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Friday, January 20, 2012 6:41 PM


Hey hope all is well with everyone!!

Been playing this game called World of Tanks, i was wonderring if anybody plays also. Its a fun game to play together so if ur on it let me know my screen name is Alps just befriend me and let me know ur one of the wonderful folks from


Saturday, January 21, 2012 4:34 AM


Yes I play it - haven't in a while but I still have it installed, and a buttLOAD of tanks in the hangar, everything from the LoLTraktor to the mighty (overpowered) T59.

The one you should fear though, is that puny little LoLTracktor, and I am *not* jesting, I will seriously mop the floor with you, giggling all the while - AnthonyT has watched me do this, it's scary.

Other than that my preferred havoc raisers are the KV with 122mm and mech rammer (aka the Mini-Derp, and it WILL blow oogly holes in you) or my sniper-rigged VK3601 with that evil, evil little Konish banger, it doesn't do much damage, but it's got heinous range, supreme accuracy and massive penetration, so I rain crits down on em to cripple them and hope the cowardly incompetent wimps can finish em off.

And that is where WoT fails - most of your teammates in a random are the most gutless folk I've ever seen in my life, all your big tanks will RUN to the furthest corner they can HIDE in, and wait for you to die (or win, which is real hard without their support, but if you do, they get the freebie XP/money) and then either wander out and pick off the ones you wounded while getting slaughtered and crow about how awesome they are... or get rolled under by the team you were unable to even harm without their support and scream profanities at you.
Most of the time ya just let it go, but fifteen, twenty times in a row it'll start gettin on your nerves something awful.

And then there's teamkilling gits - not just the general greifers (Hint: if their name is blue KILL THEM) but also those whiners (almost always heavy TD players) who scream at fit at the matchmaker not handing them a gimme and start killing your own scouts for being underpowered (hello, they're SCOUTS!) and supposedly costing them the match, yadda yadda.

The community is awful, but yanno that just makes it all the more satisfying to kill them - speakin of which, said various jerks, gits and griefers ?
I've...uhhh, been known to make my displeasure at such conduct obvious...
122mm worth of obvious, that is.
Heaven only knowns how many times I've made Anthony wince by swinging that monster gun around at someone I thought was going to be "trouble", cause I'll friggin do it too, they push things.
KA-WHAMMMM, problem solved.

Anyhows, yah, I might check in with WoT if my schedule allows for it, likely not cause I got one of my folk having surgery this week tho.



Thursday, February 9, 2012 4:32 PM


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Late comment.

Against tanks of his tier, Frem can get five-to-one or better kill ratios with that little tank.

Frem will also drive the famous Loltraktor at tanks five tiers his superior, peppering them with fire that cannot penetrate the armor- but will cause criticals on exposed ammo racks, tracks, and fuel tanks.

There is a reason I always make sure Frem is on my side in a fight.



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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 10:08 PM


Just updated the game and friended ya, Alps - that is if your name is just "alps" cause there's a couple with numbers after em...

I see they also included the French tanks, although this still haven't updated the KV series like they promised to - and I have to say my joke about the French tanks coming with a free white flag consumable is even less funny after having driven one and gotten stuck in a BUSH it's pathetic little engine couldn't drag it back out of, they're bad, like French car bad, like Renault Le Car bad...

Plus side they do have the option of a rapid fire 20mm or so cannon, which even while stuck shredded up a couple of LTracktors and an MS1 quite nicely.



Thursday, March 1, 2012 3:52 PM


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Dang... Too bad it's Windows only. Sounds like quite a blast.






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