Wisconsin: Freefall3 Airsoft LARP July 18-19

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Thursday, June 25, 2009 11:06 AM


EDIT: Preregistration via PayPal is now open through July 12 at:


It's that time of year again for you Midwestern airsoft Browncoats....

Stone Gryphon Studio and Lupine Productions, in conjunction with Airsoft BattleZone, will be running Freefall3 at Apocalypse Paintball in Poynette, Wisconsin on the weekend of July 18-19. "Freefall" is our semi-famous annual Browncoat airsoft/Nerf live-action roleplaying scenario game set on the Border Moon Ataraxia. This is no nambie-pambie, don't-get-my-armor-dirty LARP; this is a 400-fps full-auto full-contact event with padded hand weapons, brawling and stunning and wounding rules, seriously scary Reaver raiders, a cash economy with banking, and more conniving per square inch than any other game you've ever played.

We are in the process of updating the official game website,, and hope to start accepting preregistrations by Monday June 29. Preregistration cost is $35, or $40 at the door. Overnight camping on-site is not only allowed, it is positively encouraged. The registration table and camping area will open on noon Saturday July 18, with Game On at 4pm to midnight Saturday and again at 8am to 4pm Sunday. Registration includes the renowned Apoc Spicy Spaghetti Lunch on Sunday. Back again this year we have the intrepid Alliance Task Force 7 with their armored skiff Natasha; the crew of the medium transport ship Waxwing; and the CWI mercenary's guild. New this year is the militant cult of the Followers of the True Path in their fortress compound, and rules for Reaver Captain and Bounty Hunter/Scalper characters.

So polish up Vera and pop on them goggles - it's time for some thrillin' heroics!

Updated rules and details to be posted soon at:
(in the meantime, read the plot intros and after-action reports on the Storyline page)

Field information at:

Alliance embedded-reporter footage from Freefall2:

Alliance Chronicles - Part 1

Alliance Chronicles - Part 2

Alliance Chronicles - Part 3

Alliance Chronicles - Part 4

Alliance Chronicles - Part 5

Alliance Chronicles - Part 6

Alliance Chronicles - Part 7


Saturday, June 27, 2009 10:45 AM


My apologies for the double-post, but I wanted to let any interested parties know that the updated rules set has been posted at and that we are currently accepting preregistration via PayPal through July 12. Of all the goofy things my crew gets into, Freefall is my personal favorite event of the season. There will be a large number of excellent roleplayers again this year, the FABULOUS Sahaja bellydance troupe might grace us again if I can beg/plead/groveland hard enough, and Natasha the Armored Skiff will be back with her pilot Boris. Best of all, Apocalypse is one of the coolest fields in the Midwest and Paul and Dave are putting in a new Airbase Field even as I write, just so we will have a working "spaceport" for our game! I was just there today updating the game map as they were working - the Reaver firebase is going to be sooooo creepy grrrrr, arrrgh

If you are looking to meet more Wisconsin/Upper Illinois/Minnesota Browncoats and/or airsoft LARPers, this is THE event. Hope to meet you there....


Saturday, July 4, 2009 7:07 AM


The juicy roles are going fast, so contact me soon if you want to play something special. We still have openings for armed refugees, militant cultists, organized crime Enforcer thugs, and Reaver Captains. The Followers of the True Path cult leadership is in place, Alliance Task Force 7 is ready to roll and may be receiving local assistance from the Ataraxian Volunteer Militia Force 10 (AVMF 10) if the team accepts my role offer. There are also two transport ship crews confirmed, so the Waxwing will have a little competition this year. We have two Reaver Captains confirmed so far, but there is plenty of room for more.

We are going to try another innovation this year that we are calling the Freefall Bazaar. It will work like a swap meet; individuals and teams can bring extra gear/weapons/site-legal stuff that they can then barter with other players or the Trading Post for items or game cash. Any player can sell for barter or game cash from a blanket or table in the Freefall Camp area - this could be a fun "game within a game" role for those Firefly fans that want to play characters in the safe area only and do not want to risk getting shot up onfield. Professional vendors with valid Wisconsin Sales Tax numbers may sell items for real money, but they must register with me first and agree to provide $50's-worth of product for sale for game cash as their vendor booth fee. Anyone with questions regarding vending items should contact me at

During Freefall3, Judy Doerr has volunteered to run the Trading Post and play Queen of the Bazaar. She will be the onsite barter/vending coordinator.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009 4:28 PM


Freefall3's move to Apocalypse Paintball was a huge success! We had over 100 players and NPCs in attendence. After-action reports and links to pics can be found on our official AAR thread hosted by our sponsor Airsoft BattleZone:


Tuesday, July 21, 2009 11:43 PM



Originally posted by Duelist:
Freefall3's move to Apocalypse Paintball was a huge success! We had over 100 players and NPCs in attendence. After-action reports and links to pics can be found on our official AAR thread hosted by our sponsor Airsoft BattleZone:

Is next year's event scheduled yet?


Wednesday, July 22, 2009 3:20 AM


Freefall4 will be held at Apocalypse Paintball in Poynette, WI on the 3rd weekend in July, 2010.






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