VFF The Book Continues Part 6

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Monday, March 16, 2009 2:39 PM


Colt paced back and forth in Jacey's office. The two goons she had placed outside the door had disarmed him and just locked him in. He had thought he heard Abbey scream and rushed past them only to be introduced to the floor a few feet from the door. Another thing bothering him had been something he heard the Doctor say when she had left him. Slavers.

Siringo might not have the reach that Badger did but he sure as hell had some imformants out there, and if the Doctor turned out to be one of them this would turn ugly in a hurry.

He had tried to raise Mobbex several times but no luck. Colt heard the door unlock behind him. Dr. Garner entered.

Colt: Was that Abbey screaming?

Jacey: Why do you ask? Afraid someone else has taken up where you left off?

Colt confused: What do you mean?

Jacey: Listen Captain I understand that there are places in the Verse where what you do is perfectly legal, sometimes encouraged. This is not one of those places.
When these people are well enough to identify you as their attacker I will make sure the authorities deal with you.

Colt: Lady I don't know what you got in your head but I didn't attack anyone (Colt paused) well at least not them.

Jacey: So you attacked someone and they just got in the way.

Colt: That aint the case at all.

Jacey: I wouldn't imagine it is. I'm sure we can sort it all out when the feds arrive.

Colt: You don't want to do that

Jacey: Yes...I do and I will. I know your type. At some point you'll produce legal or illegal papers for them and they will probably go right back to getting beat again, but a few months sorting it out in jail might give you a taste of your own medicine.

Colt didnt take much relief from the fact that she thought he was a slaver, but at least she wasn't an informant

Colt: You being a Doctor and all I would have thought you would have more brains than this.
These people are my crew. And its just sweeet as a grape how you are looking out for em but I aint a slaver and I didn't beat attack any of them.

Colt turned and slammed the door and slide the chair under the handle. Jacey raced to the comm on her desk but Colt was faster. He grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back, just as the orderlies busted in.

Colt: Stay back (holding a letter opener to Jaceys throat)

Jacey: What did you say about not attcking people?

Colt: I said I don't attack my crew... well maybe my merc from time to time, but not the rest. You (Pointing to one of the orderlies) Toss my piece on the table.

He hesitated for a second until Jacey nodded for him to do so.

Pistol in hand Colt ripped out the comm connection and locked all 3 inside the office.
He ran back to the room he had heard Abbeys voice in. When he rounded the corner he saw her resting in the bed.

Abbey: Hey you. Did you talk to the Doctor?

Colt: You could say that. She said you were free to go

Abbey: Not without Oram.

Colt: We're all

Colt took Abbey in his arms and started for the door. Before he reached it Abbey kissed him.
At the same time Jacey and more muscle than Colt could count blocked the door.

Abbey: Doctor, this is our Captain.

Jacey realizing the mistake she had made: Yes we met.


Monday, March 16, 2009 8:05 PM


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Tuesday, March 17, 2009 5:33 AM


The mule rumbles to a halt before the hospital building, acrid black smoke oozing off the air inlet slits that run down either side of the engine compartment. Its blown rear left tire clings to the rim in a mass of tangled ribbons bound together only by the heat of friction, and its partially detached rear bumper rakes the ground in its wake, producing a screeching grind as metal scrapes over craggy pavement.

Mobbex throws his leg over the mule's back and alights, prompting a squeak from the four wheel's suspension as he relieves his weight from the seat. He is disheveled and sweaty, and a ragged strip of blood-splotched cloth is tightly wound around his calf, but his eyes are shining with a feral glint, and his innate swagger is magnified by the zest of the recent kill.

"Sure hope that drunkard's got her head screwed on on straight 'cause I ain't trustin' 'em core dandies with takin' that shot outta my leg." He sets off with a slight limp in his step, making a beeline for the health center. Colt sure ain't gonna be jolly when he sees the state the cart's in, but he oughta know I all but got myself shot dead trying to get it back, I mean that's gotta amount to somethin' right? . . . Plus who says I gotta take crap from that midget? He gets mouthy w'me, I'll show him. . .

He groans as a sharp pain shoots up his injured leg. Uggh... gonna need to get that looked at when we're back in the air. Ruttin' boozer had to run off on her own too. . . s'all her fault, every damn bit of it. Oh, the minute I get ahold o' that loony b. . . The sliding doors hiss apart to grant him passage, and he hobbles over to the reception desk.

Receptionist: *does a quick double take, glancing him up and down once, twice, three times* What... seems to be the problem?

Mobbex: Problem? *pushes up a guiltless expression* I don't got no problem. M'jes' payin' a gal a visit is all.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009 4:56 PM


*Although she was granted consciousness every now and again, Oram wasn’t fully aware of where she was, what was happening or whether she was in safe and trusted hands.

When her mind deemed it ready to join the land of the conscious, it was with the nausea that comes from being given anaesthetic. Dear god she hurt all over… especially her back and left side, like she’d been hit by a freight train and then dragged across shards of broken glass with sprinklings of salt to add insult to injury.

She felt a mattress under her body, a blanket over her legs and a gown over her torso. Opening her eyes to the blurry vision around her, the room was dark and cool, but she could hear people out in the corridor and couldn’t understand what they were on about, nor did she care all the much.

Overlooking herself she found her shoulder was massively bandaged, her left arm in a sling as well as a cast… the cast was purple for some odd reason.

Trying not to groan and not think about what it meant, she dropped her head back, wincing at the dazzling light display in her vision and turned her head away from seeing her injured arm… and froze.

Oram felt the pit of her stomach drop as adrenaline rushed her system. Without thinking she pushed herself away from the intruder as fast as she could. Seeing that she couldn’t get anywhere with the IV in, she ripped the line from her arm and tried to hurriedly get off the bed, only succeeding in backing herself against the wall.*

Oram: Dear god… they’ve sent you to kill me because I went and wandered off….

*Mobbex merely raised an eyebrow and dropped the pillow he was holding*


Tuesday, March 17, 2009 6:02 PM


"So he is your Captain?" Jacey asked abbey as she laid her head tiredly onto Colt's shoulder. "And he hasn't... hurt you... in any way?"

abbey snorted.

"Of course not," abbey responded. "He saved my life. If he didn't come looking for me, I would have drowned."

"But you were afraid slavers were coming to get you," Jacey sputtered a bit. "I was sure that..."

Colt leaned down to her ear.

"She seemed to think I was a slaver and I beat you up," he said still eying them warily. "Those orderlies must have taken boxing classes."

abbey's eyes grew wide and she looked up at him. Then she looked at Jacey, then the orderlies and back at Colt.

"They hit you?" she exclaimed as she kicked a little making Colt put her down. He winced a bit. "You need medical attention."

"I DO not!" Colt retorted. "I can take a couple of punches."

"A couple? You definitely need medical attention," she insisted. She turned to Jacey. "Do you at least make sure he was OK after your boys pulverized him?"

"I didn't get pulverized!" Colt insisted, his voice rising up an octave. "It was a couple of punches and then the floor. The floor has a nice design if you look close enough."

abbey looked at Jacey again with disapproval in her eyes.

"I know you thought you were doing right by me, Oram and even Stan, but doesn't that go a little against the Hippocratic Oath?" she asked a little upset. "Why didn't you call the feds instead?"

Colt cleared his throat a little and abbey looked up at him.

"Well... OK... That would have been bad too..." she corrected herself as Colt smirked at Jacey. "Why don't you just check him out now, OK?"

Jacey nodded and came towards Colt who backed up and hid behind abbey.

"I'm fine," Colt insisted. He pointed at Jacey. "Why don't you just stay over there. So I can keep my eye on you *points at orderlies* They can go though."

abbey turned to Colt and put her hands on her hips (or at least one) and glared at him.

"Get yourself checked out. Or so help me..."

"You'll what?" Colt glared back. "Punch me yourself?"

abbey set her jaw, reached out and pinched him in the ribs.

"Ow!" Colt exclaimed, wincing again. "Hey! What was that for?"

"Check him out," abbey ordered Jacey. Colt started to object, but abbey reached out to pinch him again.

"Fine," Colt said finally, wrapping his arms around his sore abdomen, trying to protect himself from abbey's pinches.

Jacey smiled at the two and it was clear as day that they were more than friends.


Sunday, March 22, 2009 1:33 AM


Mobbex: *angles his head, arms folded across his chest* Now there's a fanciful notion.

Oram: *edges herself away from him, pressing her back against the bed's head* Then just what are you doing here?

The mercenary shrugs his massive shoulders, letting his arms fall by his hips.

Mobbex: M'jes' being thorough. Colt put me in to track ye down... *snatches up an apple from the stainless food tray sitting at the edge of the bed and bites a mouthful from it* ...hmm, n'that reminds me: there's sum'in I's been meanin' to ask ya. S'it possible fer ya to kick up more in the space o' one day or that pretty much yer max?

Oram: This is a bad day, I'll let you know tomorrow.

Mobbex gives a dry, humorless chuckle, then turns to lay a kick into a nearby trolley, sending it careening through the air.

Oram: Did that help?

Mobbex grumbles something unintelligible.

Oram: Did that hurt?

Mobbex: *throws an angry index finger at her face* Ye check that lil' sassy 'tude o' yers! I offed people for less, ye know! Heck, not even an hour ago I fed a guy the buckshot 'cause he looked at me funny!

Oram: Yeah, yeah, that's all impressive.

Mobbex: Gorram it! *hurls the apple at the floor, causing for the fruit to splatter with a crisp splash* Jes' what is it with ya? Gettin' stoned outta yer gourd an wanderin' off in the wilderness? You on some death wish type deal or sum'in? 'That it?

Oram: It's your fault, you bastards left me forgotten in a locked medi-bay.

Mobbex: UGH! *casts about for something he can maul and tear apart with his bare hands* Y'know what? Fine, be a nut, see if I care. But next time, ya jes' chew on a barrel an' save me the trouble. *does a quick about-face and stalks out in a huff*


Wednesday, March 25, 2009 6:28 AM


Oram and abbey were moved back to the ER to finish up the treatment they were getting. With her convincing, Colt had let Dr. Garner check him out.

"You have some bruised ribs," she announced as she taped up his abdomen in order to stabilize the area.

"Really?" Colt asked poking a little at the tape and wincing.

"Don't do that," Jacey sternly told him.

"I told you..." abbey sing-songed. "Pulverized."

Colt looked over at her and glared at her.

"It's not a big deal," he huffed. Jacey lightly poked him in the ribs, he winced again and abbey smirked at him.

"Yep. Pulverized," confirmed abbey.

"I'm not... HEY!" Colt exclaimed as he turned to Jacey. "You POKED me! Isn't that against some kind of oath that all you doctors take?"

"Didn't hurt you," she smiled as she placed the last bit of bandage on his ribs. "Just trying to prove a point."

Colt looked at her, then at abbey. He pointed to both of them.

"You two related?" he asked in mock suspicion. "Cause you act the same. Always a thorn in my side."

abbey giggled at the mention. They all turned at the sound of the big merc swearing and threatening the life of whoever was with him. Colt had ordered him to get his leg looked at while they were there and apparently he thought they weren't doing good enough.

"I shoulda' took his gun away while he was here," Colt mused. "Man is going to shoot someone."

"Already did. On the way here," Oram whispered, loud enough for only abbey and Colt to hear.

"Ai ya!" Colt muttered. "Did he get up on the wrong side of the bed today?"

Someone whispered into Jacey's ear. She smiled and addressed the group.

"Seems Stan is out of surgery," she told them. "He's got complications, but he's gonna be OK. Captain, Sky and the others would like to see you up in recovery to discuss his condition."

Colt looked at both Oram and abbey with apprehension.

