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Wednesday, April 30, 2008 5:40 PM


*With one hand wrapped around the mug of hot coffee, Oram maked her way to the infirmary to begin producing the inoculations for the crew when they land on Whitefall. Mobbex’s clueless expression and paling features as he awoke had made her day, and it wasn't even 8:30am. Though she didn’t intend to take the joke too far… she didn’t need to get into another yelling match with the already hair-trigger Merc.
She sat the mug on the counter and busied herself with the medical equipment and serums in the cupboard, measuring the dosage into vials for everybody who’d go into Whitefall*


Wednesday, April 30, 2008 6:31 PM


(Spots siting in the galley with a stack of manuals for an 03 firefly in the middle of one when Brit comes Walking up)

Brit: whatch doin??? **ploping down in a chair**


Brit: what are you reading

Well**looking up from the book** i don't know very thing about this firefly

Sky**walking though the galley headed to the cargo hold** so remind me again why we have you on this boat **spots and sky narrow their eyes at each other till sky is out of the galley***

well im constaly learing

Brit: ooooh ok... **eyes wandering around the room stoping Spots' cast*** OOOOOOO can i sign your cast **producing a black marker**

sure i dont see why not.

(Brit jurks spots' arm and begins to write. when shes finished skips off to the cargo hold)

*Spots reading his cast** mumbling Oi


Thursday, May 1, 2008 3:12 AM


*I walk into Abbey’s shuttle. I see her asleep on the sofa. The place is a neat wreck. She must have fallen asleep trying to get it reorganized. I pick up a few things and set them on a table. *

Abbey: Just so I know, are you going to knock every other time?

*I almost jump out of my skin* I was just…I didn’t know you were…didn’t want to wake you up. * Damn this gal can tongue tie me.*

*She sits up on the sofa. I see the dried tears on her face.* Are you ok?

Abbey: Yes..I’m..I’m fine.

They did a number on your shuttle. Not sure you can restock on Whitefall, kind of backwater moon.

Abbey: I suppose your right. I’ll place some orders when we know our next destination.

*I sit down next to her on the sofa. She raises and eyebrow when I do. I wonder if it’s a mistake. I thought we had a moment before the Alliance busted in, maybe I’m wrong.*

Well set a course for where ever you want so you can resupply.

Abbey: Thank you Captain.

*Captain? Ouch. I scoot away from her on the sofa* I’m sorry...I didn’t mean to crowd you. I guess I’ll be going.

*She laughs softly and takes my hand* Abbey: Gotcha.

*She moves next to me and I put my arm around her. We sit in silence. Her head on my chest, mine on her head. We both fall back to sleep. I don’t hear her murmuring when her nightmares return.*

Wash on the com: Whitefall’s coming up big in the window people. We’ll be on the ground in 20.

*Both of us wake up and immediately split from each other. We fumble for words and in the end both just smile.*

I better go play at being Captain.

Abbey: Yeah I guess you should.

*I leave her shuttle grinning like a jackass eating cactus and head to the bridge.*

Stan: One of his prairie dogs could have outsmarted him.


Thursday, May 1, 2008 3:18 AM


****Hits Comm********

Hey stan lets us work on you landing this bird.

**********starts to do the landing procedures.*********

*****Stan comes running in************

stan: sorry i am late

Wash: Don'tmake a habit of it sit over there I shall correct any mistakes you might make?

I am a leaf on the wind


Thursday, May 1, 2008 4:28 AM


*abbey stands up with a smile on her face after the Captain leaves and looks into the mirror. She looks tired. Her sleep wasn’t restful in any sense of the word. She hasn’t had a nightmares like that for quite some time.*

*Her mind drifts back to falling asleep with the Captain. Waking up with his arms around her was nice. No really nice. It had been awhile since she had let anyone get even that close to her.*

*She is interrupted by a wave coming in, so she goes and answers it. It is a very unconventional request, but she accepts. After the call is done, she decides she might need a bit of help. She freshens up and heads for the galley. She finds Mobbex there laying on the floor. He doesn’t look so good.*

abbey *standing above him*: I guess you had an… interesting night.

*Mobbex pales.*

Mobbex *stammering*: I didn’t touch… I don’t think… *sighs* I don’t know.

abbey *looking at him, slightly amused. She’s never seen the merc so unsettled*: I need you to do something for me.

Mobbex *getting paler*: I was being nice! Er… I think… *starts mumbing to himself* …weird... She weren’t too mad this morning…

abbey *folding her arms in front of her*: Are you drunk?

Mobbex *under his breath*: I wish I was.

*abbey looks at him strangely. What has gotten into him?*

abbey *back to the task at hand*: I need a favor from you. *Mobbex decides to stand up in case he needs to make a quick escape. She continues.* I am scheduled to officiate an… arm wrestling competition later today.

Mobbex *raises an eyebrow at her*: Wha…? *It’s not something he would picture abbey doing.*

abbey: I know, it’s not my forte, but they wanted someone who was impartial to oversee it. *she pauses* The thing is that I don’t know these people. Don’t know if they could get a bit… feisty.

Mobbex: You need a bodyguard?

abbey: Yes. *Mobbex smiles and nods his head.*

Mobbex: Never had the chance to guard someone’s body. *Colt takes that moment to enter the room.*

Colt: Excuse me?

abbey *stomach flipping slightly at his presence, but tries to act normally*: I was asking your man here if he would serve as my bodyguard today. I have a rather… interesting game to attend to today and having him there will make me feel better.

Mobbex *smiles at Colt*: On account of my intimidating nature.

Colt *standing as tall as he can*: You don’t need him. I can be intimidating. *abbey colors slightly at the thought that he’d rather protect her himself*

Mobbex *laughing*: Come on Captain. Intimidating is what you have me for. It’s in my job description.

Colt *protesting*: But I need him for the job.

abbey: This would be afterward.

Colt: I might have more stuff for him to do. Some… important stuff.

abbey: Like what?

Colt *stammers*: Just… stuff.

*abbey rolls her eyes.*

abbey: So he’s available then?

Colt *giving in*: Yes… But I’m not paying him for this.

abbey: Don’t worry. He’ll be compensated.

Mobbex: Comsenpated?

Colt and abbey *in unison*: You’ll be paid.

Mobbex: Shiny!

abbey: Then it’s decided. *turns to Mobbex* I’ll see you around 4:00 planet time today. In the cargo bay?

Mobbex: Be there with bells on. *He takes the chance to leave the room, in case she might go back to questioning him about his... evening last night.*

Colt *looking at her closely*: Are you sure you want him along?

abbey: He is exactly what I need. *Colt looks a little hurt. She revises her statement.* In this particular instance.

Colt *a bit uncomfotable*: Oh… OK.

*He could smell her perfume. It had a soft vanilla scent. Sweet… like her. She steps a bit closer to him.*

abbey: Thank you… For stopping in to see me…

Colt *his heart speeding up a little*: It was nothing. *Suddenly she shrieks and jumps into his arms. He is surprised, but is not complaining. However, she is more concerned with looking intently at the floor though.* Oh… What’s wrong?

abbey: I swear something brushed against my foot. *They both look under the table, but don’t see anything. Colt smiles*

Colt: Sure you were…

*She smacks him lightly.*

abbey: I swear! Something did!


Thursday, May 1, 2008 5:08 AM


*Brit is standing in the cargo bay and turning around, pointing to different places*

There. *points up at the galley*

There. *points at a corner in the cargo bay*

There. *points towards Abbey's shuttle*

There. *points toward the engine room*

There. *points toward the passenger bunks*

*She stops pointing places and looks up toward the ceiling* They'll all scurry about, however. They won't stay there for much longer.

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here!" - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Thursday, May 1, 2008 7:11 AM


Later that day, Mobbex is coming down the stairs to the common area when he catches sight of Oram sitting on one of the pouffes, holding a banjo in her lap as she and Sky are jabbering and tittering about something. He can't help but listen as he walks by them.

Oram: ...Oh, I've had better. 'Was kind of limpy, to be honest...

He feels his blood starting to boil and puts on a quick spurt to get to the cargo bay. Abbey is standing next to the airlock, tapping her foot impatiently.

Abbey: You took your sweet time...

Mobbex: Yeah, 'had to doll m'self up some.

Abbey: *crosses her arms over her chest* Well the game got moved up. You better hope we don't end up being late on account of you needing to powder up...

Mobbex cuts her off with a grunt, then forcefully smacks the the the controls with the palm of his hand. The ramp begins to lower.

Mobbex, as they head out: So what's this about, again? Y' want me to arm-wrestle some guys?

Brit: Steadfast stares and yet he's but a sheep amongst lions. What exactly am I? Oh, wait, that's right... I'm insane...


Thursday, May 1, 2008 2:24 PM


Oram:...Oh, I've had better. 'Was kind of limpy, to be honest...

*Sky gives Oram a strange look as Mobbex passes, his anger obviously boiling up, Oram just smiles*

Sky: What was that about?

Oram: Tactical revenge of a situation.

Sky: *slowly dawning on her* So … he thinks that…

Oram: Yep.

Sky: That’s cold.

Oram: Well, not so much as I was talking about banjo strings and he just happen to pass at the wrong time…

Sky: You did raise your voice at the time he happened to pass.

Oram: Teach the devil not of eavesdrop on conversation then.

Sky: He’ll be mighty sore when he finds out nothing happened and it was all a joke.

Oram: Well, it’ll show him not to be Mr. Grabby with me. Especially when he’s over-tanked on liquor.

*Sky simply rolls her eyes at the Docs misguided logic*


Thursday, May 1, 2008 5:21 PM



Originally posted by Mobbex:
Mobbex, as they head out: So what's this about, again? Y' want me to arm-wrestle some guys?

abbey: No you can’t participate in the tournament.

Mobbex: You don’t think I can take them? *lifts arms up and flexes them*

*abbey rolls her eyes.*

abbey: That’s not the point.

Mobbex: So I have to watch? Can’t I keep an eye on you and arm wrestle at the same time?

abbey *takes a deep breath*: It would be unethical for me to allow you to participate in the games since you are under my employ.

Mobbex: Huh?

abbey: It would be wrong since I pay you. Would look like cheating.

Mobbex: So I gotta just watch?

abbey: That’s the general idea when someone acts as a bodyguard.

Mobbex *leers at her a bit*: So I just have to guard your… body?

abbey: Put your eyes back in your head.

Mobbex *teasing*: Is the Captain gonna be sore cause I’m watchin you? *abbey stops dead in her tracks* He does seem a bit jealous when it comes to you.

abbey: Maybe this was a bad idea.

Mobbex: ‘M just teasin’ abbey. I got the concept of a body guard down. I jus gotta make sure that you don’t get hurt should things go pear shaped.

abbey *in relief*: Good. You were starting to scare me. *she starts walking again then stops again.* He gets jealous?

Mobbex: Who?

abbey *frustrated*: Colt! Er… the Captain.

Mobbex: Hell, yeah!

