would you guys like to see a Firefly / Serenity video game?

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Thursday, October 20, 2005 8:17 PM


i don't think one will ever be commercially developed, but it would be something really fun for us fans to build!

i'd love to see an old-school Sierra style adventure game based on Firefly (ala the King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest games). Maybe mixed in with some Maniac Mansion style character switching, or if you're more familiar, the Star Trek 25th Anniversary game.

OR we could do an action/adventure RPG hybrid somewhat like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Man, that would be something wouldn't it?

This is just wishful thinking on my part. I'm not a very skilled programmer, nor am I a great writer. That's why I'd love to collaborate with other fans here and see if this could be a possibility. Wouldn't it be great to have a game that takes place somewhere between "Objects in Space" and the Serenity movie? I'd love to see and play that for sure! Heck, we could take a really good piece of fan fiction and base the game off that.

What do you guys think?


Thursday, October 20, 2005 8:27 PM



Originally posted by onetransmission:
OR we could do an action/adventure RPG hybrid somewhat like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Man, that would be something wouldn't it?

When my wife and I walked out of Serenity, the first thing we agreed on was that while we were watching it we were thinking it would make a great Bioware RPG. They're the people who did Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, of course.

I don't think it's too much of a stretch to think of a game like that being made. They made a Buffy game for Xbox back when Buffy's ratings weren't all that great.


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Friday, October 21, 2005 1:36 AM


There are lots of skilled modders working on Grand theft Auto: San Andreas at the the moment. For PS2 XBox & PC it would seem. Best by far for PC though. They've even got an online mod up and running which will be ready for downloading sometime next year I expect. You can find screen shots etc here

For those who don't know it, San Andreas is one of the most ambitious video games ever created. The game world is bigger than huge and although there is a mission structure to the main game, it's completely free roaming, meaning you can walk, run, drive, or fly anywhere you want to night or day and in any weather. You can work as a group too, selecting gang members to join you who'll follow you around and give you a hand to some extent.
I could imagine being able to swap control between the characters for different jobs that require different skills, weapons, mechanics, intelligence, strength etc. The three major cities could be turned into 3 or more seperate moons instead.
There are around 100 different vehicles to drive in SA, these could be turned in to all manner of hover crafts / mules, you can even fly a huge airliner which could easily be turned into a spaceship, Serenity maybe.
It'll never be created of course

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Friday, October 21, 2005 1:59 AM


I've considered converting my code for "Pernica" to create a "Firefly 'verse" virtual world, but I suspect Joss, Universal or Fox would shut down such at attempt thus it seems it might be a lot of work to do only to be squashed.


Friday, October 21, 2005 2:18 AM


YES!!! And I'd much rather have it for my PS2 than for my computer.

Unless someone can build and program something for my original NES...that'd kick butt! - blog - videos - store - the new damn podcast

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Friday, October 21, 2005 2:54 AM


If you were refering to my post, I've played both PS2(now sold) & XBox vers, both identicle. I think only the PC would handle something like that.
It's the most impressive version, can see for miles across each city & the countyside, and I only have a fairly modest PC.

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Friday, October 21, 2005 3:19 AM


They made not one, but 2 Buffy games (the first is for XBox only and is far superior to 'Chaos Bleeds' the second released for PS2 and Xbox). These games are why I bought my XBox!

I would like to see Vivendi tackle this game. I would love for it to be multiple player and include both flying missions (to get new jobs to get to port, ect) and ground missions using various characters. Plus they could incorporate non-movie characters like Badger and Niska and YoSaffBridge into the game. I don't get RPG, so I'd like to see this as a mission based sort of game.

I mean they could even use senarios from the show, for instance: you have to delivery 200 black market beagles to Beaudmont by X-time. There are lots of factors, like the buyer shoots at you or the ship breaks down cos you were cheap and didn't buy that part Kaylee needed last time you were docked (cos you'd be getting money for your missions). I love this stupid game called Black Kat it's a pirate game where you go to different ports and have to get different things or kick different people's asses and you have to buy supplies and fix your boat after battles and stuff like that. I think the FF game could be like that, only with more specific missions, and the occasional reaver chase or magnetic space trap. I think it could be a lot of fun.

I know Joss was involved in the 2 Buffy games and there is still talk of an Angel game, so maybe a Firefly game isn't too far off.

BTW: I hate CPU games, so I'd only be interested if it were for my XBox.

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Friday, October 21, 2005 5:35 AM


The number one game of all time to mod Fireflystyle would be Hardwar - This would be perfect, if you could only also travel in space, rather than just planetbound. It's all about making your way, legally or otherwise. Trading, stealing, modding your ship. One hugely underrated game in it's own right.

Hardwar + KotOR = Firefly

X-Wing Alliance would be another fantastic mod. Though neither of these have on-foot sections. If only you could do both.

We really need a Firefly: Galaxies, instead of Star Wars.