"You two gonna be OK for a few?"

"Should be," abbey said. "After all, we have orderlies down here and we know they are quite capable of causing someone damage."

"Shut it, abbey," Colt snipped at her. abbey, Oram and Jacey all snorted at his quip. "I reconsider it, you ALL are related."

"I'll show you up to the surgical suite," Jacey offered and Colt got up to follow her.

On their way out, Colt stopped by where Mobbex was causing woe and asked him to keep an eye on the others down there. Mobbex swore at him too, but agreed to do just that. Then Colt and Jacey disappeared from the area.

abbey and Oram laid back on the gurneys where they were, trying to rest, but that rest was short lived. There was some commotion at the doorway between the waiting room and the ER room itself.

"It would have been a few people. Come in with bullet wounds and such," the man threatened. "I'm especially interested if a woman with a tattoo on her back came in here. The tattoo is in chinese and means 'Home'."

abbey's eyes widened as she pulled back the curtain just a touch to look out. There they stood, trying to push themselves in. Some orderlies and security guards were blocking their way, but weapons were quickly drawn.

"Siringo," she whispered. She started removing the IV from her arm as she turned to Oram. "Slavers. They've come looking for us. We have to get out of here."

She hopped off the bed and stealthily grabbed a wheelchair that was sitting next to their area. She helped Oram into it, grabbed their clothes and placed them in Oram's lap. She glanced down at the file that was barely showing out from underneath her pillow and paused to think of what to do with it. Deciding to leave it behind and with a considerable amount of shoulder pain, she pushed Oram out of their makeshift room. Mobbex must have heard them too, because he slid up behind them and took over for pushing Oram.

"We have to warn the others," abbey whispered to them as they quickened their pace, turned a corner and moved down a hallway.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009 12:07 PM


Colt, Sky, Jacey and Stan's three friends stood next to a holoimage that was being projected of Stan's injuries. The surgeon was giving them the run down.

"When we got in to repair the damage, we found more here... here... and here," he said as he pointed to the spots on the holoimage.

"What does that mean?" Colt asked.

"That means that we had to put him in a coma to make sure that he didn't jar anything before it had time to heal some."

"What does that mean?" Colt asked again.

The surgeon sighed.

"Any kind of jarring could undo the repairs we did."

"So what do we have to do? We have a doc on board. We just have to keep him still for a while?"

"No, Captain," the surgeon said in a condescending tone. "That means he won't be leaving here for at least two weeks and then he'll have extensive rehab to do."

Colt swore as he turned around to Sky, his mind looking for a solution.

"Any thoughts?" he asked her quietly. She shook her head.

"I just know we don't have that much coin," she said.

"You think?"

"You'll have to leave him behind," the older man of Stan's friends said. "We will care for him."

Not having any other choice in the matter, Colt nodded.

"You tell Joey Li that I expect regular updates on his condition," Colt ordered him. "And make sure that Stan knows that when he is able and willing, he is still a member of my crew and we'll come get him."

"Of course. It will be done as you say," the older man agreed.

"Now I don't know you from Adam, so I am taking a big leap here. Don't make me regret this, dong ma?" Colt warned as he pointed his finger at the three.

"Dang ran," the man reassured him.

Colt took a deep breath in as a hospital worker anxiously came up to Jacey and excitedly whispered into her ear.

"There is men with guns in the ER? And they are tearing the place apart?" she asked, almost not believing what she was being told. Colt and Sky's attention trained onto Jacey'e words. The worker went on to tell her more. "But I don't have a patient with a tattoo on her shoulder-"

"Chinese symbol for Home?" Colt interrupted. The worker nodded. Colt swore some more. "That's abbey. They've come looking for us. We need to get out of here."

"Who has come looking for you?" Jacey asked, slightly bewildered.

"Slavers," Sky said as she drew her gun, checking to make sure it was fully loaded.

"Keep Stan safe," Colt ordered the old man and his two companions. They nodded in agreement.

Colt drew his and checked his bullets as he pulled a comm from his pocket. He clicked the button on it a couple of times and waited. If he used his voice, he could have given their position away if they had avoided capture. A few seconds later, he received a similar answer.

"They're on the move," he announced as he turned to look at Jacey. "Where could they have gone if they could get out of the ER?"

"This way," Jacey called to them as she started running down the hallway. Sky and Colt started running too, following her lead.


Thursday, March 26, 2009 7:28 PM


Colt and Sky followed Jacey though the maze of halls in the hospital. The employee only access areas she took them through would slow the slavers. Abbey and the others wouldn't have the same option.

Mobbex turned and drew his pistol as the sounds arguing slavers drew closer. Shadows could be seen moving closer to the hall they occupied. He had leveled his weapon at the end of the hall way when Abbey rammed him from behind with Orams wheel chair. The big man fell back on top of Oram. Both let out a grunt and Abbey shoved hard pushing them into the room beside them. Once inside Mobbex got to his feet and spun to see Abbey holding a finger to her lips.
He bit off the string of cuss words trying to escape his mouth.
Abbey leaned to the door and listened as the group of slavers and orderlies went by.

Mobbex: Gorramit girl. I could a took em.

Abbey: Yeah or gotten us killed. You want to play around with your life go ahead. Just don't do it around us.

She kneeled down next to Oram: You ok?

Oram: I either need more alcohol or fewer things causing me pain. (Eyeing Mobbex)

Mobbex: Hell she pushed me into you.

Jacey told them to wait in the hall as she searched the shuttle entrance to the ER. She returned quickly.

Jacey: No sign of them. I checked and they haven't been found yet.

Colt started to push past her but she stopped him.

Jacey: There's one watching the door.

Abbey lead the group around the final turn just in time to see Sky, wearing Dr. Garner’s coat, smash what she assumed was a slavers head into the wall he was leaning against. He went down like a sack of potatoes and Sky headed for the shuttle. She was about to call out to her when she saw Colt and Dr. Garner enter from a side door.

Colt: You made it.

He moved to hug her but caught himself.

Colt: Everyone ok?

Abbey: Be a lot better once we're out of here.

Colt turned to Jacey: Well Doc...

Oram: What?

Colt: Other Doc. Appreciate what you done for us. You had no call to stick your neck out for us.

Jacey: Tell you what. Next time half you crew is in need of medical help, go somewhere else and we'll call it even.

Both grinned and shook hands, then the crew headed for the shuttle.

Colt: Ok Sky get our people home. Mobbex and I will be along directly in the mule.

Mobbex: Huh? I...I aint so sure we shouldn't just skin outta here with them.

Colt: What? Leave the Mule? No...Much as I'd like to leave now, we need the mule. Port shuttle still busted up. Mules the only way we got to move goods.

Before Mobbex could come clean or come up with a better lie, Colt had headed off around the hospital towards the mule.
He heard the shuttle lift off behind him as he limped to catch up.

Colt stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the mule, or what was left of it. The large puddle growing under the engine, the small trail of smoke creeping out from under the hood. The flatten rim that barely had any tire remaining.

Colt: Juhguh Jee Hua jun kuhpah! How the hell did they know which mule was ours?

Mobbex: Whaaa...yeah...yeah those bastards. They must a had a look out. Someone saw me pull up. Sorry Colt.

Colt was contemplating calling the shuttle back when heard the voice behind him.

Booming voice: You can’t park that piece of gos se here.

Colt spun around and came face to chest with a bearded mountain. As he looked up to see the man face he noticed the tin star pinned to his vest. The man was huge. Half a head taller than Mobbex. The two bookends accompanying him weren't small either. They wore the similar badges.

Sheriff Sasquatch: You hear me mister?

Colt: Oh...this this piece of gos se. this isn't ours. We were just passing by when we saw a bunch of guys pull up in this, yanked out some guns and ran into the hospital. Said something about getting the guy that ran em off the road or something like that *looking to Mobbex for support*

Mobbex: Yeah mean looking lot.

Sheriff Sasquatch: Come on boys. Lets git in there before something bad happens.

As soon as they entered the door Colt and Mobbex moved down the street.

Colt: Won't take them long to sort out the truth in there and we’re a long way from the ship.

Mobbex looked up and down the street for something to steal, but nothing looked promising.

Mobbex: Call a cab?

Colt: Let’s put some distance between us and see what we can find.

They moved between the houses and cut over to outskirts of town. They saw a small barn behind one of the houses.
Once they slipped inside they saw two horses. Colt moved to open the stall.

Mobbex stopping him: Not sure we want to do that. They hang horse thieves in these parts.

Colt: We aint stealing. Just borrowing.

Colt hesitated. Mobbex had a point. They get caught they might be able to convince the sheriff to let them go considering slavers were involved. If they took the horses they would hang for sure.
Something in the back of the barn caught Colts eye. He moved over and pulled the canvas tarp off of his prize.

Mobbex: No rutting way. I'll risk being hung.

Colt: It's more than 5 miles to the Book. We're doing this.


Mobbex: This is stupid.

Colt: Just get on.

Mobbex: You got to go at the same time.

Colt: You’re an expert now?

Mobbex: Better than you. Why can't I steer.

Colt: I'm Captain, I'm steering

After both men had cussed the others incompetence they finally found a rhythm and set off for the Book on bicycle built for two.

With the bike stashed in the brush near the ship Colt and Mobbex made it onboard and the Book lifted off.


Friday, March 27, 2009 11:51 AM


Siringo Estate

Getting updated information, Grayson arrived directly at the Siringo estate. He hated slavers. Had more than one of his loved one touched by slavers in one way or another.

The estate was abandoned. With bodies littering the tarmac and interior rooms, he knew Siringo wouldn't be back for a while. He'd let the authorities clean up the mess and after a bit, he'd slip back into this location and resume business as usual. It was common practice, especially as you moved further away from the Core. Granted Newhall was a border planet, but with the population so widely spread out (living on small island chains and floating ocean towns), it made the task of keeping slavers from repopulating their previous sites almost impossible.

Grayson walked up to the lead investigator, showed his credentials and started asking questions.

"What's the body count?" he asked.

"About a dozen give or take," the investigator said. "We've been through the 2nd and 3rd floor. One thing is that it all seems to be Siringo's people. Haven't seen anyone other than uniformed guards."

"Well, that's good," Grayson commented.

Another guard came up to the two of them, with a large CorePad in his hands.

"We have a feed on the whole thing," he announced as he turned it on.

Grayson moved so he could look over the shoulder of the lead investigator.

"Here's where it starts," he guard said.

What Grayson saw caused his mouth to go dry. Oram, abbey and an unknown man walk into the entryway.

"Rutting Hell," he whispered.


Friday, March 27, 2009 6:45 PM


When they docked her shuttle, everyone went their own way. abbey went out on the catwalk just outside her shuttle and waited. She waited for Colt and Mobbex to return. She wanted to get off this rock as fast as possible. The day's events were overwhelming.

Sky helped Oram to wherever she wanted to go before taking up guard at the door. She was armed and waiting for anything to go wrong, but hoping that the Captain and Mobbex would return without notice shortly.

Wash was waiting anxiously on the bridge. She was more than ready to leave Newhall. The planet had not done the crew any favors. They had in fact lost a member of the crew there. Although it was comforting that Stan was merely injured and was expecting to recover sooner or later.

Spots was in the engine room, making final repairs. Every once in a while he would stop and look at the file they had found with his sister's information in it. Just reading it gave him the renewed resolve to keep looking for her. The find had boosted his morale.

Brit was hovering at the entrance of the passenger dorms alternately looking out of the cargo bay doors and up at abbey. She had the most perplexed look on her face.

After a while, Colt and Mobbex finally arrived. They were riding of all things, a tandem bike. It was actually quite comical. She smiled as Sky closed the bay doors, hit the comm and announced to Wash that all crew members were aboard. abbey felt the ship take off almost immediately.