*abbey smiled a bit. They walked in silence for a few minutes, before abbey asked him a question.*

abbey: Did anything out of the ordinary happen while you were in the galley last night?

Mobbex *stiffens when she mentions it and denies it immediately*: No.

abbey: Nothing at all?

Mobbex: Well… I had a bad night… I was drunk…

abbey: So something could have happened and you just didn’t remember.

Mobbex *uncomfortably*: No. Nothin’ happened. I would have remembered… Wouldn’t I?

abbey: It’s just that when I was up there, I could have sworn something touched me. *Mobbex stops dead in his tracks.*

Mobbex: I don’t know what she told you, but I am definitely sure you weren’t there!

*abbey looks at him like he’s grown a second head.*

abbey: What are you talking about?

Mobbex : Nothing. *He sees the building where they are going up ahead and he quickly changes the subject.* There’s the tavern, let’s go.

*abbey nearly has to run to keep up with him, but they get to the tavern quickly. abbey drops the subject and goes into “gamer mode” when she gets inside. The tavern is square with a long bar that went along the whole left side of the room. It was filled to the brim with people, some already knocking back some drinks. It’s furnishings were simple and made of wood. Two taller, heavy duty tables had been brought in to serve as the podiums for each match. Mobbex takes notice of where each of the exits are.*

abbey: I’m glad I wore something appropriate. I almost wore a skirt.

Mobbex: A skirt? Here? That would’ve been a problem if a fight were to break out.

abbey: You think? I’m not a completely clueless debutante from the core. I do have a brain in my head.

*Mobbex snorts at her. There are three bags sitting along the wall behind the bartender. abbey points at them.*

abbey: If trouble breaks out, one of those bags belong to me.

Mobbex: What’s in it?

abbey *smiling at him*: A third of the proceeds.

Mobbex *grinning*: Well, we wouldn’t want a ruckus to start now would we…

abbey *smacking him slightly on the arm*: No we don’t. And you’ll do nothing to “help things along.” I have the chance of future clients here. This goes well and the owner of this establishment will tell others of his dealings with me. Could have some future bookings out of it.

Mobbex *slightly disappointed*: Oh. You take all the fun away.

The owner sees abbey and Mobbex and walks over to them.

Owner: Welcome! We are honored to have you here.

abbey *shaking his hand*: It is a nice diversion from my regular itinerary. I look forward to the competition.

*The owner hands abbey a page with the rules on it. As he does, he looks suspiciously at Mobbex.*

Owner: Who’s your friend? Is he competing?

abbey: Oh no. This is Mobbex. He’s my assistant. *Mobbex snorts at the title. abbey glares at him.* These rules are pretty much straight forward. Are you ready to start?

Owner: Any time you are.


Thursday, May 1, 2008 5:48 PM


*I meet Sky and Stan coming back for the final load of lumber*

Did you hide it good?

Sky: Bout a mile from the meeting spot

Good job. Not sure how this will play out. Patience might be willing to deal, no problems, might not.

Sky: Tell me again why Mobbex isn’t going?

He’s helping…

Sky: I know what he’s doing I was being sarcastic.

Oh…well don’t be. It’ll be fine.

Sky: You know if you spent less time skirt chasing you might not have so many problems

Skirt chasing? Who Abbey?

Sky: This is no different than that time with that wheel girl you pulled in on the Ezra job. What was her name?

Not sure what your implying Sky. And Jill, that was nothing. Just a little friendly flirting is all.

Sky: And how did that end?

*I swallow hard softly say: Shooting

Sky: That’s right shooting. You can really pick em.

She missed didn’t she? *getting angry*

Sky: Yeah she really cared about you, or she just couldn’t shoot.

Well as soon as Abbey starts shooting, you can say you told me so. Till then, keep your nose out of it and watch my back.

*We don’t speak on the way to the meet. Once we arrive I tell Stan to take the high ground and cover our position. Sky volunteers for the duty. I let her go. *

*Stan trying to easer the tension: So how did you two meet?

Stan: One of his prairie dogs could have outsmarted him.


Friday, May 2, 2008 4:17 AM


capt I shall have the ship on stand by case you guys wil need a quick get away.

***********starts to head back to the ship**********

I shall be in my room if you need me.

I am a leaf on the wind


Friday, May 2, 2008 9:34 AM


(OOC Wash come hang out with us in the chat when you can. )

Stan: One of his prairie dogs could have outsmarted him.


Friday, May 2, 2008 10:30 AM


Colt: "It's a story in itself, I won't lie. You really want to know?"

Stan: " I don't mean to be prying though, if you don't want to tell you don't have to... sir."

*He adds, unspoken and to himself* "Why did he bring me instead of the thug on this job?.... by the shèng mǔ I really hope there isn't any shooting."

*He glances after Sky as she moves away to find a secure position. Thinking again about her friendly advice about keeping to himself. He isn't sure if she was joking or not.*

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Saturday, May 3, 2008 4:15 AM


The owner gives the cue; the crowd of already lightheaded onlookers gathers around a row of rugged men standing against the wall farthest from the door.

Abbey moves in to stand between the two podiums, with Mobbex shadowing her every step of the way.

The mercenary methodically scans the room for potential trouble makers, taking advantage of his towering stature to run his gaze over each and every patron.

One of them walks with a stiffness in his gait that he knows all too well.

Ten to one this joe's got a gat tucked in his underpants... I better mark this one down.

He then shifts his attention toward the contenders.

Hmm... 'one with the eyepatch is a player.

The owner climbs on the counter, a megaphone in hand.

Owner: All right, gentlemen, this ain't none of you's first time in here, y'all know the rules. We won't tolerate for any unpleasantness to go down within these walls. You got a problem with a decision, you go settle it outside with the people concerned. Now, as some of you've no doubt noticed, we got ourselves a foreign umpire this time 'round...

The owner gestures a hand toward Abbey, goatish utterances and appreciative whistles ensue.

Owner: ...before you get your blood all flowin', know that this lady here is a registered gamer, and hence is to be treated with the utmost courtesy.

The agitation dies out without further ado.

Owner: Now, if you'd all place your bets and have a seat, we can get started with our first matchup o' the day!

The crowd cheers in feverish excitement.

Owner: Contestants, step forward, if you'd be so kind.

The one with the eyepatch distances himself from the group, promptly followed by a rather stocky man in a farmer's outfit.

Owner: Ladies and gents, in one end, I give you... Barry Schoonhoven!

The attendance explodes in a deafening roar of support as a handful of spectators even begin to chant "Deadeye! Deadeye! Deadeye!" in approximate unison.

Owner: In the other end, y'all raise the roof for Reginald Bigalow!

The audience's response is unmistakably more mitigated this time around.

The crowd splits to make a passageway for the two men to walk up to the podiums. They sit across from each other and lock their hands together while Abbey closes in to oversee the bout.

Abbey: Gentlemen, on three... one, two, THREE!

It is obvious from the get-go that the two foes are far from evenly matched. Bigalow is wincing and struggling to keep his wrist straight. Then, in an impressive display of technique and explosive strength, "Deadeye" Barry turns his wrist into a hooked grip and rams his fellow contestant's hand into the table.

Mobbex arches his eyebrows as the crowd bursts into cheers.

Yup... this one's gonna go a long way.

Brit: Steadfast stares and yet he's but a sheep amongst lions. What exactly am I? Oh, wait, that's right... I'm insane...


Saturday, May 3, 2008 8:35 AM


*abbey looks around at the crowd. They are a very rough bunch. Some are a bit drunk already. She is a bit nervous. The owner announces her as the judge and the response from the crowd is a mixture of leering, whistling and cat calls. abbey stiffens a little. Then the owner also states that she is a Registered Gamer and their behavior dissipates.*

*She looks over her shoulder and finds Mobbex not two feet from her, scanning the crowd with a serious and intimidating look on his face. She smiles a bit.*

abbey *to herself*: This was a good idea. I’m glad he’s in my corner.


Sunday, May 4, 2008 7:02 AM


Surely enough, a little over an hour later "Dead Eye" Barry has made it all the way to the semi-finals. His upcoming opponent is a strapping young man from a nearby township who has enjoyed a remarkable run up to this point. Deadeye runs his gaze up and down his fresh faced rival, then flashes the crowd a boastful grin before plumping himself onto one of the seats.

Deadeye: What's the matter kid, havin' second thoughts? You're not gonna chicken out on me, are ya? Can't say I'd blame ya, though...

Mobbex frowns.

'Guy sure likes to run his mouth... he thinks to himself.

The young man tenses up and takes a seat.

Bradley: Name's Bradley, not kid, and I don't bow down to the likes of you. *extends his right arm into position*

Deadeye smirks and firmly takes hold of the younger man's hand.

Abbey: Gentlemen, on three. One... two... THREE!

It turns into one of the longest and hardest fought battles of the day, as both men pull out all the stops to come out on top. The place is suddenly plunged into a restless silence. Even the most vociferous customers are down to bitting their nails in frantic expectancy.

Mobbex steps a few paces toward Abbey and leans his head down to her ear.

Mobbex, whispering: Well that's sort of epic, ain't it?

Abbey has to pinch herself to hold back a giggle.

About a minute in, the two men are moaning and wincing under the strain, but are still neck-and-neck. Deadeye is the first to show signs of wear as the match gradually begins to tilt in Bradley's favor. Then, when he's is on the verge of getting pinned, Deadeye abruptly loosens his grip, causing his hand to slip.

Deadeye: Aw... my mistake, I slipped. Too bad ain't it? You wanna rest a bit 'fore we go again?

Bradley just glowers at him, then shakes his head in utter disgust.

Deadeye: *turns to Abbey* Gimme, say, five... no, ten minutes...

Abbey: You slipped while in a definite losing position, I can't allow a rematch. The bout goes to Bradley. *the young man's face lights up like a christmas tree*

Dead eye literally jumps out of his seat and gets right into Abbey's face.

Deadeye: What!? What kind of a half ass rule is that?

Abbey, with ice in her voice: Those are the rules I was given. If you won't abide by them, say it now. I'll have my security advisor escort you outside.

Deadeye: *backs off and shoots the owner a fierce look* See what happens when you bring in foreigners? They screw things dead in the ground! You're gonna hear about this, I'll see to it!

Owner: *reaches for something under the counter* Watch it, Barry!

Deadeye: *shifts his gaze back to Abbey* And you! Who'd you think you are to come in here'n just... *struggles with his speech for an instant* ...change our ways on a whim!

A concert of approval echoes across the room as at least half of the patrons hurriedly move in to round up behind him.

Bradley: Back off, Deadeye! You're just stirrin' up trouble 'cause you lost, and you can't stomach it! *the remaining patrons gather around him as he speaks*

Deadeye: Say that to my face!

Abbey, between clenched teeth: Oh, go'se...

She takes a brief look at Mobbex; The mercenary looks... dispassionate.

It's not much longer before tempers start to flare up. As one might have expected, Deadeye is the first one to lose it. He pounces on Bradley and pins him to the ground. Abbey can only watch as the young man gets pummeled into oblivion. The scuffle soon degenerates into a full blown brawl.

