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UPDATED: Sunday, September 10, 2023 19:53
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Monday, March 20, 2023 9:47 AM


I saw that was going to be coming out this year on The-Numbers release schedule and it piqued my curiosity.

Not interested.

Looks like some Girl Power horror flick by some virtually no-name director who flat out said he wouldn't have directed an Evil Dead movie with Ash as the main character, set in Downtown L.A. that was set to be released on one of the streaming sites but apparently whatever test audiences saw it gave it good enough approval for WB to think it was a good idea to give it a wide release.

Bold move, considering they've failed to get anything in their DC universe off the ground.

Looking forward to watching this one crash and burn, even if nobody else is around to see the wreckage.


Saturday, April 22, 2023 9:42 AM


The-Numbers doesn't have budget info for the flick, but they're saying online it probably had around a $20 Million budget.

If true, which it likely is with the no-name cast, it would be very hard for this to be a financial failure. Bruce's model shows an opening weekend of just around $20 Million domestic based off of the $2.5 Million it was projected to make on Thursday night previews.

So... not a bad idea by whoever is sailing the ship over there to put it in the theater first before adding it to their streaming service, since it should probably easily make $50 Million worldwide with an opening that big before they stream it.

The critics LOVE this movie, and CBR is already putting out an article full of false equivalencies to previous entries, which you know means it's not actually any good and they just love the race and gender swaps.

Put this on the ever-growing list of movies I won't ever see before I die.


Growing up in a Republic was nice... Shame we couldn't keep it.


Friday, June 9, 2023 6:22 AM


I watched it, the film was weird, supernatural, scary, jump type film but its missing something. I used to watch lots of similar movies like these as a teen. If you like Horror / Gore or 'supernatural' maybe you will see something in it. I didn't like it because it lacked the humor and charm the originals have, the actors are good in the new Evil Dead but there is no humor or charm written into the horror film. They missed something in the originals, Bruce Campbell has that dry spoof humor going on and he is a funny guy, the movie Army of Darkness a great laugh.

Also its stupid having these movies come out, normally you do not release in Summer, the Summer is the road trip movie and for horror you wait for the dark months September, October November, maybe January after 'Halloween' time.

Kinda dumb to release this horror stuff worldwide in March, April, May I see one of the producers was 'Rob Tapert' Xena Warrior Princess which was made in NZ so I don't know maybe he was aiming for 'big bucks' during the Australia, New Zealand winter?
I know its supposedly indie roots with 'Sam Raimi' but he's a big name, the new director is known for 'The Hole in the Ground' but he doesn't have many credits to his name. ' Lee Cronin' he is linked to '50 States of Fright' a tv show about Urban Legends which I might check out. Watching the film Kinda put me off Hollywood even more, the whole thing is shallow, it had an opportunity to do a horror maybe with a joke like the original but it kinda fails and no creativity coming from Hollyweird other than endless 'remakes'.

Not a terrible movie, it does that 'horror' element well but its not a great movie either.


Friday, June 9, 2023 11:24 AM


Thanks for the input. Like I said, I have no interest in ever seeing this flick, and you've pretty much summed up the reasons why and validated my opinions on it.

But like I also said in the 2nd post, it wasn't a bad idea by whichever higher-ups in the studio who decided to try giving it a theatrical release instead of just releasing it on streaming.

We're almost halfway through 2023, and Evil Dead Rise is 3rd place for Worldwide Opening Weekend take vs. Production Budget (210%), and that even beat out Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse by one percentage point.

More importantly, it is also 3rd place for how much it has made in total Worldwide Box Office vs. Production Budget at 768% of the PB. 4th place isn't even close with Scream IV only at 483%.

Now... Was the movie good for the brand? That is another question entirely. One that will obviously be answered in the somewhat near future since this did so well for the studio. Will they be able to lure Campbell back for another installment? Will the same director make it, and if he does would he even want to make it if Ash came back when he went on the record saying he wouldn't have been interested in making this one if Ash was in it? Will fans of the originals turn on the series without the old charm, and if so, will there be enough new fans that it doesn't matter?

These are all good questions, but they are questions that don't effect the decision to release this movie in the theater because even if the movie was only released on streaming services the questions would still be there. I have to applaud the decision to put it in the Box Office either way, even though I will never bother watching it. It's already made nearly 3 times worldwide what I said the bare minimum they'd make would be back on April 22nd, with $17 Million of that surplus coming just from the American Domestic Box Office alone before even factoring in the additional $79 Million it's made internationally.


Growing up in a Republic was nice... Shame we couldn't keep it.


Sunday, September 10, 2023 7:53 PM


I found out one of the teens in this Morganne? or Morgan Davies is a child actor turned transexual

he / she / it used to be a girl.






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