Still weary from the ordeal at the Estate and the time she spent in the water, she turned to retire to her shuttle. She closed and locked the door behind her and was heading to the bed, when she paused to look at herself in the mirror.

She looked at herself for the longest time. Finally, tears started to stream down her face. Things had gone wrong. Horribly wrong. And she didn't know how to fix it.

Stressed, exhausted and emotionally raw, she collapsed onto the bed, wrapped herself up in her blanket and sobbed.


Sunday, March 29, 2009 6:59 PM


Abbey dried her tears and touched up her make up. She was tired, physically and mentally. She just wanted things to feel normal again. Or at least what past for normal on the Book.
She decided to go to the galley and get a something to eat.
She had just sat down to a bowl of warm soup when Colt walked into the room.

Colt: Hi Punkin.

Abbeys hands moved to her stomach instinctivly: What are you implying?

He spun a chair around backwards and straddeled it.

Colt: Huh? Nothing just trying out a new endearing nickname s'all. How ya feeling?

Abbey: Comparing me to a bloated goard is endearing?

Colt: Well I didn't mean it like...

Abbey: Why not tubby?

Colt standing back up: Easy now. I didn't mean To rub you the wrong way.

Abbey mumbeling to herself: We already rubbed the wrong way.

Colt: What was that?

Abbey: Nothing. Why don't we NOT talk right now.

Colt getting angry: Look I just came in to see how you were. Your acting like I came in poking you with a stick.

Abbey: I think you have poked enough (She stands and gets right in Colts face) I cannot believe this is happening.

Colt clueless: I cant either. Did Brit hold some kinda "How to be crazy" class I don't know about.

Abbey: Maybe she did. She just knew you didn't need it.

She grabbed her bowl, walked over to the recycler and dumped out the contents before tossing the bowl into the sink.

Colt utterly confused: How bout I go out, come back in and we try this again?

Abbey: I got a better idea. How bout I go out and just don't come back.

She pushed past Colt in a huff and headed out the door almost knocking Mobbex over as she leaves.

Mobbex to Colt: What ya do this time?

Colt: Nothing. Just walked in here and she lit into me.

Mobbex: You do have that way about you.

Colt shot Mobbex a look that the merc dismissed with a easy grin.

Colt walked past him and towards Abbeys shuttle: And to think I used to like this job.


Sunday, March 29, 2009 7:28 PM


Colt entered abbey's shuttle unannounced.

"I didn’t say you could come in," she said flatly.

She turned her back to him, busying herself by straightening up the room. Colt thought that was odd since the place was as neat as a pin, even with the trip to the hospital a few hours ago.

"I didn’t plan on asking," he told her. "We have to talk."

"I'm not in the mood," abbey huffed, obviously avoiding him. She'd been fluffing the same pillow repeatedly.

"I could tell that," Colt answered. "I’m not an idiot."

abbey snorted at his comment. Colt went up to her and turned her to face him. He decided to get straight to the point.

"I don't know what is going on in your head, but I do know that whatever it is, I think I can help."

"I don’t want to talk about it right now," abbey said, pushing him away. "Not with anyone and most of all, not with you. I've had enough drama for the day."

"So this does have to do with me?" Colt surmised. When abbey didn't answer, he continued. "You know, I have done some pretty dumb things in the past when it has come to you, but I am sure as hell that this time I didn't cause it!"

abbey snorted again.

"You didn't cause it?"

"Yes. I'm sure!" Colt maintained.

"Whatever," abbey whispered as she kept fluffing the same pillow. "Just leave me alone."

Colt took the pillow from her hand and tossed it away from her.

"WHAT. IS. YOUR. PROBLEM?" he yelled at her.

"I THINK I'M PREGNANT!" abbey yelled back at him, moving a bit forward into his personal space.

She quickly clapped her hand over her mouth as they looked into each other’s eyes. Both of them fell silent and time seemed to come to a complete halt. Finally Colt came out of shock enough to ask a question.

"You wha-?"

"I think I'm pregnant," abbey said softly as she walked over and picked up the pillow he had tossed aside.

Colt stood rooted in place as he tried to process what she just said.

"You wha-?"

abbey went back to straightening things again, trying to busy herself, not wanting to see his reaction.

"I'm late," she explained.

Colt crossed the room and turned her to face him again.

"Define 'late'," he asked, getting more alarmed by the passing moment.

"Oh God, oh God, what have we done?" abbey answered, sarcastically.


Sunday, March 29, 2009 7:46 PM



Originally posted by abbeygirl:

"Define 'late'," he asked, getting more alarmed by the passing moment.

"Oh God, oh God, what have we done?" abbey answered, sarcastically.

Colt: late......ahhh....

abbey nodded.

Colt: late?

abbey nodded again.


abbey: Do you think repeating it is going to change the outcome?

Colt leaned against the wall, his legs were having a hard time holding him up.
Colt: No..I suppose it won't...but your sure your late?

abbey: Your doing it again

Colt: Sorry...has the Doc checked you out?

abbey: I was...waiting.

Colt: Think that would change the outcome?

Abbey smiled: No I guess it won't.

Colt: Well let's go see it she's up to checking you over.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009 4:16 AM


OOC: Made colors for everyone involved in the post for easier reading.

Colt made his way down to the infirmary with abbey in tow. He looked around, expecting Oram to be there, but she wasn’t.

“She’s wouldn’t be here, Colt,” abbey reminded him.

“Why the Hell not?” he asked with a frantic edge to his voice. “I’m paying her to be the doc on this boat!”

“She was injured pretty bad at the Estate. Let’s check her room.”

“Yeah,” Colt said quietly. “Injured. I guess there is that.”

They went to Oram’s room and she was indeed there, but she was sleeping. They entered and Colt closed the door behind them.

“Doc? We need a little help from you,” Colt said to her. Oram snored a bit and didn’t answer him. “Doc?”

Oram stirred, but went back to sleep.

“DOC!” Colt yelled at her while slapping her foot. Her foot fell off the bed with a thud and she roused while Colt peeked out the door, checking the hallway for passers by.

“What?” Oram asked, her speech slightly slurred by pain medication, plus being brought out of a nice slumber. Oram looked up and eyed the couple. They both looked a little green. “What’s up?”

“We need your help with something,” abbey told her.

“Not feeling well?”

“You could say that,” Colt said as abbey turned and glared at him. He saw her and looked down at the floor.

“Spill it. I can use a distraction,” Oram spoke, regarding the two a little closer. Then she added sarcastically. “Oh wait… I was sleeping. That was a distraction.”

abbey took a deep breath before answering.

“I’m late,” she admitted, looking down at the floor.

“What? I couldn’t hear you,” Oram asked, sitting up a little straighter.

“I’m late,” abbey said a little louder.

In shock, Oram sat up all the way, wincing as she did.

“You’re what?”

“Gorram it, doc!” Colt impatiently exclaimed. “We think she’s pregnant!”

“You’re what?” Oram repeated, still shocked. “How did this happen?”

“You’re the doctor,” abbey glared. “I hope I don’t have to explain the mechanics to you.”

“You two?” Oram started giggling as she pointed back and forth between the two.

“Doc, no need to discuss our relationship right now…” Colt started.

“We have a relationship?” abbey questioned, turning to him.

Colt motioned towards her stomach.

“Isn’t that obvious given the reason why we are visiting the good doctor?”

abbey glared at him again.

“Aren’t you on the shot?” Oram asked, breaking the tension with medical questions.

“Yes,” abbey answered.

“It can happen,” Oram confirmed. “There are reported cases where people have become pregnant on the shot.”

“They should tell people about that,” Colt mumbled. Oram and abbey ignored his remark.

“How late are you?”

“About four weeks.”

Oram looked at abbey, a little annoyed that abbey had been hiding it that long.

“Is that bad?”

Both abbey and Oram gave him a dirty look.

“How you feeling?”

“Nauseous. Tired. Moody. A bit dizzy at times,”

“Is that bad?” Colt asked again, earning him another look from both of them again. He defended himself. “Well I don’t know about these… these… female things!”

“I have some home tests that I got by accident with our last shipment,” Oram remembered suddenly. “You can start there. They are in the bottom cupboard under the gauze pads.”

“They aren’t there. I found them before we got to Newhall and I used them.”

“All of them?” Oram asked incredulously. “There were a dozen of them!”

“Yes,” abbey nodded. “I just kept hoping that they were wrong.”

Oram raised an eyebrow at her and Colt looked at her with definite displeasure.

Before Newhall?” Colt exclaimed as he moved to look her full in the face. abbey looked down at the floor. “You knew about this before Newhall and went anyway? Do I need to remind you of what could have happened?”

“Shut it Colt,” Oram warned Colt once she saw abbey’s hands starting to shake. “This is not the time.”

Colt turned around and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. Oram turned back to abbey.

“If I had two working hands, I would draw a blood sample and we’d know for sure,” Oram explained. “But I can’t. You’ll have to wait until we get to the next port.”

“But Ezra is a couple days ride still,” Colt informed them.

“I had them run the test while we were at the hospital on Newhall,” she admitted. “I just left without finding out. I had the results in my hands, but I couldn’t look. I wasn’t ready. I still don’t think I am.”

“Well, I’ll go wave Dr. Garner. Have her send me the results,” Oram said. Oram started to get up and abbey extended her hand to give Oram some assistance, but Colt reached around abbey and pulled Oram up himself. Oram chuckled about the protective display, even if it was an extreme reaction. “Even if she is pregnant, Colt. She ain’t helpless.”

“Oh… I just thought… Uh…” Colt stumbled as he caught another dirty look from abbey.

“It shouldn’t take long. I’ll be right back.”

Colt nodded his head as she left. abbey sat down on the edge of Oram’s bed. Colt sat down next to her and took her hand in both of his.

“Sooo…” he began. “You’ve been hiding this from me for a while?”

“Please don’t lecture me,” she pleaded.

“Not gonna. But didn’t you think I’d wanna know?”

“I don’t know. It was just so… unexpected. Wasn’t sure how you’d react. I don’t know how I feel about the whole thing. It certainly makes things more complicated.”

The room filled with silence before Colt broke it.

“How are you doing?”

“I’m scared,” she said in a small voice.

“You ain’t the only one,” Colt exhaled nervously.

“What do I do if I am?” abbey asked as she turned to him.

“I don’t know. We’ll think on that when we know for sure,” Colt assured her as he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her tight: “And if you are, I will be with you every step of the way.”

abbey rested her head on his shoulder and together, they waited.


Monday, April 6, 2009 5:37 AM


( sorry guys my internet was down)

*** starts up the engines , hits the comm***

everyone one board? Were to capt?

*** thinks to myself what the hell took them so long.***

I am a leaf on the wind


Thursday, April 9, 2009 11:25 AM


In Oram's Bedroom

abbey suddenly stood up.

"How can this be happening?" she asked aloud.

"We don't know if anything is happening," Colt answered, still clutching to the hope that the test would be negative.

"But the home tests... Jesus, Colt! I took twelve of them!"

"Let's not jump to any conclusions yet-"


The room got unnaturally silent for a minute before abbey spoke.

"I can't deal with this right now," she said as she started towards the door.

Colt caught her by the wrist and stood up.

"We're gonna have to. One way or t'other."

abbey looked up into his eyes.

"It will complicate things."

"Well, when our whole thing started I told you it would be complicated," Colt reminded her.

He didn't know that she wasn't talking about their relationship, she was talking about her past. Right now, she was so freaked out that she entertained the thought of calling Grayson, but decided that she would wait for confirmation and then deal with it.