Abbey gets shoved to the ground as a man jumps her from behind. She brings her heel up and nails him between the legs. He instantly releases his hold and hunches up on the ground, whimpering in pain. Abbey gets to her feet and wipes the dust off of her button-up shirt.

Deadeye throws one last punch at Bradley before standing up, his clenched hands drenched in blood. He then fixes his gaze upon Abbey, and the feral glitter in his eyes sends shivers up her spine. She scouts around for for Mobbex.

Where's that cheong bao ho tze merc!?

She spots him leaning against a table, looking altogether unconcerned with the pandemonium.

Deadeye takes a step toward her, eyeing her lecherously.

She backpedals, all the while looking daggers at Mobbex.

Mobbex, upon noticing her staring at him: Huh?

Abbey, her face livid: DO SOMETHING!

Mobbex smacks himself on the the forehead and snaps out of his apathy. He strides up to Deadeye and taps him on the shoulder. Deadeye swings around on the double, looking anxious to engage in fisticuffs. Mobbex lifts him by his waist buckle, holds him high above his head, and slams him into the nearest table, shattering it to pieces. Deadeye is well and truly floored.

Abbey looks slightly taken aback.

Mobbex: *furrows his brow* What?

Abbey: Not... just... get me out of here.

Mobbex: *nods toward the counter* Wan' me to grab the loot first?

Before she can put together an answer, a pair of patrons come up to them brandishing broken table legs. One of them waves his impromptu weapon at Mobbex. The mercenary snatches it mid swing, yanks it out of the other man's grip and darts him in the stomach with it before knocking him senseless with a wallop to the side of the head.

The other one sets his eyes on Abbey and takes a swing at her. She dives to the ground to avoid the blow before grabbing a nearby stool and bashing her assailant squarely in the midsection, causing him to bend over in pain. Abbey rises to her feet and uses her boot to shove the man backward onto the floor. She then two-hands the stool and starts pounding him into submission. 

Mobbex gapes at her, dumbfounded by her conduct.

Abbey lets go of the stool and brings her hand up to brush an unruly lock of hair behind her ear.

Abbey, panting a little: What?

Mobbex: Nothin'... just, huh, you okay?

Abbey: *nods* Yeah, let's just... get out of here.

Brit: Steadfast stares and yet he's but a sheep amongst lions. What exactly am I? Oh, wait, that's right... I'm insane...


Sunday, May 4, 2008 11:02 AM


abbey stomps quickly and silently back to the ship with Mobbex trailing behind her.

Mobbex *to himself*: She’s gonna yell at me again…

*When they get to the ship she sits down on a crate, looking outside. Mobbex sits down next to her and waits. He hopes that she will give him his wage without any backlash. He is expecting her to start scolding him any moment, but is shocked when she starts giggling instead.*

abbey: Did you see look on Deadeye's face when you lifted him up and dumped him onto that table?"

Mobbex *starting to laugh too*: I didn’t know they had a class in gamer school on the many uses of bar stools.

abbey *laughing some more*: Oh! *wiping a tear of laughter from her eye* I haven’t done that in a long time!

Mobbex *turning to look at her*: Done what?

abbey: Been in a bar fight. It was kinda… fun. Helps with all the stress…

Mobbex *dumbstruck*: You- You’ve been in a bar fight? Would’ve paid to see that.

abbey: It wasn’t the most shining moment of my life.

Mobbex: Wonder how the boss is going to react when he finds out about the fight.

abbey: Why should he care?

*Mobbex shoots her a ‘You-can’t-be-that-oblivious’ look. abbey smiles slightly at the thought that Colt could be concerned.*

*abbey pulls out the bag they got from behind the bar and rummages around in it before handing him a tiny sum*

Mobbex *leering at her a bit*: Hey! I’ll guard your body any time.

*abbey rolls her eyes.*

abbey: I docked you for being a little slow on the uptake. I shouldn’t have to remind you to do your job.

Mobbex: But you said you had fun!

abbey *standing up and turning towards the inside of the ship*: Not the point. *She turns to Mobbex with a serious look on her face.* And if you tell anyone about my bar brawling past, I’ll hurt you. *She left, returning to her shuttle.*

Mobbex *laughing*: She’ll hurt me…

*He stays on his crate counting his coin, waiting for the others to come back.*


Monday, May 5, 2008 3:25 AM


*Oram is dressed in her crème moleskins, with a light blue button-down collar shirt, and her long duster completes the outfit. However, her appearance is slightly ruined by her scuffed riding boots that she seems to always wear. She’s braided her hair, and it's obvious she’s heading out, alone it seems, until she spots Mobbex sitting on a crate with some coin*

Oram: The nearest pub from here is a 30 minute walk.

Mobbex: I’ve just came back from a bar… with Abbey.

*Oram dismisses this sentence with a wave of her hand*

Oram: That was work, this is a debt I owe… well… half-kinder… Look do you want free booze and food or not?

*Mobbex just bluntly try’s to avoid looking at her, and does so by playing with his coins. She watches him for a few more seconds before shrugging and heading for the ships exit*

Oram: Well, if I'm not back in 3hrs just know that Abbey and Colt will both kill you for letting poor little ‘ol me go off into the big bad world with out their hired muscle to keep the bad men away.

*And with that she disappears into the dark. Mobbex watches her leave, then waits for a few moments before grumbling to himself and following the short doctor from a distance.*


Monday, May 5, 2008 3:21 PM


****Walks into the local General Store picks up some fabric . A Trapper walks in holding something

Trapper : I need some help, I dhot this poor animals mother and I need some one to take care of it .

*********walks up to the trapper ( well I did see some huge rats on the book) **********

WASH : Can I see it?

Trapper: sure thing miss

**********pulls back the blanket and sees a cute 8 week ols female bob cat kiten***********

WASH :I will take her . (take the kitten from the trapper)

***Trapper leaves the store***

****WASH finishs her shopping picking up some stuff for the kitten*********

WASH : Well little one we are going to give you a new home .

*********Wash starts heading back to the ship with a couple suprises for the crew***********

Wash : hey spots I am going to go to my room for a bit before we leave ok?

SPOTS : Not a prob Mobbex and abbey just got Back.

******starts giggling and walks towards the bridge . sets up them litter box and the food and water dish. Takes out the kitten( Bob Cat) Lays her still sleeping on the Bridge*********

WASH : okay little one Protect us good we are your family now little one

****climbs back up the stairs heads to the bridge and sets up the other Suprise as SPOT hits the comm******

SPOTS : Wash come the the cargo bay. Wanna play b-ball?

WASH : Gotcha Spots

***************Heads to the cargo bay with the Bob cat in her arms**********************

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Monday, May 5, 2008 7:11 PM


*I watch Sky head up into the hills nearby. Not sure why she keeps riding me. Maybe I made a mistake asking her here…..No she would be dead if she kept working for him. I know that. Just wish she would see that. Stan asks how we met. *

It was after the war.

Stan: I thought you might have served together.

No. Like most Browncoats after the war, work was hard to find. After a while a lot of em turned to crime. Those that were good at it prospered them that didn’t, ended up in an Alliance prison.

Stan: I guess you were one of the good ones?

Thought I was one of the best, till I ran into Sky.

*Six years ago*

*I move the shuttle into a landing sequence on Bellerophon Estates. A rather large high rise is in the window of the floating island.*

*The com squawks in my ear.* Landing sequence aborted. You will have to swing around to north side landing pad.

*Damn* Check again ground control. My authorization is for south side. I have important business and can not be diverted.

Ground Controller: I’m sorry sir but the pad is occupied. It must have landed on the other shift. You’ll have to divert.

*Putting on my assertive voice* I have my authorization and I will put down on that pad. So you either move that piece of gos se or I’m coming down on top of it.

*I hover a few minutes as they remove the other shuttle*

*Once on the ground I flash my fake ID to get into the building then quickly duck into the service access tunnel. I work my way up to the thirtieth floor. Then carefully remove the exterior window. Every level above this one is alarmed. I rig my harness and begin the climb the building. It’s night. Most of the building is empty. Only security and the tenants that live on the upper floors remain. Just so happens, the tenant I’m planning on visiting tonight is on Osiris this week.*

*Cass Billings manufactured weapons during the war. Now he is a Parliament advisor. And he is a bit of the jewel collector. Tonight I’m going to relive him of enough of those stones to retire. *

*Critter Jones is my fence. He also was the one that brought this opportunity to me. Even after I cut him in I’ll have enough to buy one of these floating islands for myself. *

*I reach the thirty fourth floor and rig a Brocks timer to the alarm relay. I cut a small entry hole into the window and I’m in.*

*I’m moving quick and quite to the safe. I’m just about to fire up my decoder when I see my silhouette on the safe. I raise my hands slowly and turn, expecting to see a security guard. Instead I see Sky*

Who the are you * In unison*

*Before either of us can answer the alarm goes off. The lights turn on and I see her all deck out. She must have 30000 credits of tech gear strapped on to her. She heads for the safe as I head for the door as we’re passing each other I grab her arm.*

It’s too late. Leave it.

*She reluctantly follows. We flank each side of the door just as it opens. Sky trips the first guy through and I push the door back hard into the second guard. Seconds later, their out cold. I grab an antique looking box and Sky grabs a briefcase. Hell we might as well take something. In the hall way I pull a map of the building schematics from my coat and press it against the wall. *

Sky: Isn’t that clever.

I like to be prepared.

*She pulls out a holo disk and a 3-D image of the building rises in front of us. She shoots me a cocky look. * Sky: So do I.

*We split up each finding our way out of the building. I get to the shuttle in time to see it rising off the pad. *

Son of Bitch.

*With security closing in I swipe another shuttle and head off into the night. *

Four hours later I’m slip into Critter’s office only to find Sky is there ahead of me.

Who the are you? *In unison again*

Lady you just up a sweet deal.

Sky: I up. You triggered the alarm.

Like hell I did.

The sirens tip us off that the Feds are coming. We’re out the back door and into a field before they can grab us, but they have the local militia start a search of the area. We scoot up a big tree and glare at each other.

What were you doing at Critters? *whispering*

Sky: I was…wait you know Critter?

He hired me for the job.

Sky: He hired me too.


Sky: Why would he send us both?

Maybe he knew you would screw it up, so he wanted me to get there first.

Sky: More like the other way round seeing how you work.

I hold my finger to my lips: Shhhh

*The patrol passes under us.*

Sky: What’d ya get? *pointing to my box*

*I open the box and see two bottles of liquor. I hand one to Sky.*


*She opens the case. There is a small amount of cash and some files. She counts out half the cash and hands it over. We crack open out bottles and start to drink. Swapping stories and boasting about jobs. By morning were both so drunk it’s all we can do to stay in the tree. The feds have moved on and the militia has gone back to their homes.*

*Talking to Stan*

After that we partnered up. We worked together for the next few years. We would get sick of each other. Part ways for a while, but she’s always been there for me.

