Farewell to a legend, Charlton Heston

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Saturday, April 5, 2008 10:09 PM


Fellow browncoats;
We lost an acting legend Charlton Heston Saturday night. I morn his passing as my favorite actor. He was a man of strong character, values and convictions. Charlton Heston will always be seen by the world as being larger than life. He was known for his chiseled jaw, broad shoulders and resonating iconic voice, and, of course, for the roles he played.
There will no longer be that powerful presence, and that iconic voice anymore. It was said that Chuck's voice was such that "He could make reading the phone book memorable". I cannot list all of his achievements, but a few stand out; Ben-Hur, Ten Commandments, Soylent Green, The Omega Man, Planet of the Apes, Will Penny, etc. Remember that the chariot race in Ben-Hur was all Chuck, no stunt man. Let's face it he was a pioneer in the Sci-Fi genre. Now that he is gone, I feel that and era has passed also. Actors today are too arrogant, self-centered, so far to the left they fall over, fame-obsessed, and utter garbage. Yes, George Clooney I MEAN YOU!. (No firefly actors included in that rant) He was strong in his 2nd ammendment rights, and was belittled for it from his fellow actors, not that he gave a rats ass about them anyway. He showed poise and grace and even challenged a president. To Clinton he said "We don't trust you with our 21 year old daughters, and we sure don't trust you with our guns!" That is testicular fortitude! The last of the greats is gone. Heston's family said in a statement. "No one could ask for a fuller life than his. No man could have given more to his family, to his profession, and to his country".
AMEN! "You will be missed Chuck. Thank you for the legacy you left us. Chuck's famous quote "From my cold dead hands". Chuck, you us left knowing the DAMN DIRTY APES in Washington didn't get them.

"They're whores"..."I'm in"!


Sunday, April 6, 2008 6:17 AM


Well, very very sad to hear about this one. He can not be replaced. A true fan knows about the movie Will Penny. A timeless classic of western americana. People forget that was made in the same year as Planet of the Apes. Moses, Hur, Penny, and Taylor. He also played Andrew Jackson like no other Old Hickory but himself. Range that Chuck had was unbelievable. In Penny when he has never sung a christmas carol not to mentioned he can't read anyways. But my favorite is with Brian Keith in Mountain Men. That never gets old. I love Brian Keith busting Chuck's character. "Well there's so much beaver they stand on logs and yell take me Bill Tyler". One of the best. PC

"Battle of Serenity, Mal. Besides Zoe here, how many-" "I'm talkin at you! How many men in your platoon came out of their alive".


Sunday, April 6, 2008 6:31 AM


Piratecat your right. My favorite of his was Soylent Green. The scene where he and Sol had that meal of beef stew was priceless. He and Eddie Robinson acted so well you thought they never ate like that before. Good stuff. I agree with the Mountain Men. Great movie and the unforgettable lines. Immigrants?...aaaaagh! (clutching rifle to chest), and "You don't know hog jowls from horse sh_t, the're crow'

"They're whores"..."I'm in"!


Thursday, May 1, 2008 6:34 AM


BiggestDamnHero and Piratecat you did him right by them words. Good on ya, he was a hell of man, idol and rolemodel. Charlton and the Duke were my childhood heros and Charlton has been carrying that banner for me a long, long time now. His stepping forward with the NRA was a sign of a man with not only standards and patriotism but real nerve.

Kinda hard to one up the words already spoken here. To those I say "Here, Here!"

Mal's expression in the scrapyard when he first see's Serenity says it all.






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