"But then again," Colt continued. "When I was talking about complicated, I was thinking more along the lines of the crew finding out and being the subject of numerous jokes at our expense."

That actually got a smile out of abbey. Colt let go of her wrist and instead took her hand in his.

"Like I said. I'll be there every step of the way, no matter what."

The tenseness and emotion of this situation, combined with the ordeal from the Estate, was getting to her. She couldn't think. And he was being so nice to her. Her eyes traced from their hands up his arm.

Those arms. She thought back to all the times when he held her with them: when they had been kidnapped and she nearly died during a drug induced asthma attack, the port shuttle the first time they were together and all the other times...

Her eyes moved up to his. She couldn't think and she could barely breathe now.

"Are you OK?" he asked, a concerned look furrowing his brow.

She didn't know why she did it, but she did. She launched herself into his arms and kissed him. She might have been horribly embarassed by the lack of focus on their current situation if it weren't for the fact that Colt wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back.

Then they heard Oram shuffling back towards them. Quickly they parted.

"Um... Sorry..." abbey started. "I didn't mean..."

"Yeah... Well..." Colt stammered.

Before Oram returned, they sat back down in their original position, their finger's relacing through the other's to wait for what could possibly be the most important news of their lives.


Saturday, April 11, 2009 9:33 PM


*muttering to herself about being woken from her sleep, Oram shuffled to a nearby cortex link and sent a wave to Dr Garner’s office. Shifting a yawn and the fuzziness that came with the headache Oram curled herself more into the seat as she waited for the Doctor to answer. After a moment or two, she did just that.*

Jacey *eyes widening*: What are you doing up? You should be resting.

*Oram shrugged to herself, and shifted a yawn.*

Oram: I was, but then I was told to get up and wave you. Did you run a pregnancy test on Abbey when we were there?

Jacey *ruffles through paperwork*: Yes, but I don’t think she even looked at it. We found it shoved under the pillow on the gurney she was on.

Oram: Well, they’re ready to hear the results now.

Jacey: They?

Oram: Her and the Captain.

Jacey: I knew it! One look at those two fighting and I knew it had to be him. Then again, my judgment has been a little off; I also thought he was a slaver who was trying take the two of you away.

Oram started to laugh, but it hurt.

Oram: You thought wha-? Ow… No laughing, that hurts.

Jacey: But after that, I knew just by the way the talked that it was him.

*Oram thought back to past encounters between Abbey and the Captain and wondered how none of them onboard ever caught on. There were times when Oram had suspicions, but nothing concrete.*

Oram: Well what were the results?

Jacey: I never looked. I wanted her to do that. I’ll have records send them over to you though.

Oram *fidgeting painfully*: OK. I’ll be waiting.

*Oram ended the wave and sat gingerly on a nearby chair. A baby would really change Abbey’s life. And Colt’s. If Abbey ever had to relocate in a hurry, it would make things very complicated. Oram knew that if Abbey was indeed pregnant, she would have to call Grayson so he would be able to anticipate any needs that might arise. She wasn’t looking forward to making that phone call, but it still had to be done. Grayson was going to have a hissy fit.*

*Oram heard the chime of the wave arriving. She pressed the print button and waited for it to print. Without looking at it, she carried it back to her room where the couple sat.*

Oram *holding up the report*: I have the results.

*Abbey and Colt stand to hear the results. Abbey’s hand gripped Colt’s.*

Abbey *hopeful*: Well?

*Oram looks down at the report, then up at them, then back at the report.*

Colt *impatiently*: Gorram it, Doc! What’s it say?

*Oram smiled as she looked Colt full in the face.*

Oram: Well, Daddy-

*That’s all she got out before he turned white as a sheet and passed out on the floor. Abbey looked down at him, burst into tears and ran out of the room.*

Oram *yelling after Abbey*: Wait!

She looked down at Colt and quickly ascertained that he’d be OK. Knowing that she was in no condition to run after the pregnant gamer, she lay down on her bed and waited for Colt to wake up.


Sunday, April 12, 2009 12:05 PM


*** hears abbey crying as she runs towards the cockpit to her bunk at the same time she hears a Big thud. puts the book on auto pilot and runs down to oram office***

What in 神名字
happened in here???

***notices the capt on the floor. picks him up and lays him on orams ocuch .***

Damn oram what did you tell him??? what happened???

*** brit comes in with the bobcat and sits down ****

holy shi oram are you ok what happened planet side?

I am a leaf on the wind


Monday, April 13, 2009 6:54 AM


Colt woke up to Wash holding smelling salt under his nose.

Colt: What...where...

Wash: Oram said you were ok just past out.

Colt looked at Oram who had returned to her bunk.

Oram: I didn't get around to why you past out. Not yet.

Colt: See that you dont. (turning to Wash) You supposed to flying?

Wash: Hey, I was just concerned bystander but this does seem to have a greater potential for laughs.

Colt got up off the ground and saw Brit was in the room as well.

Colt: If everyones finished staring at me on the floor, where's Abbey?

Oram: She went to her shuttle Romeo.

Colt headed towards the door when Brit stepped in front of him.

Brit: What you think you know isn't whats factual. Reality and perception are mixed and tangled.

Colt: Might want a sniff of those salts yourself little one...your babbling (moving past her)

Colt stood outside abbeys shuttle talking to his self. "I don't think passing out instilled a lot of confidence, but you got nothing to worry over." He shook his head "That passing out thing...I was just caught off guard is all"

Colt opened the door and went inside.

Colt: Abbey? I just thought we should talk.

He looked over at the empty bed. He heard what sounded like crying coming from the cockpit. He went inside to see abbey curled up in the pilots seat with her arms wrapped around her legs.

Colt: You planning on flying somewhere?

Abbey: If I was was would you even be awake?

Colt: abbey I was just...taken back a little. Not like it will happen again.

Abbey: You get in shootouts, crew bleeding all over, stand down slavers and alliance a like without blinking but the second you find out about your a father and you pass straight out.

Colt: Hey your not taking it that well either.

Abbey got out of the chair and stormed back to her room. Colt followed.

abbey: Your right I'm not taking well. Did you not hear what I just said. Bullets, slavers, blood. How am I supposed to take it?

Colt: This life ain't one you complained about before.

abbey: Thats because we chose this life. I can't bring up a child like this.

Colt: I? Think you mean we darlin. Or do I not have a say in that?

Abbey: Look around you Colt. If it wasn't for my lease money you would have been grounded a long time ago.

Colt: Oh so now I'm not a good provider?

abbey sarcasticly: Noooo if I ever need trouble I know right where to come. But just what was our take on the last heist?

Colt: You mean the the extremely dangerous heist that you willing went on, even though you thought you might be pregnant?

Abbey glared at Colt: GET OUT

Colt: Gladly. If you come around to being senseable I'll be in my bunk.


Monday, April 13, 2009 12:04 PM


OOC: Sorry about the epicness... But you know...

Abbey stormed out of the shuttle after him.

“Now you’re running away?” she yelled. “Is this how it’s going to be?”

Colt stopped on the catwalk, spun and tromped back up to her.

“What?” he asked incredulously. “YOU threw ME out!”

“And you went all too easily,” she countered angrily. During the next few seconds of silence, she clenched her jaw a bit. Her eyes watered up and she finished in a softer voice. “I guess that tells me what I need to know, doesn’t it?”

She looked at him in an accusatory tone.

“I gave you a test and you didn’t pass. You only did what I told you to,” she informed him. “I can pay for someone to do that.”

“That’s not fair.”

“No, it isn’t,” she agreed. “A child should have more than that for a father.”

With that, she spun on her heel and went into the shuttle, shut the door and locked it. Colt stood there for a moment, seething from anger, before stalking off to his bunk to think.

When abbey got inside, she heard the chime of an incoming wave. She wiped the tears from her eyes and hastily answered it. She was greeted by the face of Grayson Cornwell.

“What in the Hell is happening? I just saw you and Oram on footage placing you smack dab in the middle of a slaver operation. Are you both rutting stu–” he started before he was cut off.

“Not now Grayson,” she simply said. She disconnected the feed. Another chime sounded with a new incoming wave. Grayson again. She answered it again.

“Don’t you disconnect me like that again–” he started, his face contorted in anger.

“Grayson,” she said, taking in a deep breath. “Did we not have this discussion already?”

“I am quite sure we have not discussed your choice of visitation…” his words fell on deaf ears as her mind wandered.


It wouldn’t be fair to cut Colt completely out. He should be able to visit his child. Get to know them. Maybe even spend some time on the Book – dirtside of course – with them. What she had said to Colt was unfair. She’d had weeks to think about the possibilities. She had gone and given him a “test” when he had barely an hour’s worth of notice.

“abbey!” Grayson’s voice boomed out at her. “Are you listening to me?”

She focused on Grayson’s face for a moment and re-emphasized what she had told him during their last discussion.

“Grayson, as you see, I am fine. Oram is fine too,” she told him. “I don’t need your permission to go anywhere. And as for you, I told you the last time we talked that I would call YOU if I were in trouble.

“I’m not, so I am wondering why you are bothering me and not one of your other charges. Let me make this abundantly clear to you. I will contact YOU. Not the other way around. Get used to it. Don’t wave me again.”

With that she disconnected the feed again and turned the chime down so it wouldn’t be heard. Colt wandered back into her head. Thinking for just a second, she opened her drawer, grabbed out a bag of coin and raced out. When she arrived outside his bunk, his door was closed, so she had to knock.

“Can I come in?” she asked as nice as she could.

The hatch opened, but he didn’t say anything. She climbed down and found him at the bottom of the ladder, hand out to assist her onto the floor. Once she was there, he closed the hatch back, parted from her and retreated to the other side of the room.

“What do you want?” he asked as he poured himself a drink.

“I… uh… I brought my rent to you. It’s due soon,” she said as she held out the bag of coin to him.

“Not due for another month,” he said as he looked at her strangely.

“Oh… well…” she stammered. She tossed it at him anyway. “Just… uh… take it.”

“You being sensible now?” he asked as he studied her some more, half wanting to talk about the situation calmly, half wanting to throttle her.

“I’ve had a while to ponder on this whole thing.”

“Yes, you have,” he agreed. He looked at his watch. “I’ve had… 46 minutes.”

“Yes, you have,” she stated. “The test… might have been… ill thought out… and premature.”

“You think?” he snorted.

She glared at him, then averted her eyes, looking around the room as her mind wandered again. Would this be a better place than the shuttle? She would still need to make a living and doing that with a crib and baby toys on the floor just wouldn’t do. Where would they put a crib?

“abbey?” he asked.

It wouldn’t be so bad here would it? she thought. But then there were the catwalks, the grating on the floor, let’s not even forget about the bullets and dangerous situations they got themselves in. No. That he got them in. Hell, she even got shot while in the cargo bay! No. This isn’t the place to raise a child. He just had to understand that. It was the best way to go. She’d find a nice place and he could participate as he felt the need. Puts all the responsibility for his part in raising this child in his court.

This child.

“abbey?” he asked again looking at her slightly concerned, coming closer to her.

abbey didn’t hear him and was idly wondering what she wanted; a boy or a girl. Wondered what Colt might want. Names. They’d have to pick a name. A boy name or a girl name. She hoped he didn’t have some bizarre need to use some ancient name from an equally ancient relative.

My God! What if it were twins? she thought as her eyes widened and she swayed a bit.

She felt a hand on her elbow.

“abbey?” he asked, just above a whisper. “Are you OK?”

His free hand brushed up against her stomach, resting just a second before he jerked it away.

“I’m not having twins,” she said firmly.

“What?” Colt asked, his voice rising a couple of octaves.

“I’m not having twins.”

“Is that a possibility? Did Dr. Garner wave back and say that was a possibility?” he asked, the color draining from his face.

