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Originally posted by Lynn on the Browncoats Backup Bash board (

Thank you to everyone who gave money to help pull off the Browncoat Backup Bash! The organizers feel it would be most appropriate for us to let you guys know where all that money went so here’s the breakdown of all the expenses and the funds that were received:

Expense Amount
Game show costs ($48.93)
Supplies - wristbands, name tags, notepads, etc ($151.90)
Food and drink for guests and staff ($353.90)
Hotel for guests ($343.90)
Buses ($4,807.86)
Tips ($500.00)
Walkie talkies ($90.00)
Hall rental ($2,494.00)
Projector ($600.00)
Flowers ($45.83)
Paypal fees ($137.47)
Total Expenses ($9,573.79)

Funds source Amount
Cash $1355.00
Checks $150.00
Poster donations $260.00
Paypal $6408.79
Corporate sponsorship $1400.00
Total Funds $9573.79

Total funds $9573.79
Total expenses ($9,573.79)
Net $0.00

One note to add regarding the goody bags, beyond the cost of the bags themselves, no costs were incurred by the California Browncoats. All items in the bags were donated by attendees or vendors! Much thanks to all of those donors!

After paying all the expenses we found that we had $45.83 left. We know that we said all excess money would be sent to Equality Now, but it was agreed among the organizers that such a small amount was a rather paltry sum to be made as a donation. We also felt that Clare Kramer was owed some measure of thanks for her extreme generosity. So we used that money (plus a donation by Denise of Wash-o-Saurus fame) to purchase some flowers which we delivered to her restaurant this past Saturday night. We also gave her some business as we sat, ate, drank and reminisced (in the roped off area like the celebrities we are *grin*).

That said, we do really want to do something special for Equality Now and are planning some wonderful eBay auctions to benefit them in the name of the B3. Watch this site for updates on what and when. If you have anything really cool you want to donate for the cause that we can auction off please contact the California Browncoats at

My measly words of thanks are not nearly enough to express how grateful we all are that everyone pulled together to make this happen! As you can see by the expenses incurred this was not an inexpensive endeavor. I’m humbled that so many people, many of whom weren’t even attending B3, stepped up and donated so much money simply to help their fellow Browncoats in their time of need. By the same token I think under $10,000 for almost 400 people to party the weekend away is pretty darn good! Thank you again and again and again!!!!


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