*I look back into the hills where Sky is*

And… guess I’ll always be here for her. Patience won’t be along for bit. Why don’t you head on up there and tell Sky I need my goram 1st mate down here with me on this deal.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008 4:22 AM


Abbey is feeling happy. The fight at the bar before had actually lightened her mood and worked out some of the stress that had been plaguing her lately. She didn’t want to make it a habit, but it really worked.

She looks around her room and sees that she still has a bit of a mess to clean up. She does it, humming contently as she goes. She makes a list of the items she needs to buy to replace or restock. She makes a mental note to ask the Captain where the next stop might be some she can place an order. When she is done cleaning, she steps out onto the catwalk and looks down. Spots and Wash are enjoying a game of b-ball down in the cargo bay.

Abbey *to herself*: A good work out… What a great idea!

She heads back into her shuttle, changes into a pair of black shorts, a tank shirt and running shoes. She stretches, exits her shuttle and starts her workout. She jogs across the top catwalk to the far side of the bay, down all the stairs, across the bottom catwalk (doesn’t go on cargo bay floor – she doesn’t want to disrupt the game) and back up the stairs to where she started. She keeps doing this, making laps. The burn in her legs and arms feels good and her mind wanders…


Originally posted by abbeygirl:
Mobbex: Wonder how the boss is going to react when he finds out about the fight.

abbey: Why should he care?

*Mobbex shoots her a ‘You-can’t-be-that-oblivious’ look. abbey smiles slightly at the thought that Colt could be concerned.*

Colt. Would he really be concerned?

He is the most infuriating man. They fight way too much. They have from just about he time she came on board. He was quite annoying at the beginning, but as time went on, the fighting was almost… fun. Abbey shakes her head a bit. She decides she must be crazy.

That’s all they did was fight. Knock down, drag out fights. She was surprised that they hadn’t actually come to blows. Well, he did forcefully carry her kicking and wheezing to the infirmary. But when did it change?

She searched her mind before it comes to her. The kidnapping. That’s when it changed. The night they fell asleep at the whore house. She had actually slept better that night than she had in years. She had felt… safe. And then there was the night by the abandoned well. He was so thoughtful. He was just wonderful. It was because of him that Oram wasn’t making funeral arrangements.

Then his behavior had changed. He became so insulting, thinking that she’d do things that she would never do, but the attitude behind them was different. Could Grayson had been right? That Colt was… he was… jealous?

Then he kissed her. The first time was an accident – or was it? But it was nice. It was guarded, but really nice. It was really uncomfortable afterwards, not knowing how to act. She wonders if he felt that way too.

Then they had kissed again. That too was guarded at first, but then it wasn’t. It was more. There was depth there. Was she imagining it? It had been a long time since she had felt that way. A long time.

But he had made a point to tell her that those kisses were not an accident. Where is this going?

She keeps running and keeps thinking about him.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008 5:00 AM


(I've magically appeared! Yay, random post...)

*Brit sees Wash bring a kitten on board and then leave it in a small box when she goes to play b-ball with Spots. Her eyes focus on it as the kitten's do the same*

Don't look at me like that.

*The kitten continues to stare. Brit seems to become irritated*

Are you here to catch those inferior rodents? I really don't think that's a good idea. If they can eat humans they can eat kittens too.

*She picks up the kitten and holds it*

Don't worry, little one. I will protect you.

*Brit strokes the kitten as she sits on the floor peacefully*

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here!" - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Tuesday, May 6, 2008 5:07 AM



Originally posted by Oram:
Well, if I'm not back in 3hrs just know that Abbey and Colt will both kill you for letting poor little ‘ol me go off into the big bad world with out their hired muscle to keep the bad men away.

Mobbex purposely avoids eye contact as she speaks, and scowls at her back when she steps away.

Colt and Abbey can kiss my...

Then, as she is withdrawing from sight...

Mobbex: Aw, hell... *picks himself up and starts walking behind her*

His lengthy stride enables him to catch up to the diminutive doctor in less than a minute.

Oram: *turns to him as he closes in, a sneering smile on her face* Change of heart?

Mobbex, with a distinct stiffness in his speech: 'Crossed my mind that I could use a drink is all.

'Girl's a honkin' burr under my saddle, but she's still the doc. 'Better off with a catty of a doc about than no doc at all.

Brit: Steadfast stares and yet he's but a sheep amongst lions. What exactly am I? Oh, wait, that's right... I'm insane...


Tuesday, May 6, 2008 5:23 AM


**huffing and puffing**
Well Wash that game is a lot easer with out the broken arm **taping his cast**

Wash: well you still play a good game

yeah but Oram will kill me... you have a name for the cat yet?


Tuesday, May 6, 2008 10:28 AM


No I Figured I would let brit name it she seemed to get along with her and the bob cat seems happy with her.

****stands up all sweaty and breathing hard*********

Just wait till the capt see her. lol

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008 7:52 PM


*Stan listens to Colt's story. Very interested in such an anecdotal, exciting tale of misadventure. After Colt finishes and asks him to relieve Sky he nods quickly and without a word heads up to relay the captains message to his first mate. As he walks among the short scrub trees and dry brush he thinks over his own situation here, with this crew, playing at crime and business.*

Stan: "I wonder what my folks would think of me now? Working with criminals? ..they don't seem like bad people.. for the most part. At least I'm doing honest work... if you can call aiding criminals honest."

*He walks for a couple minutes. Heading in the direction Sky had gone. Figuring it more likely she'll see him before he could ever find her. After a minute or more he begins to wonder if she just let him walk on past her, or if he went in the wrong direction from the get go.*

Stan: "My life as a criminal may very well be a short one... where is she?"

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Wednesday, May 7, 2008 7:13 AM


After she finishes her workout, she cleans up. She styles her hair long and straight and expertly applies her make-up. She dons a pair a red pants and a white shirt. She looks at it in the mirror and decides against it. Next, she tries a form fitting purple dress. Too dressy. She casts it aside. Lastly she decides on a simple, short black suede skirt with a ruffle trimmed burgundy sweater. She finishes it off with mid-calf, heeled black boots. She looks in the mirror and feels confident.

Abbey *to herself*: I wonder if Colt would like this outfit?

Abbey feels silly. Why is she worrying? It’s not like they have even gone on a date. It was just kissing. She smiles. It was good kissing. She decides that one of these days she will ask him what was going on… Or maybe she should wait?

She puts the thought out of her mind and wanders off to the galley for a snack, grabbing some tea and a book as she goes.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008 10:42 AM


*Not a half second after Stan ponders his fate he hears a snap behind him and to the left. Shortly followed by a voice.*

Sky: "Stan? What, did the captain think I couldn't do this by myself?"

*Stan starts suddenly the turns around.*

Stan: "What? No he just told me he wanted you down there with him for the deal. Trusts you more than me for this sort of thing, ofcourse."

Sky: "Hah, yeah well you don't know how well we really do work together."

Stan: "You mean the Bellerophon job?"

Sky: "You know about that?"

Stan: "Colt just told me the story."

Sky: "Yeah I bet he did, his side anyway."

Stan: "He said he wants you down there with him before Patience gets here. Tell me your side sometime if you like."

*Sky passes him without another word. Stan heads over to the ridge line where he assumes she was watching from and kneels down behind a boulder to watch the deal.*

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Wednesday, May 7, 2008 1:11 PM


*Sky still looks pissed when she arrives.*

You keep scowling like that your gonna scare off our customer.

*She ignores me. I know what she wants. Guess I should give it to her*

I'm sorry. I know what you’re making it sound like you’re looking after you but we both know your looking after me. And...that’s why I need you here. I didn't invite you, just because you were working for Mallory. You the closest thing to family I got Sky. I thought about asking you when I had the other boat, but I was still pissed at you and wouldn't swallow my pride. When I got this second chance I didn’t want to make the same mistake.

*She kicks the dirt in front of her still trying to be mad at me.*

Sky: So you going to listen to me about this Abbey business?

Prob'ly not. *smiling*

Sky: Didn’t think so.

That a deal breaker?

Sky: I tried to warn you. Now I can watch twist in the wind with a clear conscience. *She smiles back*

*We hear the sound of heavy haulers coming our direction. It's Patience. Three big haulers pull up and 20 men crawl out and form up around her.*

Sky: You’re wrong about this plan of yours, we won’t have to worry about it.

Patience: Captain Colt *looking at the load on the mule* That sure don't look like all my lumber.

Its close by. You got my money.

*She tosses me a bag of coin. I fling it Sky to count, watching Patience the whole time. Her man comes over and inspects the load. He nods and moves back *

Sky: All here. *tossing the bag back*

Patience: Well if you'll tell me the location, Captain, I guess we're done here.

Well not quite. I've heard rumors bout some dealing with you that went bad. So here is how this is going to go down. You’re going to send 2 of these haulers and most of these men north of here. You can radio them the position once were gone. You do that and my sniper will keep his gun trained right on your head until we're well clear of here.

Patience: You mean that sniper?

*I turn to see Stan being lead in at gun point.*

Patience: Captain Colt, I've dealt with some real peckerwoods in my time, but you just moved to the top of the list. This is my moon boy. I make the rules.

*Sky give me her "Your a jackass" look.*

*I raise my hands slowly over my head and trigger the detonator in my hand. The explosion goes off near one of the haulers. Everyone dives for cover except Sky and I. When Patience looks up she sees me over her, pistol trained at her head and second det trigger in my hand.*

This is disappointing. I'd hoped we could do business again. That was just the diversion trigger. This one is rigged to my mule, your load and two more charges planted right under your men. Now this is your moon and you make the rules. So do I blow us all to hell or are you going to take your lumber and let us be on our way.

*She looks like she’s considering the blow us all to hell option but she says we can go. We load a shaken Stan into the mule and watch as her men unload the mule.*

*Once in the mule I look to Sky: Told you it would work.

*I toss the trigger into the back of the mule. Stan closes his eyes as it hits the floor right on the trigger*

Stan *Shocked*: You were bluffing?

Course. Explosives are expensive. Can’t afford that.

*Stan lets out a sigh and slides down in his seat*

*We arrive back at the Book and stow the Mule. Sky and I are heading through the galley laughing*

Did you see the look on his face?

Sky: Yeah I thought he was going to jump out of the mule.

Looked like he was about...*I come to a dead stop as I see Abbey sitting at the table. She looks amazing.*

Sky *Patting me on the shoulder* I'll go tell Wash to prep the ship.

* To Abbey: Hi. You look a...I made tea?


Wednesday, May 7, 2008 1:28 PM


*abbey sits in the galley’s common seating area reading her book. She sips the tea she has made herself. She looks up briefly to see Colt and Sky come into the room laughing a bit about their caper. She tunes out their conversation and continues thinking. She wonders if he has the same questions about their strange relationship? Or whether he has regretting their last kiss.*

Colt: Hi. You look a...I made tea. *He nervously gets a cup and pours himself some*

abbey *brought out of her thoughts*: Hmm?