Her eyes narrowed.

“You gonna pass out again?”

“Not trying to…” he whispered. His brow furrowed as he tried to assimilate everything as he looked at her with a slightly terrified expression on his face. “Twins?”

abbey rolled her eyes.

“Jesus Christ, Colt, I never said I was having twins.”

“Yes. I distinctly remember the word ‘twins’ coming from your mouth.”

“Well… OK… but I didn’t tell you I was having twins. You did that all on your own.”

“Well at least that’s good news.”

“Finding out you were going to be a father wasn’t good news?” she asked, getting defensive.

“It was kinda sudden.”

“You think?”

“Not that I ever thought about it before,” he retorted. “I’m not completely anti-family or anti-kid. At some point in his life, every man hopes to have someone to carry on the family name.”

She crossed her arms over her chest.

“So you want a boy?” she asked as she glared at him.

“Yes… Maybe…” Colt said, his brow furrowing again. “Hell, I don’t know.”

Abbey snorted.

“I suppose you want a girl?” Colt asked her, getting a bit defensive himself.

“Least she’d be part of the smarter sex.”

“Smarter sex?” Colt retorted, stepping forward to invade her personal space. “I don’t know about that. Wasn’t it a woman doctor who invented that lovely shot thing that doesn’t apparently work sometimes?”

abbey clenched her fist and threw a punch at his head, only to have him stop her before she could do any damage.

“I. Didn’t. Plan. This,” she ground out.

She was so mad now she didn’t know what to do. She just stood there looking at him looking at her. Both of them worked up from fighting. Both of them staring down the other. Both of them just as stubborn as the day is long.

And both of them kissing like there was no tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009 5:30 AM


*** trying really hard not to laugh i turn to ORam***

So why did our capt pass out so nicely of the floor for?

*** oram Looks at me shrugs her shoulders ,wince after she does it.***

oram - that will be up to them to say as to why.

Wash- I just hope it is nothing to serious.

***i turn to brit brit ***

hey sweety want to help me in the cockpit you and the little one can both come if you want?

I am a leaf on the wind


Wednesday, April 15, 2009 11:24 AM


Dr. Jacey Garner was at the end a very long shift and she was finishing up the paperwork from the day.

“abbey Road,” she whispered, chuckling to herself. Did the captain give that name to cover her identity or did he really not know what her last name was? If it was the latter, it was a little comical due to the fact that the couple were on their way to becoming parents and didn’t know the simplest of details about one another. “abbey Road. How lame is that?”

“abbey Road?” a man’s voice questioned, coming her direction. “Did you have a patient by the name of abbey today?”

“If I did, I wouldn’t tell you,” Jacey said as she studied this man. His dress was impeccable, obviously core bred and wealthy. He didn’t look like the locals that were taking care of Stan, he didn’t look like one of Colt’s crew and he definitely did not look like a slaver. “Just for the record, who are you?”

“My name is Grayson Cornwell with Allied Law Enforcement,” he introduced himself as he flashed her his badge. “I am looking for a woman named abbey who may have come through here. I am also looking for one called Oram. I know that a third crew member, Stan, is definitely here and has been admitted, so we can drop the pretenses of that doctor/patient thing.”

“Pretenses?” Jacey retorted. “Doctor/Patient confidentiality is not a pretense. It is a part of the job.”

“So Colt and his merry men did come through here,” Grayson surmised, giving her a smug smile. “What was their condition?”

It didn’t take a genius to catch the definite disdain Grayson had for Colt… and a bit a jealousy.

“I’m not saying they were or were not,” countered Jacey, standing her ground. “And if they were, I’d certainly never discuss anything with you without their permission.”

“I could get a warrant for their records,” he threatened. “They could be admitted as evidence of a crime.”

“You could try,” Jacey told him.

Grayson looked at her with venom. He was very close to finding them and this woman was standing in his way.

“I have been charged to track down those miscreants and this only stonewalls my efforts,” Grayson said narrowing his eyes at her. “Perhaps I should have you bound on the charge of obstruction.”

“Listen, lawman,” Jacey told him, now getting a little agitated. “I’m not saying anything and until I see a warrant in your hands, you will get out of my ER, stop lobbing around threats that you can’t back up and go make yourself useful elsewhere.”

Grayson was a stubborn man, but Jacey was just as stubborn as he. Grayson knew she was right about him having her bound. He has no cause and doing that would land him in deep go se with the upper brass. He set his jaw and glared at her.

“Where’s the waiting room?”

Jacey pointed back towards the entrance, raised her eyebrows and motioned him to leave.

Oh, boy, she thought as Grayson stomped towards the waiting room. I better hang around until he is gone.

She didn’t know the Book’s crew very well, but she could tell they were each immensely loyal to each other and that kind of endeared them to her. Nope, she was going to stay around to stall this guy as long as possible. If she left, he could easily threaten a staff member who was less fearless than she.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009 5:51 PM


Grayson sat in the waiting room of Vanteel Medical Facility's Emergency Triage Area. It had picked up a little, a couple of sick people came in to be treated, along with an injury or two. It wasn't anything near being busy, but a man came and sat directly next to Grayson. After a couple of minutes, the man turned to Grayson.

"Does this look infected to you?" he asked shoving his hand with a nasty looking sore on it into his face.

It did look infected and Grayson grimaced at it before batting the man's hand away. He stood up, left the area and waited by the door. Impatiently, he checked his watch every few minutes, but finally smiled when he saw an officer come in holding the warrant he was waiting for. Grayson thanked the guy, sent him off and walked through the doors that led into the treatment area of the ER. Looking to the side, he spotted Dr. Garner, who merely looked like she was waiting.

Grayson stalked up to her, thrust the warrant towards her and smiled smugly.

"I told you I would get a warrant," he smirked.

"I had no doubt that you would," she answered, surprising Grayson a little. "I just stayed around to make sure you went through proper channels before you violate their rights to keep their medical records sealed."

"Well, since you are still here, you can be my interpreter."

Jacey rolled her eyes and led Grayson into a room with a records terminal.

"Now show me everything," Grayson told her. "And I mean everything."

Jacey frowned, but brought up Stan's records first. Grayson reviewed them, asking a couple of questions as he went.

"He's critical, correct?" he asked.

"Yes, but he'll live. And he'll have a long road to recovery. He's had surgery to repair damaged done here *points at screen*, here *points again* and here," she explained. "He won't be waking up anytime soon, so don't even bother trying to interrogate him. Plus, they didn't like it when they had to leave him here."

"I'm sure they didn't," Grayson grumbled under his breath. He moved on to Oram's record. He pointed at a lab test that was performed. "What's this?"

"Tox screen," Jacey answered. "Apparently, the good doctor tried to self medicate and was a little bit off in her calculations. Nearly took enough pain meds to kill herself."

"I see alcohol listed here as well," Grayson stated.

"Apparently, self medication of a different kind," Jacey mused.

Grayson shook his head. He had hoped Oram was past that, but he guessed he was wrong. He made a mental note to speak to her about it later.

"She was banged up a bunch, but we fixed her up good. She'll be laid up for a couple of weeks, but she'll heal," Jacey summarized. She thought about the fact that Oram had already called her about abbey. "I'm sure she'll be up to doctor duty in no time."

Grayson nodded and moved on to abbey's file.

"Dislocated shoulder, dehydration and exhaustion were her problems," Jacey informed him. She hoped that he didn't see the lab report on the bottom. Stuff like a pregnancy test should be for the eyes of the people involved only. "We rehydrated her and reduced the shoulder. She had improved greatly by the time she walked out of here."

"Good," Grayson said as he scanned down the record. He looked up at Jacey. "See that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"I still don't have to like it."

"I supposed not," he agreed. "The Captain have any injuries?"

"He didn't come in with any," Jacey said, skirting the issue. Due to her involvement, the Captain acquired some while he was there.

"Figures," Grayson muttered again. He reached up to turn off the monitor, but paused when he looked at the screen. To Jacey's dismay, he clicked to open the lab report. He seemed to read it over and over and over. It even looked like the color had drained from his face. "She's pregnant?"

"Yes," Jacey confirmed.

"How far along?"

"We estimate her to be at 8 or 9 weeks."

Jacey watched as she saw Grayson's jaw clench, his face start turning a bit red ad the vein on his temple pulse. Was he angry? Grayson slammed his fist onto the table, got up and basically stomped out.

"Well, well,"Jacey whispered to herself. "THAT was interesting."


Sunday, April 26, 2009 8:19 PM


*Everybody had finally left her alone. Settling herself under her own warm covers, Oram let her exhausted mind begin to wander before she fell unconscious.*

Wash: Oram!

*She ignored the pilot.*

Wash: DOC!!!

Oram *thoroughly pissed*: WHAT??!!

Wash: You awake?

Oram: What the hell do you think?

Wash: I think I have a WAVE for you. Sending it to the infirmary for you.

Oram *as she slowly gets up, her whole left side and back cramping from the pain*: Tian xiz shou you de ren dou gai si . *flicks on the screen to see Grayson, but doesn’t take him too seriously, rubbing her eyes and yawning* Hey, Grayson, what’s up?

Grayson: What’s up? Would you care to tell me why I came here to look into some disturbance at the estate of some slave traders and when I accessed the video feed, I was greeted with the image of you and abbey walking in like nothing was amiss?

Oram *to herself in sarcasm*: Oh, go se. This is going to be a joyous chat.

Grayson: I want to know how it came to be that I saw you with a gun at the guards and actually shooting a couple?

Oram *shrugs to herself, rather pleased with that feat*: I’m getting better?

Grayson *thoroughly pissed*: THIS ISN’T FUNNY!! And I also want to know why a gun that was proven to kill 6 men was found on the floor with abbey’s prints all over it.”

Oram: We had a job to do, Grayson. And it needed done.

Grayson: Look at yourself! You got injured! Do I need to remind you what could have happened? You both could have gotten killed… or worse! Did you know there was a ship en route to make a special pick up?

Oram *this gets her attention*: Special pick up?

Grayson: Yes. Apparently someone was caught that was reported to have known Catherine.

Oram *to herself*: Ohhh, crap.

Grayson: And if they found out, how long do you think it would have been before they were on your tail too. Abbey might be in the forefront of his mind, but you are right up there with her. *Gives the young woman a pointed look* He wants you found. He thinks you were a part of the whole thing.

Oram *situation dawning on her fast*: A part of it? Grayson, I was twelve when it all went down. How could I have been a part of it?

Grayson: He’s not exactly rational, which makes him dangerous. But then again, neither of you are acting exactly rational either.

Oram: We are, just in our own way.

Grayson: Yeah, sure you are. When I told abbey that you needed a job and she immediately jumped on the chance to have you there on the Book, I thought that her presence would have had a calming effect. I thought that you had given up the idiotic and slightly suicidal choices you had been exhibiting after what happened with Geoff and Daniel. It just goes to show.

*The mention of those two made Oram’s face darken, as well as reopened some wounds that were still raw. She started to open her mouth, when he continued his tirade.*

Grayson: And I find out about her condition when I went poking around at the hospital? Were you gonna tell me?

Oram: Not my place. And it wasn’t your place to be poking around her records either.

Grayson *snorting*: It sure as Hell is my place. It’s my place to keep you both safe. In the past couple of months, I’ve come to expect it from her. But you? I wasn’t expecting that. It’s that rutting captain, isn’t it? All of this has been his doing. If I ever get my hands on that hun dan, I’m gonna… *Grayson’s voice trailed off. He shuffled some papers on his desk in front of him.* Both of you need to get your bags packed. When I catch up to you, you’re getting relocated. I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer this time. Do you understand me?

