Tuesday, December 27, 2005

This is an amazing idea. Here is an excerpt from,

"All of which leads to an enticing possibility: Let’s say that Joss Whedon, creator of Firefly, wanted to bring the series back to air. (Though “back to air” is a TV phrase now as anachronistically quaint as “switching the dial.”) Let’s say he found a million Firefly fans online—and, trust me, they’re not hiding—who were willing to pay, say, $39.99 each for a sixteen-episode season of Firefly. (Not an unreasonable price, given how many people pay about that amount for full seasons on DVD.) Suddenly, Joss Whedon’s got roughly $40 million to play with—and he doesn’t need a network. Or a time slot. Or advertisers. He can beam the damn shows right to your computer if he wants to. There’s even a mini-precedent for this: The online phenomenon of “ransom games,” in which a board-game developer sets a price (usually something minuscule, like $1,000), then, once he’s received that amount in pledges from strangers, creates the game and releases it for free."


Tuesday, December 27, 2005 5:23 PM


[RANT] To answer the "why not just send the pledge to charity?" question with another question. Why do we support ANY artists at all? Why are millions given to painters and sculpters and such each year? THAT money could all go to charity as well.

Although, having seen some of the art produced, a prety good argument could be made that it _IS_ often going to charity cases...

What difference is it wether we watch a show supported by advertising or simply pay directly for the show we want? We DO pay for TV shows by buying the products of the advertisers after all. If noone bought the products advertised on TV, it wouldn't exist except for the old model BBC type channels.

In this model, TV exectutives who are ONLY interested in short term, bottom line profit (for their stockholders and their own bonuses, etc...) get to force their opinions on the artists making the shows and cancel them the instant they decide they are not making enough of an return on the product (without ever giving it a real chance to go anywhere...)

In the model described, the artists are simply being supported directly BY THE PEOPLE interested in the art being produced. OH HORRORS! They will be able to make the show they want and won't have to deal with all the crap and extra overhead involved in paying for those overpriced, pinhead executives and such.

Gasp! The unwashed masses directly supporting the art THEY want? Agghhh! The END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH! [\RANT]

Tuesday, December 27, 2005 2:06 PM


sign me up!!!


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