Colt: Did you make this?

abbey: Yes. I just got it recently. Hadn’t tried it yet. I like it.

Colt *tastes some of the tea*: Me too. I’m not a huge tea drinker, but this is good.

abbey: It’s a special blend. *she concentrates on her book again as he comes over.*

Colt: Got something on your mind?

abbey: Hmm?

Colt *looking at her suspiciously and he walks even closer to her*: You have something on your mind? Something you’d like to talk about?

abbey: No. Why do you ask?

Colt *reaching down and taking the book from her. He turns it over*: Your book is upside down.

abbey colors in embarrassment. She stands up quickly and finds herself not more than a foot apart from him. She takes the book out of his hand.

abbey: I’m… just… um… tired. I’m tired.

Colt: Are you sure. You feeling OK? *He reaches up and feels her forehead. Her stomach flip-flops. She decides it is now or never.*

abbey *tentatively, looks at the floor*: I have something to ask you, Captain…

Colt: Ask away. *abbey looks around to see if anyone is nearby. Colt smiles slightly.* Should I be nervous?

abbey *getting more nervous by the second*: Ummm… I wanted… to know… *she stops* Never mind. It’s silly.

*Colt looks at her, becoming more puzzled by the moment.*

Colt: It’s obviously weighing on your mind. Just come out with it.

abbey: Well, the other… day. In my… shuttle…*Colt has a will-you-get-to-the-point look on his face. She looks up into his eyes.* Aw, Hell!

abbey drops the book onto the floor, reaches her arms up around his neck and plants a lingering kiss on him. He is surprised at first and doesn’t react. She takes a step back, obviously embarrassed.

abbey *eyes dropping to the floor*: Oh… Well… Sorry…

*She starts to move away from him, but his hand reaches out and wraps around her waist. He pulls her close to him and kisses her back. Her arms return to their grip round his neck and their kisses deepen.*

*Suddenly they hear someone starting to come down from the bridge. Before they arrive, abbey pulls back and looks at Colt. She motions at his face.*

abbey: Lipstick.

*She bolts down a different hallway before anyone sees her. Colt just stands there for a split second before her comment registers and then quickly wipes her lipstick from his mouth.*


Wednesday, May 7, 2008 8:00 PM


*Both Oram and Mobbex walk in silence, the Merc keeping his distance from the Doc in an attempt to appear that he’s not with her. Oram attempts a few times to engage him in conversation, but he merely shrugs or makes on worded answers. This begins to frustrate her as she likes conversation while walking… turns out she won’t get another word from Mobbex, which she just shrugs decides two can play at this game. After another 15 minutes of uncomfortable silence, they reach the town and walk down the main street to the Pub. They walk into the bar and find it’s relatively quiet, a few burley men in one corner who ignore them outright while a few curious people look towards the stark size difference. Oram ignores this and heads for the bar, giving a winning smile towards the barkeeper*

Oram: So, do you serve food along with the moonshine or just plain gutrot?

*The Barkeeper just glances from Oram to the sour looking Mobbex*

Barkeeper: We don’t do romantic dinners.

Oram: Wasn’t after romantic, just food… preferably dead and cooked. And booze also… lots and lots of booze.

*Mobbex lifts an eyebrow at her back at the insistence of lots of booze.*

Mobbex: 'You positive 'bout that?

Oram: *turns to Mobbex* Hi. You’re talking to me now?

*Mobbex just shrugs*

*Both order what they want, along with their drinks, Mobbex goes to pay for his meal, but Oram cuts in front and pays for the both of them. Mobbex gawks at her, looking torn between his greedy instincts and his need to cater to his sore manliness.*

Mobbex: *finally gets his wits about him* What the hell're y' playin' at?

Oram: *raises her eyebrows somewhat* Nothing. Remember? Debt to be payed?

Girl's shoppin' for a smack on the puss! he thinks to himself.

*She turns from him and heads for a table away from the crowd, Mobbex follows until he realises it has only 2 seats. He grinds his teeth and mumbles something under his breath that Oram can't hear, but is sure it’s vile. She isn’t honestly trying to push his buttons, he seems to be doing it himself. After a while, Mobbex has finished his drink and without a word goes to the bar to get himself another drink. After a few moments, a chair moves across from Oram and she sighs, calling it a truce before it gets to out of hand.*

Oram: Mobbex, listen, I was only pulling a joke at your expanse. I never slept with you and nothing happened… apart from you grabbing me on the arse... which I will rub into your face continually unless you give the ‘cold shoulder act’ up.

Mans voice: Well, I can see why, seeming that you're such a tián pigu li shǔ.

*Oram freezes as she instantly knows it’s not Mobbex's voice, she takes a glance up and sees it's one of the large men from the corner*

Oram: Oh… I am so not your sweet-assed bunny…

*Something flickers on his face and Oram knows she's in deep trouble*

Man: See, missy, when a gentleman compliments a lady, they expect a thankyou.

Oram: *flatly* Unless the person insulted them first.

*The table is surrounded by two or more blokes now and Mobbex is still at the bar apparently talking to a local about Buddha knows what. There is only one exit, and possible another that she can’t see. She stands and grabs her bottle of nearly empty beer, she goes to make her way towards the bar and tell Mobbex they should leave when the main speaker gabs her arm roughly and tightly*

Man: I didn’t say you could leave, did I?

*Without thinking, Oram takes the bottle and smashes it across his face, he howls in pain and rage. One of his lackeys punches her hard in the face before grabbing her hair and dragging her towards the pubs exit*

Oram: *terrified* Wo de tian a… MOB--

Lackey: Shut up, you little bitch!

*He shoves his hand over Oram’s mouth before she can get Mobbex's names out fully, he then picks her up and continues towards the exit, with Oram fighting as best as she can*


Wednesday, May 7, 2008 9:06 PM


* I wipe the lipstick from my lips and watch Abbey streak down the hall*


* Sky walks in and asks about something. I can hear her talking but focusing on what’s she’s saying just aint happening.*

Sky: COLT!

* That shakes me out of it but only for a second*

Sky: Where are we heading?

I...I..Abbey. I told Abbey she could resupply.

Sky: And she said?

*Enthusiastically* I can go ask her.

*For the second time today she gives me her "your a jackass" look and shakes her head.*

* I knock on Abbeys door. She comes to the door and blushes a little when she sees it me. She turns to hide it. I grab her arm gently and pull her to me.
Well... it might complicate things.

Abbey: Yes it will.

*We lay there for a full minute. Each of us thinking about the consequences. *

I kinda like complicated.

Abbey: Me too.

* I lean over her and kiss her . Things are heating up quick when I look up and see the biggest goram rat I ever saw in my life. I grab Abbey and roll off the bed. We crash to the ground, her on top of me.*

Abbey: What are you doing?

Rat...big rat...looked like a gopher.

*she scrambles off of me and looks around the room*

Abbey: I don’t see anything.

It was right there *pointing at the headboard* big sucker.

* Abbey looks at me. Her look surprises me*

Abbey: Jesus Colt, if you changed you mind just say so. I'm a big girl. You don’t have to make anything up.

I aint. There was a gopher...I mean a rat. It was.....watching us.

Abbey: Just get out.

No no wait. No mind changing *she’s pushing me to the door* There was a rat.

Abbey: Out

*The door slams shut behind me.*

That could a gone better.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008 9:53 PM


*abbey stands staring at the door, fuming.*

abbey *to herself*: How dare he? Changes his mind? Nearly broke my arm jumping off the bed. A Rat? What’s with that??? Exactly what is his problem???

abbey decides she needs a drink and turns around. Sitting there in front of the broken refrigerator is the critter in question. abbey screams and runs out of her shuttle, closing the door quickly behind her.

She runs into Colt, who is still standing there, grinning at her. She hides behind him, placing him between her and the door.

Colt: I tried to tell you.

abbey *flustered*: Where in the rutting Hell did that come from and how long has it been in there?

Colt: Must have wandered in during one of your recent games. Had the door open any?

abbey: Didn’t think for long enough for something like… like… THAT coming in. How are we gonna get that thing out?

Colt: Don’t quite know that yet. Never had to deal with something like that. That thing is HUGE!

abbey: I can’t… No... I won’t stay there until that thing is gone.

Colt: Suppose that’s so.

abbey: Then everything needs to be sanitized. Who knows what IT brought in too.

Colt *agreeing*: Suppose that’s true as well.

*abbey is beginning to calm down a bit. She turns him around to face her. All the while keeping a good eye on the door*

abbey *feeling terrible about how she treated him*: I’m sorry I didn’t believe you.

Colt *pulls her back into his arms*: Not sure if I would have either.

abbey *Looking up into his eyes*: So until this is… fixed, where should I sleep?


Thursday, May 8, 2008 12:50 AM



Originally posted by abbeygirl:
[Babbey *Looking up into his eyes*: So until this is… fixed, where should I sleep?

* The question just hangs out there. I know what answer I want to say but I also know we don't need the grief this crew will lay on us if they find out we're together*

Lets deal with this problem first.*pointing to her shuttle door*

Abbey: You’re going in there?

It's just a rat.

Abbey: Oh, you mean it's just a rat that ran you out of bed a few minutes ago.

It just...surprised me is all. Would have spooked you to if you had seen it first.

Abbey: Do it later *taking my hand*

I can get it now it’s not that bi....*I look down at her hand then slowly gaze up her body to her eyes. She smiles at me and I forget all about the gopher.*

* I hear noise in the galley and look down to see a shadow coming from the dorms. *

*I close my eyes and start running though the ship in my mind, looking for a place we can be alone without the crew seeing us. When I open them I see the port shuttle.*

* We cross the catwalk quickly and quietly. I grab the door handle and wince as the thought of it being jammed again flashes in my mind. I pull the handle and it opens. *

* Inside and the door locked behind us, we each scan the shuttle. A collection of crates, cargo nets and boxes are scattered around the hold.*

* I look at her and shrug my shoulders. She walks over to the crates, turns and smiles.


*Holding hands we open the door and look to see if it’s clear. As we step out of the shuttle our hand part as she moves toward the dorm rooms and I head to the bridge.*

*On the bridge*

Sky, look like were heading to Persephone once the Doc and Mobbex are back.

Sky: Wash you have something you want to tell the Captain?

Wash: I got a cat. *uneasy*

Sky: You got a bobcat.

Wash: Yeah it’s a bobcat.

A bobcat? *both of the brace for the barrage they know is about to come* You might want to throw it in Abbey's shuttle seems there a rat loose in there. She'll be staying in the dorm till she gets the place cleaned up. *turning to leave* Once the crew is back on get us in the air.

*Sky and Wash look at each other*

Wash: I thought you said he would be mad?


Thursday, May 8, 2008 6:10 AM


abbey goes into the passenger dorm that she used to occupy before her shuttle was finished. The bed is stripped of any linens and the room is essentially empty. She looks at the mirror on the wall and smiles. Then notices that her hair is a mussed a bit. She uses her fingers to straighten it out.