Oram *doesn’t even argue*: Whatever boss-man. Look, I’ve been woken the last 2 or so times I've tried to sleep, so I'm going now.

*Before he can reply, Oram turns off the WAVE. She goes to her room, gets a pillow and blanket then heads for a hidden area where no one will even think to find her. Mobbex’s bunk.*

Oram *opens Mobbex's door with effort* Incoming! *throws both blanket and pillow below, then follows down slowly, the poor Merch is speechless* I need sleep, I don’t care if I'm intruding or anything. Goodnight.

*With that she gets onto his bed, moving various things off of the huge bed, the curls up under her blanket, snuggles her pillow and tries to get to sleep.*


Monday, May 18, 2009 11:16 AM


Their clothes had come off faster than either of them imagined possible, so they were literally thrown around the room. Their actions had been frenzied, brought on by the stress of everything that had happened and now they lay side by side in Colt’s bed, both drenched in sweat and out of breath.

Colt: That was…

Abbey: I know…

Colt rolled over and awkwardly put his hand on her stomach.

Colt: So… A baby… In there…

Abbey *as her hand covered his*: Yes.

Colt just stared at her stomach like it was going to do something like get up and dance. abbey closed her eyes and took a deep breath as realization of their very recent antics dawned on her.

Abbey *as she swatted his hand away*: Jesus Christ! *she climbed over top of him and started searching for her clothes.* I can’t believe you!

Colt *sitting up*: Wha? Can’t believe who?

Abbey *very slowly as if she was talking to a child*: I. Can’t. Believe. You.

Colt: What did I do?

abbey snorted.

Abbey: You took advantage of me!

Colt *swinging his feet to the floor*: Advantage? Advantage when?

Abbey *yelling*: RIGHT NOW! *she turned around to face him.* We just had sex!

Colt: I believe I was there. *A smile played across his face.* And it was fantastic!

Abbey: Fantastic? How could you?

Colt: What? Be fantastic?

She groaned in frustration as she found her shirt and hastily slid it on.

Colt: What is wrong with you?

Abbey *huffing*: You took advantage of my… condition! That was low. Even for you!

Colt: What? You act like…*the full meaning crossed his mind.* Hey! I didn’t take advantage! I fully remember you being a vital participant! Especially when you… *another smile came over his face*

A boot flew across the room and hit him in the shoulder.

Colt: OW! What was that for?

Abbey *angry*: For being… being… Argh! You make me so mad!

Colt *yelling back*: Feeling’s mutual, punkin’!

abbey moved so she was standing toe to toe with him.

Abbey: You knew I was vulnerable! I’m pregnant for God’s sake!

Colt: I am quite aware that you’re pregnant! What difference does that make now anyway?

Abbey *flustered*: There’s… there’s hormones… and… and… I can’t be held responsible! *pauses the accuses him further* “You lured me into bed!”

Colt *voice a little higher than normal*: Lured? You basically shoved me! There was definitely no luring. I. Did. Not. Lure.

Abbey: Well, you should have known better! You should have…

Colt: Been the voice of reason?

Abbey: YES!

Colt *surprised*: Now you want me to be the voice of reason?

Abbey *completely emotional*: YES!

abbey leaned down, grabbed her skirt and slid it on.

Colt *trying to understand*: And my reasoning should have said…

Abbey: You should have stopped this! We don’t need to be doing this! This confuses things!

Colt reached out and pulled her towards him. She was getting too upset.

Colt *quietly*: Calm down abbey. Everything will be OK.

She looked up at him until she found herself staring into his eyes. They stood there for a couple of seconds before they slowly kissed again. Once. Twice. Three times.

Then Colt felt her boot stomp down on top of his foot. He screamed out in pain and she pushed him backwards, landing him on his rear end.

Abbey *screaming*: THAT’S WHAT I MEAN! ADVANTAGE!

She made her way quickly to the ladder, found her other boot, slid it on and tromped up and out of Colt’s cabin.

Colt stood up, gingerly walked back to the bed and climbed in.

Colt *grousing*: Maybe if I go to sleep, I’ll wake up and it’ll all be a dream. ‘Cause if I have to deal with this kind of thing for the next few months, I’m gonna die.


Monday, May 25, 2009 4:32 AM


*** puts the ship on auto pilot and heads to the galley to get somehting to eat. over hears capt and abbey shouting at each other.****

What the heck!?! Who drank all my Gorram tea!!

*** turns around and sees brit brit making a map of the shipe using my tea leaves. i walk up and look at it. noticing how detailed it is.****

What are you doing brit brit? that lookslike our ship , you are doing a great job.

* brit - well we have to make room it won't be long we need room.

room for what sweety (as i squat down next to her) what is wrong?

*brit- they are small and wiggle they cry so many thoughts then none at all. no time .....

( mumble to her self. )

*** i turn and get a glass of water instead and head back towards the bridge , when I go to check on oram***

you ok doc? if you get a chance you might want to go check on brit brit she is talking gibberish and she is using my tea to make a map of the ship.

I am a leaf on the wind


Monday, May 25, 2009 6:30 PM


(Spots in his room, lays down for a nap. he begins to dream)

[Spots finds himself in a white hallway only the buzz florescent lights filling his ears]

Spots: Hello???

[only echos]

Spots: Anybody???

Girls voice :Spots (echos along the hall)

Spots: Izzy?? Where are you (Spots now running down the hall trying to find a door)

Isabel: Here (very calm and cold)

Spots: Where here ....where are you?(with increasing panic in his voice)

Isabel: Here here

Spots: Izzy!!!! (Spots thrashing wildly pounding on the walls)

[Spots waking in a cold sweat finding he was punching at noting but air, tries to steady his heart. rising to splash water on his face he looks up the latter to find the faces of Sky,Wash, and Brit staring very concerned at him]

Spots; what?

Sky: son your were screaming like a man possessed.

Spots: just a dream

Brit; No dream, you lost something you cant find.

Spots; quite you, I gave my word to find her and by god I will.

Wash: well as long as your ok, the main spring has come lose again could you get that for me

Spots: (grabbing the Wrench) sure thing wash.


Thursday, May 28, 2009 5:20 AM


They had stopped on some backwater moon for some needed repairs. Things went badly from the start. It all ended with a full out argument with the parts dealer in town. He was trying to squeeze them for every last coin they had and they didn't have much. After things settled, they did get the parts they needed, but Colt also got himself landed in the local jail.

Hazel Rock Jail

Colt watch the two deputies playing checkers from behind bars, just as he had done the last 3 days. Neither man was particulaly good at checkers and each had a habit they enjoyed so much Colt had decided to give them nick names.

Colt: How bout you hurry up over there.

Deputy nose picker: Hush up. I'm trying to think.

Deputy butt scratcher: Boss said we had to kick you loose today. Didn't say we had to stop our game to do it.

After they had complete their game Colt was processed and released.

He had been locked up for 3 days in what past for a jail in the small town of Hazel Rock. He had made it clear to the crew to stay clear, confident that the magistrate would have to release him once they sweated him out for a few days.

Still it would have been nice if they had come picked him up after he was released. At least they couldn’t spend all the coin they had made on this little rock.

“Now they decide to listen to me.” Colt muttered to himself as he walked through the desert.

He had been walking for most of the day. He stopped and drained the last of the canteen he had filled before he left town. Sun would be going down in a couple of hours, he thought. He scanned the plateau that had come into view. The ship should be on the other side. He squinted, hoping to see someone making their way towards him. No such luck.


“What the hells going on here? Where’s my gorram shuttles?” He walks up the ramp and the stench almost drives him back outside. The cargo bay was turned upside down. The smell filling his nostrils was one he knew from the war. He drew his pistol and moved to the infirmary. The Doc was there, what was left of her. She lay naked on the floor of the infirmary, half of her head was stripped to the bone, making a gruesome grin. She had been gutted and her calf muscles cut from her legs. Colt fought the urge to heave and lost.

“The shuttle was gone. She had to get away” he said running up the steps. He fell to his knees when he saw her lifeless body. “Where are her arms?”

He moved room to room, stopping only long enough to identify the person or the body part left behind. He sat in his chair, numb. The headless corpse next to him was his pilots.

“Casey!” Colt jumped out of the chair. The images of the carnage fresh in his mind, Carol,gutted in the infirmary, Matty headless on the bridge, Serena…..Serena on the catwalk, Rory, jammed into the engine. Casey wasn’t here. Did the Reavers take him? No they don’t take prisoners.

“Casey” Colt shouted through the ship. He searched all the rooms again. Nothing.

Colt found him in one of the smugglers holds. He shined the torch on his bare back. “Casey…Casey its Colt. Come on out, their gone.” Casey turned towards the light and Colt recoiled as he saw the young cook chewing on what he could only assume was Serena’s arm. He tripped and fell to the catwalk. Everything moved in slow motion as he watched Casey lunge at him with a cooking knife...

Colt sat up in his bunk, dripping with sweat.

Wash: Captain did you hear me? You awake?

He keyed the comm.: Huh?

Wash: I said you might want to get up here. I got a ship changing course, looks like it’s following us.


Friday, July 3, 2009 6:36 PM


Grayson paced in the cockpit of his ship.

She's pregnant, he thought. What was she thinking about?

If he had to relocate her quickly, it was bound to be delicate, especially if it ended up being around her due date. The slavers had gotten way too close to her on Newhall. It would only have taken a close look by someone in the know to reveal her true identity. And if she was ever found out, she'd be dead or worse. He could picture her being turned into a slave herself and sold to the highest bidder.

And now there was a child to think about. Things had suddenly got more complicated. Way too complicated.

"She can't go through with this pregnancy," he muttered. "It's too dangerous. She's got to see that."

He sat down and waved his team.

"We need to finish up the relocation papers for case#GC3498A name is abbey. I also need to add a relocation request for case#GC3499Y name is Oram. Put them together," he explained. "Let's plan for a fast extraction, taking them by force if needed. Danger is at the highest level and subjects are unaware or unwilling to recognize their predictament."

He paused for a second, then added.

"And have a doctor standing by. One of them needs medical attention."

He disconnected the wave and paced a little more.

"She'll understand," he said aloud. "She's got to see that this cannot come to fruition."

He felt it was too dangerous for her and if she was ever found with a child, the fate of that child would be tragic.

Now... He just had to figure out where they had went.


Saturday, July 4, 2009 6:04 PM


Colt quickly got dressed and ran to the cockpit.

Wash They're coming up from behind us.

Colt moving to the console: Gimme the vid.

What he saw behind them made his blood run cold.

Colt whispering: Ai ya! Women wanle.

Wash: What is it?

Colt: Reavers.

Colt walked over to the loadspeaker.

Colt: Sky and Mobbex. Come on up to the bridge. Ma shong.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009 2:07 PM


abbey was standing on the catwalk overlooking the cargo bay lost in thought about her and Colt's predictament when she heard the page for Sky and Mobbex.

That can't be good, she thought and started on her way up there too.

When she got to the foredeck, she saw Sky climbing out of her bunk just a few feet before her. abbey followed her up into the bridge.

"What are you doing here?" Colt asked her, slightly annoyed. "Did I call for you? Go back to your shuttle."

abbey was slightly taken aback at his deameanor. Hurt, she took a couple of steps backwards when she heard Wash speak.

"The Reavers are gaining on us," Wash said with a little anxiousness and fear in her voice.

"Reavers?" abbey asked, her hand slightly covering her mouth.

Colt ignored her.

"How far?"

"Almost at door knocking distance."

Colt looked backwards towards the foredeck and still didn't see Mobbex.

"Where in the Hell is Mobbex?"

abbey backpeddled into the foredeck and pounded on Mobbex's bunk hatch before kicking it open.

