her due. I'm not entirely sure why but of late the kids have been appealing to me more than our BDH's and even my own OC Eve. I even feel a little bad because Ellie has been getting short shift compared to Ari...but I guess that is kinda natural based on their personalities.

Ari is outgoing and talkative, she is the one who most resembles Wash and she has a tendancy to grab the limelight. Whereas Ellie is quieter, not shy, she is the more intelligent in a bookish sort of way, and in her heart of hearts she identifies more with Simon and Eve than anyone else...She really is the one most like Zoe, supremely confident in her own worth and seeing no reason to draw attention to herself.

It's odd because I actually identify more with Eve and Ellie than I do with Ari...who I view with a combinatgion of envy, disbelief and some disdain. After all I was always the one who knew the answer, who could recall and dicuss in depth the plot, characters, the belivability of their developement and the overall skill of execution on everything I have ever read. I was the geek, the nerd the oddball and I have always viewed those lucky individuals who excell at the physical (my bookish-ness has led to a "cushy" figure) seem to naturally draw the attention of those around them and interact with people with ease with equal parts envy, disbelief and disdain.

Maybe that's why i write them so much better than people like myself? After all I know what motivates me and whats important to people like me and so I have no interest in further plumbing their depths?

After all it is the unknown that is interesting...of course that doesn't stop me from feeling bad about ignoring more than it made me feel good to be overlooked as I have Ellie.

I am working on several arcs at this moment in time one of which pays more attention to Ellie and the other three children on board, one of which details the romance and marriage of Mal and Inara and another which details the same between Jayne and my OC Eve and one of which is using the same story-line as River's Son, only it is going much better than before. I can't promise that they will be done anytime soon though.

I will work on it and sorry about the long delays...


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 6:53 PM


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