She thinks about Colt and is content. For the first time in a long while, she is completely relaxed.

abbey *to herself*: Well, we’ll have to do that more often.

She decides to go up to the galley for another drink. She walks there, smiling and humming as she goes. When she arrives, Colt is leaning up against the counter by the coffee pot. His eyes are closed and a slight smile is on his lips as well.

She looks around and sees no one before crossing the room and placing a soft kiss on his lips. He wraps his arms around her. She sighs.

Colt: You ok with this?

abbey *nodding*: Better than I’ve been in a long while.

Colt *smiling wider*: Good. *He holds her tightly for a few more moments* As much as I’d like to stand here all day like this, someone will eventually come in here.

abbey *parting from him*: Of course, and I’m not ready for this to be common knowledge quite yet.

*She pours herself a glass of tea. It is luke warm but she doesn’t notice.*

Colt: Me either.

abbey: I set myself up in my old room in the passenger dorm. Well kinda… There basically isn’t anything in there but a mattress. *a mischievous grin passes fleetingly across Colt’s face* I’ll need to find some linens.

Colt: Might be some extras in the infirmary. Blankets at least.

abbey *as she starts to leave*: I’d best be seeing to that then.

She quietly leaves the room and heads back to the passenger dorms, leaving Colt to his thoughts.


Thursday, May 8, 2008 9:01 AM


*Brit is sitting on the floor, holding the bobcat and stroking it's fur as Sky and Wash come up to her. Brit looks up at the two of them as she smiles with her teeth*

Brit: His name is Simba.

*Sky and Wash look at each other and chuckle*

Sky: *Looks back at Brit* Well we're gonna need Simba to do us a little favor.

Brit: *She seems uneasy* I will not have her be eaten.

Wash: *Her eyes widen as she shakes her head* No, no! We're not going to eat her!

Brit: I never said it was going to be you...

Sky: Look, little girl. We need you to release that cat into Abbey's shuttle. Captain said somethin' about some giant rat and we need Simba to catch it alright?

Brit: It would be useless.

Sky: *raises and eyebrow* And why is that?

Brit: It's not in there anymore. And even if it was, they wouldn't be gone.

*Sky still has a raised eyebrow and Wash becomes uneasy*

Brit: Simba will die.

Wash: *Begins to panic* Maybe... m-maybe we shouldn't...

Brit: And then all of us will die. *Brit is smiling*

Wash: Oh my God... We're all gonna die!!!

Sky: Wash! *slaps Wash across the face, and Wash holds her hand on her cheek* Snap out of it. The girl was only jokin'.

Brit: No I wasn't. *Brit stands up with Simba in her hands* Fine. I will let him go. *Sky and Wash watch her walk away*

Wash: She freaks me out... hey why didn't you go release the cat into Abbey's shuttle? I thought the Captain told you to do it.

Sky: *Looks at Wash. She's busted* Ah, um, well... he was never specific as to who really had to do it. 'Sides... I ain't goin' near no giant rats... *shudders and walks away, Wash follows*

*Meanwhile Brit arrives at Abbey's shuttle. She looks around for a moment, and then her eyes turn toward the bed that has ruffled up sheets*

Ewwww... *she scrunches her nose. Trying to push the thought out of her mind, she puts Simba down*

Okay Simba. Now don't get eaten. I'm afraid these large rodents aren't very friendly...

*She leaves Simba in the shuttle and walks out and up into the bridge to see Wash and Sky. Sky is drinking hard liquor*

Sky: Hey Brit. You let Simba into Abbey's shuttle, I take it.

Brit: Yes. Simba has been set off into his fate. I think it would have been less painful to just stick him in the freezer.

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here!" - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Thursday, May 8, 2008 1:30 PM


Mobbex knocks back his drink rather expeditiously, then gets up and makes for the bar.

'Gonna get her some more too, 'faster she's all tanked up, 'faster I can drag her butt outta here'n be done with it.

He makes out familiar gurgling noises exuding from his belly.

"Feelin' a wee bit peckish, too... prolly should try'n grab some eats."

Mobbex, as he comes up to the counter: Y' got vittles?

The Barkeep turns to him and nods toward a bulky stainless steel appliance embedded in the wall behind him.

Mobbex: Shén me shi... ?

Barkeep: *picks up a tumbler and starts wiping it absently* Deep fryer. 'You up for some fries?

Mobbex: *frowns* Fries? Y' mean, like... noodles?

Barkeep, scoffing: Hell no, this rock ain't much for land management. Spuds are pretty much all that sticks in these parts.

Mobbex: *shrugs* Sure, I'll have some. Oh, and a bottle, too...

The Barkeep opens a cupboard and pulls out a demijohn of the local ale.

Mobbex: Yeah, that oughta do it...

A handful of minutes later, the Barkeep is handing him his order.

Mobbex: Many thanks. *drops a small stack of coins on the counter*

He scoops up his plate, tucks the bottle under his arm, and is heading back toward the table when...


Originally posted by Oram:
Oram: *terrified* Wo de tian a… MOB--

Lackey: Shut up, you little bitch!

Mobbex feels a deathly fiend arousing in his gut as he witnesses a bunch of locals manhandling Oram across the room.

'Knew this was a rotten idea...

He instantly places the man who seems to be the leader of the group.

Deadeye and Mobbex, in unison: YOU!?

Deadeye: *motions for his cronies to take on Mobbex* You two, get him!

Mobbex's training takes over as the two men stride up to him.

He hurls the bottle in the air, then shoves his plate at the first guy's face, knocking him back, before spinning around and using his momentum to strike the other one in the gullet with the knife edge of his hand. The man is swept off the ground by the sheer force of the blow and lands hard on his back. Mobbex then grabs the remaining man by the collar of his shirt and head butts him squarely on the nose before holding out his hands to catch the falling bottle.

Deadeye, who now has his arms folded around Oram, has his attention diverted by the beating his underlings are taking. Oram chooses this moment to stretch her mouth open and bite a chunk out of the fleshy tissue between the thumb and index fingers of his right hand. He yelps in pain and lets her fall to the ground. She tries to get to her feet, but Deadeye grabs her by the scruff of her neck and rams her head against the floor, knocking her out.

Mobbex sets the bottle on the ground and walks up to Deadeye.

Mobbex: Y're either soft in the head or's pigheaded as my long departed ol' man! Either way, y' crossed me twice in the space of a day, so... *lays a hand over his leg holster and pulls out Tearjerker* Say cheese!

Deadeye's face takes on an ashy pallor.

Deadeye: *takes a couple of steps backward* Hey look, huh, I... m'sure we can talk this through...

Mobbex: Sorry, I ain't in the mood *hoists up his weapon and shoots him point blank in the head*

The round sends the top half of Deadeye's head flying in multiple directions.

Mobbex holsters his piece, then leans down next to Oram and picks her off the floor.

Mobbex: Mi tian gohn! 'A gal y're bigness, one'd think you'd be a mite lighter...

He swings her onto his broad back and eases her into a piggyback position before heading out the door.

Brit: Steadfast stares and yet he's but a sheep amongst lions. What exactly am I? Oh, wait, that's right... I'm insane...


Thursday, May 8, 2008 3:43 PM


*After returning to the ship Stan heads straight to his dorm.*

"Well now, that was a bit of fun I won't forget for awhile.... the Captain is one brilliant son of a..."

*He unzips and shrugs off his coveralls then lies down on his mattress and picks up his data book. Accessing his personal files he cues up some classical music. The strum of a single guitar quietly fills the small room. Followed by a mans voice.*

"Old pirates yes they rob I. Sold I to the merchant ships. Minutes after they...."

*Within seconds he's out cold.*

-< Roughly an hour or so later >-

*The ship is quiet. Stan wakes up in a cold sweat, grabs his coveralls and heads to the shower. Ten minutes later he's climbing the stairs towards the aft-hallway. He catches a bit of shadow moving out of the corner of his left eye, near the inner-bulkhead door leading to Water-storage and reclamation. He pauses, leaning closely and squinting at the shadowed corner.*

"There's nothing there. Just an empty, dark corner of a decades old ship."

Stan: *Turning and muttering quietly to himself* "What the HELL is wrong with this ship?"

*He shakes his head and reminds himself he's had a pretty eventful day and moves on to the galley to find something to eat.*

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Thursday, May 8, 2008 8:51 PM


*The nights cool air helps bring Oram’s blinding headache into contrast, along with the nausea that’s starting to threaten to overcome her*

Oram: *more than half groggily* Mobb… drop me.

Mobbex: Nope, need to get back to the ship before the go se hits the fan. You're in no state to run, let alone walk.

Oram: *forcefully* Unless you want me to start bringing up what I had….

*Mobbex stops, and lets Oram slide down off his back. She makes her way, and lets it all go behind a bush. After a moment or two she grabs a hanky and wipes her mouth, before discarding it on the ground, she walks back towards Mobbex, but her gait is slightly unsteady*

Mobbex: You ain’t gonna go all ‘blackout’ on me again?

Oram: *shaking her head slightly, closing her eyes at the pain* I don’t think so, it’s only with my own blood…. *she pauses for a few seconds, trying to get her scattered thoughts together* What happened in there?

Mobbex: You got ganged. They tried to take ya put back for a private chat and threw the law at them. They didn’t like it, so they went to drag ya. Thinks got to waltzing and Deadeye rammed ya head to the floor.

Oram: What happened to the guy?

Mobbex: Huh? Well, I offed him. Shot square in the face, blew the top of his head right off. Ruttin' inbred moron wouldn't even have a go at makin' a run for it. Might've made things a lil' more interesting. Executions get so tedious once you've done enough o' them...

*Oram watches him for a few moments before giving a smile*

Oram: So… he’s got a bigger headache than me?

Mobbex: *chuckling* You could say that… We need to get goin’.

Oram: I don’t hear a mob coming after us.

Mobbex: Fine, but if we’re shot, I blame you.

Oram: As you would.

*As they walk along she refuses to get back onto Mobbex's back, saying the walking is helping with the nausea. He walks besides her, Oram having grabbed the back of his t-shirt as a means of keeping up with his stride, if it bothers the Merc, he doesn’t say anything about it. After more than half an hour they both see the outline of their ship and both head for the infirmary*


Thursday, May 8, 2008 9:35 PM


*abbey searches through the cupboards in the infirmary looking for linens. She finds a thin blanket and a single sheet.*

abbey: This will just have to do.

*As she is leaving the infirmary, she looks up and sees Mobbex and a battered Oram walk up the ramp. She drops the linens on the floor of the hallway and rushes out to them.*

abbey: What in the Hell happened?

Mobbex *getting defensive*: I didn’t start this! Just made sure she got out of it.

Oram *softly*: abbey, I’m allright.

abbey: You don’t look allright.

*She leads Oram into the infirmary. Mobbex follows and stands in the doorway. Under the harsher light, the bruising is easily seen. Oram also sports a small gash on her forehead.*

abbey *starting to look for some first aid items*: Let’s get you cleaned up.

Oram: In the second drawer to the left.