Friday, October 21, 2005 6:00 AM


i'm down with a bioware made KOTOR style game. KOTOR (the first one) might be my all time favorite video game, and i'm usually opposed to RPGs.

Jade Empire was also really good, but far to easy. hell, nathan fillion was the voice of gao the lesser.


Friday, October 21, 2005 6:01 AM



Originally posted by robinhood:
If you were refering to my post, I've played both PS2(now sold) & XBox vers, both identicle. I think only the PC would handle something like that.
It's the most impressive version, can see for miles across each city & the countyside, and I only have a fairly modest PC.

Plus PC games are moddable, which is significant 'cause no video game can be perfect for everyone.

Do they use TV version Book (with the collar and pulled-back hair) or movie version (no collar, hair in cornrows, goatee)? What about Wash (TV's Hawaiian shirt or a movie-style flightsuit)?

If it's a movie-based game, can we replace Jayne's gun with Vera?

Plus a half-decent editing community can keep a game going long past its usual lifespan. Heck, the Jedi Knight community is doing stuff on a ten-year-old engine that some modern games have trouble with.

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Friday, October 21, 2005 6:10 AM


Big damn plug for the Escape Velocity: Firefly mod! In a couple of weeks (plus time taken up by school) we hopefully will have a preview version out.

For those who don’t know Escape Velocity is a space trading game presented on a 2D field like ‘Asteroids’. This mod takes place right after the defeat of the Browncoats and follows Mal as he works for different employers eventually purchasing Serenity and going in to business for himself.

EV Nova Firefly mod Message Board:


Friday, October 21, 2005 7:53 AM


I would love something alog the lines of Diablo II - Lord of Destruction.

There would even be an excuse for a secret cow level :)

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Friday, October 21, 2005 8:40 AM


I wouldn’t want Vivendi away near a Firefly game. The nightmare of Steam must be contained.

I do think Firefly would make a good Knights of The Old Republic style RPG. Bioware cannot be praised enough for adding Revan to the Star Wars universe.

Also something along the lines of old classic Elite would work well.

Who do you suppose is in there?


Friday, October 21, 2005 8:49 AM


at first, i was thinking that a Firefly game would be horrible. and i'm still sticking with that, kind of.

if you were to make a KOTOR-style game, or a MMO, set in the Firefly universe, then that'd be ok, but as far as playing as the crew members and stuff... no. a million times no.


Friday, May 26, 2006 11:05 AM


I started looking around other firefly boards to see if anyone else is planning any sort of game when i came across this:
i guess this warcraft guild called Serenity Now completely demolished this in-game funeral for a girl that died in real life, and they video taped it.
video link:

crazy stuff. and certainly not the best way to spread serenity.

(edit) although i guess there was some payback, they had a hacker get into their site
serves them right.


Wednesday, June 7, 2006 2:34 PM


Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is coming out this fall... should be perfect for an Alliance/Independents mod.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006 8:15 PM


yea i would

Think of this amazing concept. It could be first or third person and in stead of following a set path it would be open ended. You play, primarily, as Malcom Reynolds and you command the crew during jobs. But, to keep it inserting you have to avoid the alliance and reavers that are randomly about. You would not only choose which jobs to take, based on the payment and where the Feds are, but how to go about them as well. On some missions you may even have to play as Jayne or control the ship as Wash. Jobs from the show could be included plus many more; but, with an internet connection there could always be the ability to download more missions. I also think that with a little coaxing the original cast could be brought back for likeness rights and voice acting.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006 9:03 AM


Actaully what maybe the easiest route to go is a NWN 2 mod. the more creative member of our community could make the content and then people can make thier own Firefly/Serenity games in any style imaginable.

Want a shoot-'em Reaver attack? fine.
What about a story driven exploration? super.
Play as the crew? rock-on
Play as your own characters? that works too.

Perhaps the most interesting, in theory you could create a MMORPG which in my humble opinion would rock verily.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006 9:15 AM


I'm not too fond of MMORPGs, sorry. No atmosphere whatsoever, and Firefly is about interaction and intimate moments and relations.
I'm gonna post my idea for a Firefly game soon, complete with a story overview. It got kinda long, so I'm gonna have to finish it later. Once I get going, well...

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Saturday, July 22, 2006 3:54 PM


Actually I have already began a FireFly Video game. I have the concept pertty much put togeather well mostly. But I am lost on where to or how to make it. So if anyone whats to see what I have I can give them a breaf overview



Saturday, November 17, 2007 8:33 PM


There are several games coming out that could be merged to make the Ultimat FireFly game. The first comes out in 3 days. It is called Mass Effect, and is made by BioWare (the guys who made the first KOTOR game. It employs RPG elements with specialized, squad based shooting action. The Only reason it isn't Titled "FireFly:the RPG" is because you take the position of a spectre (same thing as the operative) who works for a group called the Alliance. The other one is coming out in a while, it is called Borderlands. Look it up. If either of these games were to be mereged with the flying Mechanics of Freelancer and the Fighting system for the Warriors (the only game to ever accuratly depict a huge bar fight) you'd have the Best Damn Game Ever

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Saturday, November 17, 2007 11:28 PM


iv said this before, but how about a firefly game like oblivion or mass effect, were you make a character and have a main quest as well as many side missions to complete

so you make a cpatain
choose your abilities (gun slinger, mechanics, charm etc)
find a crew and buy a ship
and go do the jobs

make it full of choices and adventure
here's a good example vid from mass effect (just get rid of the aliens and dirty it up a bit and it like firefly)

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Sunday, November 18, 2007 12:09 AM


There is only ONE project that has survived the years and that is the referenced EVNova project above:

Though I'm not sure of its current status.

