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John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

FALSE FLAG screenplay by Nathan Revere, full text:


"Every war starts with a False Flag."
-Governor Jesse Ventura, Navy SEALLS, CNN News, September 20th, 2012

"What's that in the box...Dick Cheney's soul on the way to the Devil?"
-Nathan Fillion, Castle, Season 5, The Final Frontier, November 2012

Thanks to the Internet and an increasing number of enterprising and courageous individuals like many of you, the information now available on a 9/11 cover-up is voluminous and convincing. But my perception is that the audience for acting on it is a small fraction of what it could and needs to be. And I suspect that even the most damning, irrefutable additional evidence won’t grow it substantially. The choir is being preached to with brilliance and passion, but it’s time to enlarge the congregation. Exponentially.

All this evidential intelligence needs to be presented in such a way that it permeates the cultural equivalent of the blood-brain barrier. How can we bypass that impregnable human defense system known as denial? Drama is certainly one way. That’s what Aristophanes was up to with The Birds, after all.

The fictional dramatic screenplay FALSE FLAG draws heavily on two primary sources to tell the story of the 9/11 cover-up. One is the brilliant “Miracles” essay by David Ray Griffin, emeritus professor of philosophy and religion at Claremont College who has published a number of books on the subject of the events of 9/11 suggesting a conspiracy involving some elements of the United States government. Dr. Griffin read the script and provided additional invaluable feedback. The other is a heavily researched and footnoted 58-page essay by E.P. Heidner which “ties together many previously unexplained threads in the 9/11 mystery that are most compelling,” in the words of Fred Burks, on whose website the essay appeared. Following is the script’s premise:

FRANK lost his 26-year-old daughter LISA. ANNA lost her husband ARTURO, a cook anticipating promotion to sous-chef at Windows on the World. ANITA’s husband ALEX was one of 658 employees of Cantor Fitzgerald who lost their lives in the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers. Through the eyes and the stories of these fictional characters, we gain new compassion for the victims, and new perspective on the events, of 9/11.

Thanks to Fred Burks, his many contacts, and my own efforts, this is now in the process of going viral globally. If you’re inclined to help spread the news, that would be great.

THE LOTTERY screenplay on 9/11

Summary of False Flag Operations and False Flag Terrorism


Under False Flag

The German documentary, "Unter Falscher Flagge" has now been subtitled in English.

"The world has changed after September 11th. It's changed because we're no longer safe."

These words were used by the George W. Bush, selected President of the United States in 2000, to dictate the political direction for the 21st Century.

Whereas Americans launch attacks relatively quickly, first on Afghanistan and later on Iraq, using falsified evidence, doubts about the official version of the events of September 11th grows. The speculations that surfaced on the internet directly after the attacks were considered to be just wild conspiracy theories until this now. Yet the circumstantial evidence and even the substantial evidence itself paints a clear picture. The responsibility for the terrible attacks seems to lie not with Islamic Terrorists but with several high-ranking members of the military and administration of the U.S. Government.

This documentary focuses on the inconsistencies in the official version of the events as well as on the evidence which has been suppressed regarding September 11th. In addition, it answers the questions of why we still know nothing about it to this day and why we are being deceived -- also in european countries.

The film is filled with new interviews with German 9.11 skeptics Andreas von Bülow, Mathias Bröckers, Manfred Petrisch, Andreas Hauss, and Jochen Scholz. The film also briefly examines London's 7/7 and several possible False Flag incidents in post-9/11 Germany, (look around the 55:00 minute mark), some interesting new information to consider.

Slick, with interesting animated graphics and high production value, this is a good documentary. Two things that weren't 100% accurate, the documentary claims that Stratasec (Securacom) "belonged" to Marvin Bush. Technically, he was only one of the Directors. Also, the film mistakenly attributes ABC to General Electric ownership, but GE owns NBC. Disney owns ABC. The point is still valid however, the same people making millions from war profiteering are selling you war propaganda.


Under False Flag

Under false flag (original title Unter falscher Flagge) is a German cloak-and-dagger film directed by Johannes Meyer set in World War I, that was produced in Berlin from the end of November 1931 to the beginning of 1932. The producers were the German UFA (Universum Film AG) and the so called Tonbild-Syndikat AG or Tobis. The script to the film was written by Johannes Brandt, Josef Than and Max W. Kimmich after a film novel the latter had written earlier.


Captain Herbert Frank, a German intelligence officer, fights in World War I and gets severely wounded in 1916. While in hospital, he is cared for devotional by a nurse called Maria Horn. Later on, he asks her to become his wife, and she gives in to him. But just a few days after their wartime wedding, her husband is commanded to Berlin, where he is appointed to the chief of the counterintelligence service against Russia.

Meanwhile, the Russian secret service has got wind of a coming-up German attack and is eager to get hold of the German attack plans. Frank and his two assistants, Captain Weber and Commissioner Schulz soon find out that the most dangerous agent at the Russian side is a certain Sulkin, whom nobody seems to know. After a short time, Schulz and Weber begin throwing their suspicion on Maria. But as they do not want to destroy their boss's marriage, they begin to observe her secretly. One day, they follow her to the Marabou-Bar, where Maria's brother is acting as a singer. Here they get final evidence that Maria and the mysterious Sulkin are identical. But Maria manages to escape, while her brother, whom she had informed about her work for the secret service, gets killed by the Russian counterespionage. When Frank learns that his wife had been an enemy agent, he nearly collapses. Later on, he asks for being sent to the front with a suicide squad.

Meanwhile, Maria has returned to Russia. She feels sorry for the abuse of confidence she offended at her husband, and wants to make up for it again. But when she tries to withdraw her giving-in to working as a secret agent, her bosses pretend that Frank had killed her brother, so that she begins to hate him. Some time later, she and Frank meet each other at a big ball in Russia by accident. First she wants to tell him on and leads his fingerprints to the Russian secret service, but in the end he is able to convince her of his innocence at her brother's death. Now that she is convinced of his innocence, she helps him to escape, but gets killed at this occasion.


Under False Flag by Born From Pain

The ruthless, the shameless, the faceless. Devouring,
usurping for ages.
Saving us from threat, slavery ahead, freedom slips away
Calculate, decimate, shaping fate. Shutting our eyes. I
realize. We are kept from the truth.
The ruthless, the shameless, the faceless.

Legislate, obliterate, shaping fate.
Shutting our eyes. I realize. We are kept from the truth.
Question always, look for truth. Propaganda shaping you.
Control your thought, control your mind.
Rewrite the past, fail to fight.






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