*abbey locates the items needed and moves back to attend to Oram. She starts cleaning the blood from the cut off Oram’s face, as well as the dust and dirt from the pub’s floor that was also mixed into the wound.*

abbey *trying to smile*: It’s a good thing you didn’t notice the cut on your head, or Mobbex would have had to carry you all the way back. *She turns to Mobbex.* Thank you for looking after her.

Mobbex *grunts*: Someone had to. *He pauses.* You got everything? If so, I’m gonna tell the Captain we’re back. We probably should get off this rock. ‘Tween the fight earlier and this one, we might not be welcome much longer.

*abbey nods at Mobbex and he leaves. She finishes cleaning Oram up by placing some butterfly bandages across the wound.*

abbey: I don’t know how to do weaves. These butterflies will have to do.

Oram: I’m sure it will be fine. *Oram yawns and lies back onto the bed.*

abbey *quietly*: What happened?

Oram: Someone got too fresh, got offended when they heard the word “no.”

abbey *in a pained voice*: What makes some men think that they can take what they want?

Oram *patting abbey’s hand*: This isn’t the same as that. Just some wang ba dan who thought he was due something. *Oram’s eyes were at half-mast now.*

abbey *kisses Oram’s forehead*: You go on and rest, mei mei. I’ll wake you in a bit.

*Oram smiles slightly and drifts off to sleep. abbey pulls up a chair and tries to get comfortable.*


Friday, May 9, 2008 10:11 AM


I’m crawling up my bunk ladder with a box on my head when Mobbex sees me*

Mobbex: Colt! We got to get in the air.

Easy there. Don’t recall you becoming Captain. *smile on my face*

Mobbex: Ain’t playing Captain. Had to shoot a man.

* setting down the box* Shoot a man? What for?

Mobbex: I ain’t said nothing ‘bout it to the others, but when he hit the floor I seen a badge. Must a been the local deputy.

What the hell happened?

Mobbex: He was after the Doc. Trying to force himself on her. So I put him down.

She ok?

Mobbex: Is she ok? Didn’t you hear me? I shot a lawman. They could be heading this way right now.

Settle down. Where’s Doc.

Mobbex: Infirmary. We got to go. They’ll be coming.

Well you had a good reason but, don’t expect we’ll convince em of that. Tell Wash to take off.

*I head to the infirmary to check on the Doc. Abbey is there. She puts a finger to her lips and nods to Oram who is asleep.*

*Quietly* How is she?

Abbey: I think she’ll be ok. She’s shaken up a bit.

*I lean over Oram and look at the bandage* You do that?

*Abbey nods*

Not bad. * I set the box down next to her. She raises an eyebrow inquisitively* Oh these are for you. Just some stuff for you room.

*She opens he box. There is a thick blanket, sheets, a small reading lamp and a book. She holds the book up and looks at me*

Thought you might want to do some more upside down reading.

Abbey: *smiling* How thoughtful of you.

*I move beside her and touch her hand.* I need to go make sure we don’t get arrested before we take off. Seems Mobbex might a shot someone important on this rock.

Abbey: I’d like to see you later.

*I smile at her* Count on it.


Friday, May 9, 2008 2:52 PM


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Abbey: Words have gender in German, Italian, Spanish, etc.
Mobbex: : Yeah
Abbey: English is unisex
Stan: English is bi-sexual.


Friday, May 9, 2008 3:28 PM


(Colt heading back up to the bridge to talk to Wash, hes focused on other things)

**Spots siting at the table reading***

Spots:shes ready to go.. Mobbex getting us in trouble

again? **not looking up from his book***

Colt:BAHHA!!! **stopping abrutly in his traks suprised by Spots'statement

Colt: Jesus... dont do that.. ok good **responding** ...hey i havent heard the cello in a while?

**Spots holding up his broken left arm and wiggling his fingers showing off his cast***

Colt: o right, you seem to be keeping busy

Spots: Im catching up on some reading specifically about pirates on earth that was... im finding a lot of parallels with our lot.

Colt:Really *raising his eye brow*

Spots: well a lot of them were pushed to the edge of the known world and did what ever they could survive. mostly robbing, killing, and raiding

Colt: well sounds like hours of fun but we need to get off this rock so later.

Spots: later

(Colt quickly walks off to the bridge)


Friday, May 9, 2008 5:03 PM


*Stan is in the kitchen, ripping open a heated bag of instant grits and pouring them over his protein mash. Spots is still sitting at the table reading.*

Stan: "Next stop I'm picking up some better provisions... this crap is getting old."

Spots: *Not looking up from his book* "Amen to that."

*He glances over at the book infront of Spots.*

Stan: "Pirates huh? I can see that analogy after the deal back there. And agree with it."

Spots: "We're all just a bunch of wannabe buccaneers."

*Stan picks up his bowl and heads out to eat in his room.*

Stan: *On his way out* "Arrrr."

"Bunch of low-down pirates, indeed."

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Saturday, May 10, 2008 12:25 PM


*abbey takes the box Colt had given her and goes back to her dorm. She puts the lamp and the book on the nightstand. She puts the sheets and blanket on the bed. She stands back and inspects her work.*

abbey *to herself*: That’s better than the thin blanket and sheet I found.

*She picks up the book and lays down to enjoy it, but falls asleep in just minutes. When she wakes, it is hours later. She decides to go check on Oram. When she gets there, Oram is murmuring in her sleep.*

Oram: no… go away…

*abbey frowns. Oram shouldn’t have had to deal with tonight’s events. abbey thinks back to some of the things that had happened in her past. She wonders why some people feel entitled to whatever they want. She feels the muscles in her shoulders and back start to tighten. abbey sighs. She turns back to Oram, who is still agitated.*

Oram: leave me alone…

*abbey taps her shoulder lightly and Oram flies awake. abbey jumps back, startled.*

abbey: You OK? You were talking in your sleep.

Oram *guarded*: What did I say?

abbey: Nothing much, just memories from tonight I suppose. You OK?

Oram *sitting up quickly*: Yeah. Memories. *She rubs her forehead.* I think I’m going back to my bunk.

abbey: That a good idea?

Oram: I’m awake. I have a nasty headache, but I just want to be in my own room.

abbey: You sure?

Oram *a little too shortly*: I’m fine. *Without saying another word, Oram grabs a couple of painkillers and heads back to her bunk.*

*abbey is left in her wake. The relaxed feeling she was enjoying earlier is gone. It has been replaced by tension in her shoulders and neck. She doesn’t feel like going back to her temporary quarters. She decides to head up to the galley and see what she can find there. She is not sure what she wants, but maybe something will trip her trigger.*

*When she gets to the top of the stairs, she nearly runs into Brit.*

abbey: Sorry, Brit, I didn’t see you. *Brit smiles at her.* Is there anything left over from dinner?

Brit *pats abbey on her shoulder, ignoring her question*: Most everyone is asleep. ‘Cept for Wash. She’s taking the night shift on the bridge.

abbey *puzzled by her statement*: OK…

Brit *as she moves past abbey*: And the Captain. He is in his bunk.

abbey *gapes at Brit*: Wha-?

*Brit continues down the stairs, giggling just a bit.*

*abbey shakes her head and continues up to the galley. When she gets inside, she realizes what... no who... she really wants.*


Originally posted by Colt999:
Abbey: I’d like to see you later.

*I smile at her* Count on it.

*Without stopping she goes into the crew hallway. Thankfully, the door to the bridge is closed. She walks to Colt’s door, which is unlocked, kicks it open and climbs down the ladder as best she can in a skirt and heeled shoes. She closes it behind her and locks it. She turns to see Colt looking at her as he sits on his bed, sill clothed but shirt open, with a book in his hand. He puts the book down on the floor and stands up.*

Colt *as she closes the gap between them*: Is something wrong?

abbey *as she stops in front of him*: No. I just… wanted to see you.

*She looks up into his face, then steps a little closer. They stare into each other’s eyes. abbey leans up and kisses him. It doesn’t take long before his shirt is off and they fall into his bed.*

Colt *softly*: I guess I’ll overlook the not knocking issue…


Monday, May 12, 2008 7:26 AM


Abbey: I was about to send out a search party. *She looks at the bowl* Is that real beef?

Perks of being Captain. Flash frozen, had it tucked in a hidey hole near the outer hull, keeps it that way.

*I sit next to her on the bed. She wraps the blanket a round her and picks up the chop sticks. When the meal is done she takes the bowl and sets it on the night stand. *

Abbey: What are your thoughts about telling the crew?

Bout my secret stash of fresh beef? Not going to happen.

*She slaps my playfully.* Abbey: You know what I mean.

Best keep it to our selves for a time. Cept Sky.

Abbey: And Oram.

Doc? Why tell the Doc.?

She’s my friend. If you’re telling Sky. I should be able to tell Oram.

Didn’t say I was telling anyone anything, but if I did, Sky would need to know. She’s 1st mate. She needs to know the working of things. Doc don’t need to unless you’re hiding something I should know about.

Abbey: What do you mean by that?

Nothing I just don’t see the point of telling the Doc.

Abbey: There’s a big surprise you missing the point.

Hey no need to go there.

Abbey: You’re right. I just need to go.

*She gets up and starts to dress. *

Abbey wait. Listen we won’t tell anyone for now.

Abbey: It’s late I need to get back.

*I watch her crawl up the ladder. Damn how does this always happen? I sit back down on my bunk contemplating going after her when I see a strange site. The chop sticks are floating. Seconds later I’m floating.
What the hell is going on? No sooner than I think that the gravity returns dropping me in my bunk. I hear a squeal in the hallway above. Abbey. I start towards the ladder and it happens again. I grab the rail and pull. I shoot up to the hall way where I see Abbey. She is floating the hall trying desperately to keep her skirt from floating up.*

I bet you’re wishing you had fully dressed before you left.


Guess I can’t have you mooning all the crew. *I push off the wall and float towards her. The gravity returns. We both fall to the ground. I move to her side and take her hand*

Are you ok?

*Mobbex crawls out of his bunk*

Mobbex: What the hell going on here?

*I look up like my hand just been caught in the cookie jar. * Nothing. I was just checking to see if she was ok.

Mobbex: I meant with the ship.

Oh…oh that. I was about to find out. Help Abbey to her room and get Spots to find out what the hell is going on. I’ll be on the bridge.

*As I’m heading to the bridge it happens again. I hear Abbey scream again as it starts and can barely make out Mobbex comment.*

Mobbex: Hell Abbey, I didn’t take you for the sort not to wear undies.


Monday, May 12, 2008 10:27 AM


*abbey shoots a glare at Mobbex and he wolfishly grins at her.*

abbey *angrily*: Nimen de bizui!

Mobbex: Shutting the hell up isn’t going to fix the fact you ain’t wearin’ nothing under that skirt.

*The gravity returns again and abbey falls to the floor, turning her ankle when she lands.*

abbey: Gorram it! *Mobbex starts towards her to help her but she pulls off her boot and throws it at him.* Leave me alone!

