Chainmail to save firefly!

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Monday, June 16, 2008 7:07 AM


I was thinkin about this last night. It's almost guarenteed to work. The more of us get involved to start off, the faster this'll go. Allow me to explain.

There is a very slim chance that someone who does not know what Firefly is, or rather, has ever seen an episode of Firefly, will find it in a DVD store and buy it.

So, I propose, that as many of you, and myself, who are willing to do this, send an E-Mail to everyone we can, containing the following information:

1) A link to an internet streaming episode of Firefly.

2) An appeal that the show is in limbo, and if they like what they have watched, and want new episodes to come out in the future, the must buy the DVD, as DVD sales now determine the series future.

3) An addition, asking that if they want to do more than just buy the DVD to save the show, they send a copy of this e-mail to everyone they have contact with. And contact can mean:

The people on your MSN/AIM or other messaging system
Myspace friend lists
Facebook friend lists
Any of the 100's of millions of people on those sites who are not yet on your friends list.
Message boards and forums.
And anywhere else you can think of.

Say you contact 50 people with this chain letter.
10 of them buy the DVD.
2 of them join the chainmailing.
Those two e-mail 100 people, 4 of which join the chainmail.
Those 4 e-mail 200 people, 16 of which join the chainmail.
Those 16 e-mail 800 people, 64 of which join the chainmail.
Those 64 people e-mail 3200 people, 256 of them join.

I hope more than a few of you out there reading this start this chainmail with me. We can have the series back in one form or another in a very short amount of time.



Monday, June 16, 2008 9:00 AM


Two problems I have with this....

1. Some hacker might get use your chain mail to spread a virus by linking to an infected file instead of a clean streaming episode.

2. I know nobody who actually likes to receive any sort of chain mail.


Monday, June 16, 2008 9:05 AM


Red, actually some folks have done that, however, in the grand scheme of things, most people get incredibly annoyed with junkmail and we dont want to get the reputation for being spammers.

Not to mention, folks looking to cause trouble can use the chainletter to spread virus's among other issues. That is DEFINATELY not something we want associated with our beloved show and movie.

Your enthusiasm is wonderful, but I think the direction you are heading in may not be the best direction. Donating DVD's to your local library, becoming active in your local browncoat group, converting friends, family, coworkers, random strangers at the busstop and encouraging them to convert others, that is how we will win, word of mouth.

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Monday, June 16, 2008 9:58 AM


I recognise your arguments are genuine concerns, but I will offer my criticism to them.

1) Regarding distaste towards chainmail.

A lot of classic chainmail is crap like, pass this message along to 10 people and good things will happen to you. This kind of chainmail doesn't achieve anything. It doesn't better anyones lives. It doesn't bring happiness, save maybe you send it to 10 people and decide you feel happy about it. This chain letter introduces people to the show. If they don't like the show, they weren't going to like the show. It worst, they might feel spammed by the letter and tell a friend about it, who then learns of firefly. Okay, so the friend hears about it with bad karma, but now their intrest is piqued. They're told it's crappy, so they want to go and see for themselves what's so crappy about it. Now they watch it, and they either become a new fan, or they too, do not like it. No loss, they weren't going to. People who recieve the letter and moan 'not another chainmail', may still check out the show to see what it's all about. Ultimately, anyone who checks it out and finds a new favorite show is not going to care they learned about it in a chain letter. They'll just be happy to know about the show. The chain letter brought them a good thing for once, instead of crap. To generalise this argument, if you received a chain letter saying that someone is giving away $1,000, here's a link and the moneys yours. It's totally real, you click it and you in fact, become $1,000 richer. No twists, no viruses, just $1,000 free dollars. Are you going to complain about getting that chain letter?

2) Regarding Viruses

This is an unfortunate truth. It is almost bound to happen, even if not necessarily. But why throw away a powerful tool over the one jerk who tries to spoil it? So someone recieves this chain letter, clicks the link, and a virus screws up their computer. bad Karma for sure. But again, they now know about the show. They may try to check it out when their computer is fixed, and become a new fan. They may see it in a store and say hey, I heard about that in the letter. It screwed up my computer. I wonder what it is. Even in a negative light, interest is piqued. They may tell their friends about how a firefly chainletter screwed up their computer. One friend might pipe up about how awesome the show is, or they all might check it out. Maybe they won't actively do so, but they now know about it. The opportunity will eventually arise.

My conclusion is this. Firefly is an awesome show. One of the best ever to air on television. The arrival of a chain letter, or the download of a virus, ultimately, won't mean crap if the see, and love the show. All that will matter to them at the end of the day, is that they have been introduced to something wonderful. It is more likely they will feel that the virus was worth finding this show rather than to trash talk something they love just because they got a virus on the way to finding it. It's bad logic to do so. Say you're going on a vacation. On route, you get shot in the leg and spent several painful days in a hospital bed. After your release, you complete the vacation, where you meet the love of your life, who you eventually marry and bear children with. The gunshot wound becomes a touching memory of how you came to arrive at meeting your wife.



Monday, June 16, 2008 10:20 AM


in regard to your first counterpoint:

The whole 'not gonna complain about a chain letter that makes you $1000 richer": the problem with the scenario is that if i (and, i suspect, most people) got such an email, i wouldn't click the link. Because no one's ever REALLY giving away money, so why bother? Similarly: no one's ever REALLY sending links to things you're interested in, so why bother? The vast, VAST majority of recipients, i suspect, would not visit the sight, even if they did bother to open the email.

As has been said, major kudos for the enthusiasm, but believe us when we say we know what works. Some folk here (not meaning myself) have been at it for a long, long time.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008 4:54 PM



Chainmail...I thought this thread was about Zoe's armor in the pilot episode Serenity.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008 4:56 PM


LOL so did I, I was soo dissappointed, I wanted to see what someone else had come up with as far as chainmail for zoes's costume!

of course, my other thought was... hmm bellydancers clad in chainmail.. with bring back firefly performing en masse in front of fox headquarters might just work...

Browncoats are the shiniest folks in the 'verse <--my bluesunshop


Tuesday, June 17, 2008 5:09 PM



Don't need to have it look like a chain letter.

Just tell people about hulu. People can legally watch Firefly there for free!

Don't need to tell people to tell other people. The episodes do that. Just answer their questions after they fall in love.
Like...Of course, there is a Firefly DVD...Blu-Ray too. And a Collector's Edition of the movie...yeah a movie...and
you can see it on the Big Darn Screen because there are Charity Screenings every year. 50 screenings in 2008.
Goal is to raise over $150,000. And there are comic books...






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