"Mobbex! Get up here!" she yelled. "We got Reavers!"

Sky leaned over and whispered into Colt's ear.

"I guess this is as good of time as any to tell you that I'm getting off at Ezra," she said. "That is if we don't become their main course tonight."

Colt just looked straight ahead and said nothing to her. He had more important things to think about right now; mainly abbey, their child and the intense need for him to save this crew like he couldn't with his last.
Meanwhile, down in the engine room. Brit was watching Spots work as he did some basic maintenance.

"You should clean that contact there," she said pointing at a small piece that only worked when they were at hard burn.

"It's fine Brit," Spots told her.

"No. It's not. Clean it or we can't go to hard burn."

"It's fine Brit," he repeated.

With an annoyed look on her face, Brit reached around him and yanked out the contact component.

"See? Dirty," she showed him. "They're hungry."

"Yeah, I'm hungry too," Spots grumbled as he cleaned the component. To his chagrin, she was right.

"No. Not you," Brit said with a far off look. "They're hungry. We let them eat and no one will be able to help Issy."

Spots gaze snapped to Brit's.

"Hurry!" she pleaded.

He cleaned it well and slammed it back in place just as he heard abbey yelling for Mobbex and announcing they had Reavers on their tail. Spots and Brit both got up and ran for the bridge.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009 3:24 AM


Something had woken her…

Wincing in pain as her injuries reminded her not to sleep in a curled up position, Oram opened her eyes and looked around, monetarily confused of where the hell she was and why a foot was in her face.

“Mobbex!” someone screamed from above, “We got Reavers!”

At those words, Oram's blood ran cold. Oh, she'd heard about those monsters and what they did and didn’t want to find out if the tales and rumours of men gone wild on experiments were true.

With his name being screamed, the Merch jolted awake, stared at Oram in confusion for a few seconds, before racing up the ladder in only his boxer shorts. Following him as best as she could, Oram ignored the looks she got from the crew, especially Abbey and took a deep breath as she stood just behind Mobbex as they took in the situation.

It certainly wasn’t her fault she was only wearing a red tank top that had crawled up her side, exposing her injured back and skin, with rumpled purple sleeping shorts that had also decided to try escape by climbing upwards.

Blinking, she tried to assess the situation. Where they going to run? Hide, or was the Doctor going to have to be forced to do the unthinkable to the crew as the monsters brayed for their blood at the front door…

She really wished Abbey would stop looking at her like that though.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009 6:23 PM


Mobbex jerked awake as he heard the combination of his name with the word Reavers. He then noticed Oram in his bed. He wondered how much he had to drink the night before, but dismissed any kindof sexual activities since he still had his boxers on and she still had a modest amount of clothing on too. Later, he'll have to ask her what the rutt she was doing in his bunk.

Not really waiting to get dressed, Mobbex scrambled up the ladder just wearing his boxers. When he got to the bridge, he looked down at the vid and saw the danger behind them.

"Rutting hell, as if'n our last day or two couldn't get any worse..."

Then he heard a voice from behind him.

"They're hungry," Brit stated matter of factly.

Mobbex turned and looked at her.

"You think?"


Tuesday, July 28, 2009 6:36 PM


Wash: Captain their closing on us. What are we doing?

Mobbex: I’ll tell ya what we’re doing we’re getting the hell out of here.

Colt checks the screens again: No we can’t out run em. *he goes to place a comm to Spots but notices the whole crew on the bridge. He takes a double look at Mobbex and wonders why he just has his boxers on* Spots get to the engine room. We may need some on the fly modifications. Sky, go help him. *Turning to Wash* Let them get in closer.

Wash: Closer?

Mobbex: Closer! You’re going to get us all killed.

Colt moved close to the big merc and spoke softly: You don’t get it? We were dead the minute they turned in after us. Might be able to buy some time dancing around them but we can’t outrun them. We ain’t got the guns to shoot em down. Now listen. Time comes they have us I want you to take Brit, Abbey and the Doc and cut loose in Abbeys shuttle. Sky and I will hold them as long as we can but you got no place you can reach from here with the shuttles range. Maybe they chase you maybe they dont, but if they catch up to you….you make sure those animals don’t get my crew alive. Sky and I will do the same for Wash and Spots.

Mobbex stepped back and swallowed hard before answering. I’ll take care of it Captain.

Wash: You wanted them closer Captain. Their right on top of us.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009 7:29 AM


Running back to the engine room each step sounding like thunder in his head, because he knew the consequences of what he was about to do.

In the engine room his hand became a flurry of switches, dials, and connections. than his eyes fell on the button, it was about the size of his palm. Over it he had put a yellow sticky note that read "if all hell brakes"

Spots "over the com" : Captain I need to show you something back here.

{In moments Colt arrives}

Colt: what is it?

Spots: it looks like your gona put up a fight, i had this rigged for a while now (points to the button) but I never thought it would get used.

Colt; Spots i need plan speak here we're kinda busy

Spots: you mash that button and boom. it works on the same Principal of the burn, but instead of shooting the explosion out it contains the blast and will wipe out any thing in a size able proximity, Reavers anit no way to die and I dont want my girl falling into the hands of those mad men to be twisted to some sort of monstrosity.
so if you find yourself pushed back to here push it and be done with it.

Colt:well have a talk about the why later but thanks for the offer, but everyone is gonna be ok including the book


Thursday, July 30, 2009 11:30 AM


abbey couldn't help but stare at the sight she saw when Mobbex's bunk hatch opened. He was the first one through, wearing only his boxers and after him slowly, came Oram at the same time straightening her clothes (which pretty much amounted to underwear).

Were they...? Would they...? abbey tried to banish the thought in her mind, but was so shocked she couldn't.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Colt whisper something to Mobbex then left to go follow Spots.

Then her gaze went back to the two. What was Oram thinking? And him? Didn't he know that she was hurt? Surely, they couldn't...

abbey was brought out of her thoughts when Mobbex touched her arm.

"Cap'n said I have to take you, the doc and Brit to your shuttle and get ready to bolt if needed."

"No," abbey said absently. Then she jerked her arm away from him, stumbling back a couple of feet. "No."

Colt chose that time to reappear. He shot an annoyed look over at Mobbex as he went over to the comm and turn it to the "always on" position.

"Why aren't they gone?" he asked.

"She won't-" Mobbex started but abbey interrupted.

"I'm not leaving," she stated firmly.

Colt leaned up and whispered into her ear.

"This is not the time to question me. You have... we have other things to think about," he said.

She knew exactly what he meant... the baby.

"No," she stated firmly again. "If I die, and you know we will most probably will, I want to stand at your side."

"abbey, stop being so..." Colt started in a louder voice. "Being so... YOU!"

"I'm not-" abbey started to say again, but a sharp climb by Wash sent her careening towards the stairs that lead to the bridge.

With lightning reflexes, Colt reached out and grabbed her shoulders to keep her from falling.


Everyone on the bridge and throughout the ship heard him blurt out the revelation. The crew in the bridge gaped at him, except for Oram and Sky and of course Brit.

"I knew you were rutting her!" Sky exclaimed as she turned and left the bridge. "I'll be with Spots."

Colt placed his hand tenderly on abbey's stomach.

"Please go..." he pleaded. "Mobbex will make sure those monsters don't take you... or the others."

abbey looked at him, her expression softened and her eyes filled with tears.

"OK," she relented as she turned away from him and started down the stairs.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009 11:27 AM


Mobbex shooed abbey, Oram and Brit into abbey's shuttle.

"Sooo..." Mobbex said as abbey shakily got the shuttle prepped to go. "Cap'n knocked you up, huh? I didn't see that comin'."

abbey glared at him.

"So was it a one time thing?" he continued. "Or have the two of you been rutting like bunnies for a while now?"

Mobbex suddenly chuckled.

"The grav failure? Now I know why you had no undies on!" he laughed harder. "You were shagging the Captain, weren't you?"

abbey walked over to him and slapped him... hard.

"Ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng," she hissed. "Our personal life is none of your business."

"Soooo..." Mobbex smirked at her. "Obviously, you've been doing the Captain for a while then."

He punctuated it with a big guffaw.

abbey turn and bolted from the shuttle. Mobbex turned to Oram.

"She'll be back in a minute. No sense on running after her."

"You're a jerk," Oram told him.

"Mebbe," he admitted. He focused his attention on her then. "What the good gorram were you doing in my bunk last night?"


Wednesday, August 26, 2009 5:38 AM


Wash: You wanted them closer Captain. Their right on top of us.

Colt checked the screens again: Wash they are going to try and grab us with that magnetic grappler. *pointing the screen capture of the Reaver vessel* They do and this is a short fight. We should be able to see a power spike before when they turn on the mag. You see it you need to get us under them. Close as you can. You need to match their maneuvering best you can to keep us under or behind them. Don’t think they will use the top gun, they want us alive, but lets not find out *Checking the screens again* Get ready. *He spoke loud enough that the comm he had set on 'always on' would easily pick it up.* Strap in people.

Wash reacted so quickly Colt didn’t even see the power spike. Before he could blink she had flipped the Book over and cut the thrusters. With a jerk of the controls the Book settled right underneath the large ship.

The Reaver ship didn’t react immediately. The Book glided safely underneath them for almost a minute before they made their move. They banked back and forth but Wash easily matched them. They try to roll over and cut speed but again Wash meets the challenge. The battle plays out for another 20 minutes. Each time Wash keeps the Book safe.

Colt: You ok?

Wash: Their feeling us out. Trying to suss out how maneuverable we are.

Colt: You sure bout that?

Just then the Reavers blasted away from the Book. Wash couldn’t match their speed as they banked around and headed back to towards them. Wash turned hard away and they turned to intercept. Soon they were chasing the Book into a wide turn. Wash was able to maneuver back into under them eventually but no sooner than she did they blasted away again.

This time they fired their cannon at the Book when they came about. The bright streaks filled the windows as Wash dove the ship narrowly avoiding the blast.

Wash: Looks like a definite there.


Friday, September 4, 2009 3:33 AM


The young doctor simply sniffed and didn’t answer the mercs question. Wasn’t her fault he was too dense to remember her telling him before she’d gone to sleep in his bunk that she wanted a place to hide to get a decent nights sleep and a chance to recover from her wounds. Now bloody Reavers were going to ruin it and cause the death of the entire crew.

Oram: Ok, here’s the thing… I'm not going to die via bullet in my damn head. Knowing my luck, you’ll miss and shoot me in the foot and they’ll start nawing on my brains like Zombies from Night of the Living Dead. I don’t know about you, but I've already got a damn headache.

Mobbex: *sarcastic* What’r propose, ask em nice to not eat us?

Oram: No, but I can at least give us an overdose of anaesthetic, we’ll die, but it wont be painful.

*She goes to leave but Mobbex stops her by grabbing her arm roughly*

Mobbex: Captain orders to us to stay on the shuttle.

*Oram rips her arm away from him, giving him a death glare*

Oram: I don’t give a la shi what the captain says! I’m dying like that if given the choice!

*Mobbex only nodds, but doesn’t say anything as she races out of the shuttle and to the infirmary, he sits on the bead heavily and waits for her to return.*


Sunday, September 6, 2009 8:30 PM


The reavers kept pushing and shooting

Wash: Don’t think I can keep this up much longer Captain. You think they might give up?

Colt: No they aint giving up. * Colt thought about just ordering Wash into the cannon blast. It would be better than what would happen when they caught them* Just do what you can.

Wash interrupting: Captain I got another ship on the scope!

Colt *his heart sinking*: More Reavers?

He moved to the screen and looked over the scan.

Wash: Well?

Colt: It’s a freighter! Big one *Colt scanned the distance between them* Their way out but if we can get close maybe the Reavers will take the bigger target..