*The gravity fails again and abbey resumes floating. She screams, finds a hand hold and pulls herself out to the cargo bay where she nearly goes right over the rail. She barely gets herself righted when it returns again, this time she lands solidly. She takes the other boot off and throws it angrily on the catwalk. The pain in her ankle is almost gone. It wasn’t a bad turn.*

*The gravity fails again. She quickly grabs hold of the rail to keep herself from floating over top of the cargo bay. She looks at her own shuttle, contemplating whether or not to go there, but dealing with a floating rat gopher doesn’t thrill her. She looks down toward the passenger dorms and decides that being on the catwalks over the cargo bay where she could flash half the crew was not good either. She looks for the nearest place where she could be private. She sees the port shuttle and makes a bee-line for it. When she gets in there, it is a mess of floating boxes, crates and nets. She grabs a large cargo net and pushes her way to the front of the shuttle. The gravity returns and a large crate nearly misses landing on her. When she gets to the front, she affixes the cargo net across the front of the shuttle protecting her from the contents of the shuttle in case they lose gravity again. For good measure she straps herself into the pilot’s seat.*


Originally posted by Colt999:
Nothing I just don’t see the point of telling the Doc.

abbey *to herself*: The nerve of that man. He wants to tell Sky, but I can’t tell Oram? She’s all I got left from that life. He doesn’t know what she means to me… *she stops mid-thought. Her anger dissipates a mite.* He doesn’t know. How could he understand?


Originally posted by Colt999:
Abbey wait. Listen we won’t tell anyone for now.

abbey *smacking herself in the forehead lightly*: I’m an idiot.

*She knows she needs to find him and apologize, but decides against doing it again until they have fixed the gravity.*


Originally posted by Colt999:
I could get use to this.

*The truth is that she could get used to it too. She smiled. It had been a long time since she felt this way. It was nice to be close to someone. She hadn’t let anyone, let alone a man, get this close in a long time. How had he managed it in the short time they’d known each other? She looked behind her at the contents of the port shuttle. The port shuttle. The first place they were… Her smile widened. Then it fades just as fast.*

*Her heart began to pound. She had done something that can change everything. What was she thinking? This could put her in danger. No, it could put him in danger. What was she going to do? She flicks a few switches on the console and the cortex comes up. She places a wave. Grayson’s face comes up on the screen.*

Grayson *happily*: abbey! How are you!

abbey *pensive*: Grayson, I might have done something…

*Grayson looks at her for a moment. It doesn’t take long for him to suss out the reason for her call.*

Grayson: You and the Captain?

abbey: Captain? How’d you know he was the Captain?

Grayson: I make it my business to know. Why didn’t you tell me Oram was on the crew of the Book?

abbey: You didn’t ask. *Grayson smirked* Anyway, I’m not waving you to talk about Oram.

Grayson: You want to talk about the Captain?

abbey: yes… no… Oh I don’t know. It’s just new.

Grayson: New? Seems like you guys were already dancing around each other long before I scheduled that game with you.

abbey: We just fought a lot at first. I mean a lot… *she smiles* Then it cranked up a notch after the Panaflex incident and the kidnapping.

Grayson *ears perking up*: Jesus abbey. What the hell has been going on there? Panaflex? You OK?

abbey: Yes. Took a couple of weeks, but Oram fixed me up.

Grayson: Why did you even need Panaflex?

abbey: Got shot in a fight in the cargo bay.

*The gravity failed again and the contents of the shuttle floated up into view.*

Grayson *puzzled by what he saw*: What is going on there?

abbey: We seem to be having a gravity issue.

Grayson *trying to ignore the view behind her*: Maybe we should talk…

abbey: Don’t worry, it was just a flesh wound. *She switches gears and blurts out something that had been in the back of her mind since the Alliance boarded.* What would happen if I had a retina scan done?

Grayson *getting more alarmed as he listened*: Someone tried to do a retina scan?

abbey *nodding*: Got boarded by Alliance.

Grayson *firmly*: That’s it. We definitely need to talk. Where is your next stop?

abbey: Persephone.

Grayson: When will you be arriving?

abbey: I’ll have to ask.

Grayson: I’ll meet you.

abbey: I’m doing OK, Grayson. No need for a sit down.

Grayson: I get to decide that. Put me on your schedule for when you arrive at Persephone. I’m not too far from there now.

abbey: OK. I’ll ask the Captain and get back to you.

Grayson: You do that. *He smiles and returns to the reason why she called in the first place.* So you and the Captain?

abbey *smiling softly and nodding*: We haven’t told anyone. It’s just been the last day or so. I think I kinda screwed it up anyway.

Grayson: Fight already? *she nodded* Well from what you just said, fighting with him seems fun.

abbey *smiling a bit*: Yeah…

Grayson: What are you going to do about it? As your associate, it makes me a bit nervous. As your friend, I am ecstatic… and a little bit jealous. You deserve something like this.

abbey: I know, but…

Grayson: It may not happen like the last time. He must be quite a man for you to let him in. You don’t take relationships lightly.

abbey: I know, but…

Grayson: I’ve known you for a very long time abbey. I know how your mind works. Just based on what I saw after the kiss I gave you on Creed, he has strong feelings for you too. *abbey doesn’t say anything. She just listens.* Do you know if you’re gonna tell him?

abbey *sighing*: I don’t know.

Grayson: If you continue down this path with him, you are going to have to make a decision. We’ll talk about it when I see you. Consider all of your options.

abbey *changing subject*: I’ll wave you later with my arrival time.

*She ends the wave and sits there, thinking.*

abbey: Yeah. Options.


Monday, May 12, 2008 5:48 PM


*Stan is lying on his back, his bowl with a couple spoonfuls left of the foul protein mash and grits sits abandoned beside his mattress. The lights are off and he's reading a novel on his databook. With a light groan he sets the book down beside him and reaches for his glasses. He takes them off and places them on his chest, lightly massaging the sides of his nose.*

Stan: "Uh sinuses..."

*He glances down and reaches for the his databook. For a second he thinks he's either dreaming or just very tired. As he touches the thin black device it flies easily from his fingers. Spinning slowly across the room and tapping lightly against the wall.*

Stan: "Auê!`Ano `ê...?"

*He grabs his glasses and tries to sit up, sending himself straight up from his mattress. Caught completely unaware his head thumps against the ceiling of the small dorm.*

Stan: "What the... hell..YOW!?"

*He drops onto his back on the mattress. Blinking and rubbing his head. He stands up quickly but as carefully as he can, grabbing at the wall for support. He moves quickly to the door and looks out. Just as the gravity fails again and he stumbles forward reaching for the ladder.*

"This is so not a fun day."

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Tuesday, May 13, 2008 3:57 AM


Mobbex awakes as he feels a slight thrust on his nose.

Mobbex: ...Ugh?

He then becomes aware of the fact that he is laying face down on the ceiling.

Mobbex: Wh... *notices that his belongings and furniture are also defying gravity; makes a face* Oh, y' gotta be shin' me...

He shifts his position and leans his legs against the nearest bulkhead, meaning to propel himself across the room and toward the ladder, when the gravity suddenly returns.

Mobbex: Gorraaaaaaaam...

He drops like a rock, bounces off his bunk, and lands hard on his bottom.

Mobbex, rubbing his tender end: Someone's gonna get it... *rises to his feet and and climbs his way up the ladder to the fore hallway*


: Originally posted by Colt999:
Mobbex: What the hell going on here?

*I look up like my hand just been caught in the cookie jar. * Nothing. I was just checking to see if she was ok.

Mobbex: I meant with the ship.

Oh…oh that. I was about to find out. Help Abbey to her room and get Spots to find out what the hell is going on. I’ll be on the bridge.

*As I’m heading to the bridge it happens again. I hear Abbey scream again as it starts and can barely make out Mobbex comment.*

Mobbex: Hell Abbey, I didn’t take you for the sort not to wear undies.


Originally posted by Abbeygirl:
*abbey shoots a glare at Mobbex and he wolfishly grins at her.*

abbey *angrily*: Nimen de bizui!

Mobbex: Shutting the hell up isn’t going to fix the fact you ain’t wearin’ nothing under that skirt.

*The gravity returns again and abbey falls to the floor, turning her ankle when she lands.*

abbey: Gorram it! *Mobbex starts towards her to help her but she pulls off her boot and throws it at him.* Leave me alone!

Mobbex: *ducks to dodge the flying footwear* All right, suit y'rself! *turns about and makes a beeline for the crew quarters*

'Girl needs to get laid, he thinks to himself.

He has made his way halfway up the stairs to the upper deck when the gravity fades again. He firmly grips the handrail and drags himself the rest of the way.

T'is gettin' tiresome...

He makes it to Spots' quarters as the GWA kicks back in and vigorously lays into the hatch.

Mobbex: Spots! *thumps the hatch* Get your arse outta bed, 'boat needs some seeing to!

Brit: Steadfast stares and yet he's but a sheep amongst lions. What exactly am I? Oh, wait, that's right... I'm insane...


Tuesday, May 13, 2008 8:41 AM


*I work my way onto the bridge. Wash is strapped in with a half dozen plastic dinos floating around her head. *


Ow *As an unseen dino hits me in the head* I see the migration is taking a new turn.

Wash: Sorry Captain. They are wandering a bit more than usual.

Any idea what’s going on?

Wash: No. I tired shutting off the AG from up here. Thought it would be better than this on and off stuff, but no luck.

*No Gravity*

*I float over to my seat and strap in.*

How’s it affecting flight?

Wash: It’s a bear when it kicks back in but I’m handling it.

I haven’t noticed anything.

Wash: *Grinning* That’s because you hired the best.


*The ship shudders violently*

Wash: The best when she’s paying attention.

* I unstrapped and move to the com.*

Well just keep doing what your doing till we get it fixed.

*No Gravity*

*On the Com* This is the Captain you may have noticed you feel a little lighter than usual. It ain't because your eating healthier. We seem to be experiencing an Artificial Gravity problem.
I want Mobbex and Stan to secure as much as possible, make sure nothings going to hurt my ship when it kicks back in. Sky I need you on the bridge. Abbey, Doc and Brit to the Infirmary. Get there and strap in till we suss out the problem. I’ll be in the engine room with Spots. Stan when you get things secure we may need an extra set of hands.

*I’m pulling myself along the floor plates towards the engine room, when I see Brit. She’s…dancing? She is smiling as she spins to the ceiling and kicks off into a flip and starts to float back to the floor*


*She land perfectly on the floor. I kiss the plating with my forehead.*

This what you were talking about? Parts don’t fit?

*She nods*

Can Spots fix it?

Brit: Of course he can, given sufficient time. He just had to know what was wrong first.

*No Gravity*

*We float. Her gracefully. Me not so much.*

Guess I should a listened to you.

Brit: That’s ok this is fun

*Taking her hand* Fun as it may be, it’s also dangerous. Get down to the infirmary and strap in.

*She sticks her tongue out at me, but heads to the infirmary.*






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