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Thursday, January 26, 2006

i am starting to hate some of the actors, actresses, musicans (preferly pop singers, you know the ones who don't even wirte their own music) now-a-days. maybe it is 'cause i am a lil depressed, but who knows.

is it me, or are they WAY over paid? most of the don't have to worry about practically anything. the only things they really worry about is looking good & looking right for their role.
if they need to lose weight, buff up, trim a lil...all they have to do it take a few months off before shooting & just do it that way. us normal people have to cut it in our schedules between work, sleep, eating, & errands we have to run. i wish we all could take a break for a few months to get into shape or better shape.

then, they really don't have to worry about paying rent/bills on time. i think they even have someone else do that for them. "gee, i wonder where i am going to spend this $3000 i have just lying around? i know clothes & accesories that are more $$$ than what they are really worth." speaking of which, i just say this very nice tank-top online & it was $200...why would anyone buy a tank-top for that much? i do understand if you can spare the $$$, but damn, for a tank-top...i think it did have some form of glittery design thing on it. i guess i can say thank-god for wal-mart, target, k-mart & some other places that truly understand the meaning of minimum wage.

remind me to move to mexico where nothing is over priced for the people living there...retired folks go there to live when they are fully done w/ work...i can see why now.

call me jealous, call me anything...i was just thinking & thought i would vent to you all.


Friday, January 27, 2006 12:33 AM


For every zero behind the first number there is a headache...

These people have no privacy and the more money and fame the less life they have...someone owns them.

I for one am Happy to be able to work and sleep and play with out the hassel of popularity and fame.

I know My true friends because when I had money they were there and when I was flat busted broke they where still there helpin and praying with me.

If you move to Mexico your life will allways be in danger of kidnaping or rape or other Vile acts banditos put upon the populace...Ive been there it aint all its cracked up to be.

Be content with what you have be thankful...for I am sure there is a skid row bum wanting your life your have.

Just keep flying.


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