Wash *shocked*: But won’t they be killed.

Colt: Not likely. It’s a big ship they can out run em. *he spoke loud enough that the folks in the shuttle, as well as Spots and Sky could hear.* We have another ship ahead of us. It’s a freighter. We’re gonna head for it and hope that they decide to take off after the bigger ship. If they don’t take the bait, I want those of you in the shuttle to make a run for that freighter.

Abbey *standing in doorway*: Colt! You can’t do this! What if there are settlers on that ship or if they are unarmed? Your just going to throw them to the wolves?

Colt: I can and if it’s at all possible I will.


Monday, September 14, 2009 3:07 AM


She wasn’t going to die like a still alive piece of meat being torn apart.

With shaking hands, Oram drew the liquid, remembering that Mobbex needed more, but also she didn’t want Abbey to experience a miscarriage before dying herself. She wouldn’t let it happen to another.

Taking a deep breath, she drew the last vial then took another vial of painkillers for herself to ease her fear and stop her goddamn shoulder and back from hurting.

The ship lurched to the side, causing Oram to fall unsteadily, her head slamming onto the cabinet. Stars exploded in her vision and Oram tried everything to keep herself from falling again. The nausea caused her to lose her last merger meal.

Getting up unsteadily and grabbing the vials and needles, Oram cleaned herself up with a rag and made it back towards the shuttle to hear Colt’s call-over of another ship spotted.

Oram: We’re going to hell.

Making her way to Abbey's secured alcohol closest, she looked around for a heavy blunt object before finding a bust of a hand holding a sequence of a straight flush. Breaking off the padlock, she threw both the bust and lock aside and could only stare at awe at the selection before her.

Oram: So, this is where she keeps the good stuff...


Monday, September 21, 2009 7:59 AM



Originally posted by Colt99:
Abbey *standing in doorway*: Colt! You can’t do this! What if there are settlers on that ship or if they are unarmed? Your just going to throw them to the wolves?

Colt: I can and if it’s at all possible I will.

"But there could be children on that ship, Colt," abbey said softly.

"I know that," he said just as soft as he turned his back on her. "But I won't lose another crew to Reavers and I definitely won't lose my own child."

"Colt..." she said as she came up behind him and touched him softly on his arm. "You lost crew to Reavers? When? How? Is that what happened to your last ship?"

"I'm not looking to go down memory lane, abbey. Not now. Not ever," he said firmly and with resolve. "I've made my decision, we're heading for that freighter. If I am lucky, they will be armed."

"But, Colt..."

"Not your call right now, abbey," he said to her, turning around to face her. "And this is all on me. No matter what happens. It won't be your fault, nor any of the others. It is all on me and if we live through this, then I will carry it all."


"But we will still be alive. And our child will come in a couple of months," he said as he laid his hand on her stomach. "For that, I can live with the repercussions."

"Colt..." she started again as he became engrossed with staring her stomach. "What if it doesn't work? What if they don't take the bait?"

"Then I guess we will be the bait so the rest of you can get away," he said sadly. "But it will double the chances of survival for those of you in the shuttle."

"I don't want to leave you!"

"I know," he said smiling. This woman can infuriate him, but she was loyal to the end. "But you can make sure that my legacy lives on. Please? Will you do that for me?"

A tear slid down abbey's face as she nodded just a little. He reached out and pulled her close, planting a tender kiss on her lips, followed by one that was very passionate. His hands ran through her hair as it seemed to last forever. When they parted, he breathed in deeply, trying to memorize the smell of her perfume.

"Now get out of here," he said as he pushed her gently towards the door. She reluctantly turned then started to run for the shuttle. He turned his back again, not wanting so see her retreat. He put on his game face. "How are we doing, Wash?"

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Saturday, September 26, 2009 5:01 PM


Colt was relieved that Abbey had joined the others in the shuttle. She had gone reluctantly once he had brought up the pregnancy. He was going to at least get close enough to the freighter to give them a chance to escape in the shuttle. If his plan worked that wouldn’t ever be necessary. The Reavers would chase the larger ship and they could escape. He thought again about risking the lives of the other crew. He didn’t want to do it but he saw no other way. He had to look after his. That Captain will have to do the same.

He looked over at Wash. The game of cat and mouse and now mouse had Wash, not only trying to keep the Book from being caught, but also move closer to the freighter. The fight had been going on for over 30 minutes. Wash had pulled on a pair of ridiculous flight goggles and was chewing on the tail of one of her plastic dinos. Colt checked the screens again, expecting the freighter to shoot away any second. Someone wasn’t paying attention on the freighter or they would have ran already. That wouldn’t last long. They would trip the freighters collision sensors soon. Then he would either have to run for it or launch the shuttle.

*BOOOOM * The Book shook violently. The boards on the starboard console exploded with sparks and a small fire broke out behind a panel.

Wash: We’re hit

Colt: How bad *grabbing an extinguisher and dousing the fire*

Wash: I think they grazed the hull. I’m showing nominal readings on everything except the scrubbers and they are resetting.

Mobbex on the comm: Captain, Wash, ya’ll still with us?

Colt keying the comm.: Yeah how’s the shuttle?

Colt hears Mobbex ask his question: Abbey says green lights cross the board.

Wash: Captain CAPTAIN!

Colt turned to see a horrified look on Wash’s face. As the reaver ship shot past again.

Wash: I’m losing starboard stabilizing thrust. The blast musta took it out.

Colt: What does that mean? Can we fix it?

Wash:  We’re humped. Can’t fix it without going outside. They’re going to get us.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009 11:36 AM


Ezra - Komar Dock - A Private Docking Area

Rune stood at attention as the latest slave ship landed in his area. He expected this shipment to be Badger's, but instead it was that dude who had been stealing Badger's business from him.

He half chuckled as he adjusted the automatic rifle that he was holding.

The slaves looked normal. Scared, cowering, you know, the usual. He shrugged it off and kept scanning the area for potential trouble. There had been some interlopers quite often lately, always mounting some kind of "rescue" mission to free these people. Stupid rutting idea. They never do succeed and all they do is raise the hopes of the slaves, only to drive them deeper into hopelessness as they are sold. Often at a reduced price. Good for those that want to buy, but very bad to those who are selling. And the guys he worked for were sellers and had basically threatened bodily harm to whoever perpetuated this behavior.

So Rune stood at attention, resolving to himself that he wasn't going to be made an example of.

This shipment was a little different. There were a couple of divisions. Most were regular worker types, but there was another smaller sect of about 20 slaves set off to the side and guarded a little more than the rest. Standing on his tippy toes, he noticed that they were all women and they were all naked.

Sex slaves.

It had been a while since he'd seen a large group of those types. He shrugged and went back to looking around. Some movement towards him caught his attention. This was definitely different. Alliance military types. Six in total.

What are they doing on a slave ship?

They could be looking to bust the entire operation. Not wanting to get bound, killed or blamed for the loss of slaves on this shipment, he gripped his gun a little tighter and stepped forward.

To his surprise, they were greeted by none other than Adlei Niska. He was all smiles and very, very courteous.


They stayed in tight formation as they came closer, walking right by him. Being that close to Niska made him more than nervous; he knew of the man's reputation. But he was most curious as to what the soldiers were protecting.

Standing on his tippy toes again, he looked and saw a girl. Tall, but gaunt and sporting a nice shiner on her right eye. Her shoulder length dark brown hair was mussed, looking like she hadn't combed it in a week. But the thing that struck him as most odd was that she seemed to display no emotions. She blindly followed the soldiers wherever they went, but showed none of the anxiety that every other slave he'd ever seen. He was intrigued.

And why did it take 6 soldiers to accompany a slave so compliant as well as one who didn't look like she could put up any kind of fight at all? She was obviously malnourished. And where did the bruise come from? Was she less compliant before? Maybe she was drugged into compliancy?

Right before they disappeared through the door that led to the VIP docking area, she turned and looked at him, locking eyes for just a few seconds. But in those few seconds, he could have sworn her heard her speak although her mouth didn't move.

It was just one word he heard.


He shook his head after the door closed behind him and went back about his business.

I need some more gorram sleep.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009 6:46 PM



Originally posted by Oram:
Oram: So, this is where she keeps the good stuff...

Mobbex pushed past Oram and used the butt of his gun to forcefully break the lock off abbey's liquor cabinet.

Taking out a bottle of whiskey, he opened the bottle, took a long draw before licking the outside of the bottle from the opening down the neck to chase some wayward spill.

"Wouldn't want to waste any," he said, shrugging. "Seeins' we're probably gonna die."

He held the bottle out to Oram.

"You want some?"


Tuesday, November 10, 2009 5:31 PM


abbey ran towards her shuttle, thinking the whole way.

Colt didn't plan on living. He was going to do everything he could to make sure she, the baby and anyone else on the shuttle got away.

Even if he died in the process. Eaten by Reavers in his last few moments in this verse.

That meant something to her.

But she didn't want to leave him. She had lost too many people in her life already. Losing someone else, someone who would have been pivotal in her life, it made her heart ache.

When she entered her shuttle, she saw that Oram and Mobbex had broken into her liquor cabinet. She would have been angry under different circumstances, but now, she didn't really care. Instead, she grabbed a bottle of d'Orange, opened the cap and drank straight out of the bottle.

Oram looked at her with a "what the Hell are you doing? You're pregnant!" look.

Tears streamed down abbey's face.

"If I am going to lose him, I need something to take the edge off," she said barely above a whisper. "Anyway, the kid can take a couple of glasses. It ain't like we have a good chance of living through this either."

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Friday, November 13, 2009 6:36 PM


Colt: How long?

Wash: This will be over real soon. Five, maybe ten minutes depending on how hard they push.

Colt: Are we close enough to run for the freighter?

Wash checked the screens, looked up at Colt and shook her head: Even at full burn they will get a shot with the grappler. If the keep using the will be over much sooner.

Colt: Wash set up for a full burn. *keying the comm* Ok listen up, Sky you and Spots get up to Abbeys shuttle. Wash will be along directly. Soon as your own board swing out and launch on my signal.

Sky on the comm: Not happening Cap-i-tan. Spots feels the same way. We’re sticking it out.

Wash: I came this far might as well see it through. Besides I don’t have time to pack up my dino’s

Mobbex: We’ll be ready to launch on your word Captain *forgetting to key the mike off* Bunch of moon brains want to die let em. We’re going to hitch with that freighter.

Colt: That’s an order get to the shuttle and get in launch position * Colt paused as a crazy idea entered his head* Forget that order everyone stay put. Wash I’m going to need all ten minutes. * Running to the engine room.


Monday, November 16, 2009 6:33 PM


Brit sat in abbey's shuttle watching Oram, Mobbex and abbey's behavior.

"They are hungry," she stated matter of factly. "They want to eat us... among other things."

"We are very aware of what Reavers will do if they board," abbey said flatly as she took another drink of d'Orange. "Reminding us is not helping the situation."

Brit looked closely at abbey.

"You shouldn't drink that," she told her. "It will only make things worse."

abbey snorted and started the pre-flight check.

Brit walked over to the side of the shuttle as the place shook again from a close shot. She put her hand on the wall and cocked her head.

"They are getting closer," she continued as she started to get agitated. "The things that they are thinking about... hunger... sexual perversity... trophy taking... It's repulsive."

Brit shuddered and sat down on the floor.

"I don't want to get ate," she said, unshed tears in her eyes. "I can see what they will do... what we will endure..."

She started to rap her temples with the heels of both hands.

"I don't want to... I don't want to... It's ugly... I don't want to..."

And she melted down, whispering and rocking herself back and forth.

And no one said anything about her reaction. Grim looks set in instead.






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