the (unofficial) extended firefly soundtrack

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Thursday, November 12, 2009 7:43 AM


so i used to post here ages ago - can't recall name or password so we're staring up a new account. to the point:

i'm an avid RPG player in san antonio (believe me the battle of serenity valleys' got strong resonance hereabouts) and i'm finally getting around to convincing my group to play a firefly game. point being, we always have music going while we roll them bones. it's easy to find stuff when your playing most games - just go look for soundtracks and stuff. but, by virtue of the medium, tv soundtracks can be pretty schizophrenic. for long gaming sessions it's not ideal-like.

for gamers and thems that like the music from the show (movie was a bit ... percussive?) i thought i'd drop a list here of some helpful stuff i found. good for your next game, shinding, what-have-you.

1. Calexico - you gotta do some digging but there's a few decent songs here. Try _Pepita_ and _The Book (BOOK!) and the Canal_ off of Feast of Wire. _Over your shoulder_ and _Where Water Flows_ off of The Black Light are good too. I frankly like a firefly 'verse with a bit more spanish music but maybe it's not for ya'll.

2. Aly Bain - a scottish fiddler, particularly his work with Ale Möller on Beyond the Stacks. check out _Spread thy Wide Wings_ ; def has a sitting-around-the-dinner-table-eatings-strawberries thing to it.

3. _The Day Hell Broke Loose at Sicard Hollow_ by Malene & the Sons of Disaster. nuff said.

4. _High Desert_ by Bruce Kaphan. serenity written all over it.

5. Richard Thompson's soudntrack for Grizzly Man - just give it a listen.

6. There's a guy called Michael Denyer. This guy has some great tracks of him just noodling on dobro and guitar (one is 17+ minutes). Don't know anything about his other than it's good music for trolling the black and you can find some of his stuff at:

personally, i'm using _Dusty Rhodes_ by the Grievous Angels as out "theme song."

Got any other suggestions? I'm looking for good Erhu music right now. Let's build a big damn playlist.






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