Aside from that, all fan projects have failed. This is largely due to the common initial excitement dilemma. Basically, people get excited about a project straight off, but things slow down drastically quickly, then the project dies in short order.

And that's IF the project gets started. There's a significant "doing it" problem in the community. Basically, the story goes, someone has the idea that FF/S would make a great game, and posts that it should be done. Then people talk about what a great game it would be and what they think it should look like. Then NO-ONE DOES ANYTHING!

Everyone just sits around waiting for someone to do something about it. Which of course will never happen because everyone is looking to someone else to do something.

And here's the kicker. Because of the first problem listed above, the only thing that any project gets is opinions, if that. I say if that because there has been so much discussion on this, and so many projects announced which NOTHING has come of, that people pretty much ignore such suggestions/announcements now. Well, except perhaps new people.

From experience, I know that it's really really hard to keep a project going, by one-self, with no energy to feed off of from the community. Hell, even a "keep it up" on status reports would help! But, not even that.

If you doubt me, just look at how much trouble recent projects have had to even get people to send emails. Modding requires a fair bit more than that, and making a game from scratch FAR more than that!

I'm not trying to piss on your parade here. But, that is the reality of the situation. So, if you want a game to come about, there's something that has to be done: you do it. You'll have to start the project and get a good chunk done before anyone will take notice.

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Monday, November 19, 2007 12:23 AM


How's about we settle for someone making a nice 3d model of the ship that you can walk through?

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Monday, November 19, 2007 5:24 AM


Can't believe nobody's mentioned this yet...

Fox licensed Firefly to be an MMORPG. There hasn't been much news other than rumors for going on a year, but it's still theoretically in the works.

I actually had a dream the other night that I was at the picket lines asking Joss why there was no Serenity video game. He wouldn't answer me. Then my 3 year old woke me up.

Also, I plan on using QMX's blueprints to make a UT2004 map of Serenity. Not really a Serenity video game, but it's a start.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007 3:36 AM



Originally posted by micjwelch:
Can't believe nobody's mentioned this yet...

Me, neither!

There's been quite a lot of talk about it...

Also, there's a wonderful add-on for the FREE spaceflight simulator Orbiter <> that's achieved legendary status within that community...

Here's a video clip...

YouTube - Firefly Serenity Test Vid


Saturday, November 24, 2007 10:16 AM


wasnt a serenity universe mmorpg game announced about 6 months ago ? has thatnow been cancelled ?


Saturday, November 24, 2007 3:01 PM


F*** YES. as long as they made it for ps2 :-P

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Saturday, November 24, 2007 3:40 PM


I would love to see a Firefly/Serenity video game, and in fact have designed a concept for one for a school project. It's set in the future, and thus the concept is mostly outside the capabilities of modern technology, but the actually gameplay could certainly be implemented. It's set during the Unification War, and is sort of a bridge between the RPG, FPS, and RTS gameplay styles. Players would be a soldier in the Browncoat or Alliance armies, but would also control a squad of their teammates and direct their actions. If they perform well, their command could swell to the point where they would be in command of multiple squads, platoons, or even entire divisions. The entire game would still be played in what is essentially the standard FPS viewpoint, or possibly a third person view. (My futuristic concept actually involves essentially a holodeck, so the player would be directly in the action without any interface, but that's not possible now. )

There's a lot of other good ideas here too, however. If only one of the big game studios would pick up one of them!


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Saturday, November 24, 2007 6:48 PM


someone did make a less than stellar cellphone video game for Serenity. I would love to see a PC game for either Firefly and/or Serenity though. I'm just not sure how to run the details.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007 9:07 PM


The best way to do a game in The "Verse would be a FPS/Privateer-Freelancer hybrid. Do the FPS in Unreal as Activision did with GUN and Ubisoft did with Rainbow Six: Vegas, while the Freelancer engine could probably be licensed from Microsoft. Thats the only way to do the source material justice.

Set up a free roaming game world(where new planets and Cities and related gameplay can be modded in). Set up the player as the fresh new captain of a not quite as good as a Firefly tub, and then set them in the "verse just after the wav about Miranda is sent out. The main story of the game would be this crew setting the scene for a possible sequel to the BDM.

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