Flan cancelled???

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Thursday, December 7, 2006 2:41 PM


I was just on Booster and it said that Flan is cancelled! What is going on? Does anyone have any info at all??? Please respond, I'm starting to spaz out.


Thursday, December 7, 2006 3:26 PM


FLAN was cancelled as of 4 pm PST today. No other details available.

The SoCal and NoCal Browncoats are putting together a Shindig for those already there, or en route.

I hope Nathan takes heart and decides to go on by anyway.. the crew could use a little cheer in these dreary days...



Friday, December 8, 2006 3:20 AM


Here is all the information I have at this time (from the SoCal Browncoats message boards) about B3 (Browncoats' Backup Bash), including information on: opening meeting, organization, volunteering, donations, Big Damn Heroes (Nathan & Adam!) in attendance, parties, Shindig, financial concerns, potential legal action vs. Booster Events, etc. I hope it's helpful, and I hope no one minds that I re-posted the info here (I took out the names of the posters, other than the offical B3 organizers, just in case)!


The California Browncoats would like to thank everyone who has already
supported us through donations and volunteering. It makes all the
difference in the world having so many of you here in spirit making
sure we're able to do the impossible.

We would like to let those who have donated know that should there be
any leftover funds we will be donating the unused amount to Equality
Now in the name of the Browncoats.

If you had a ticket to Flanvention and are still planning on coming
and joining us, there will be a meeting at 11am in the lobby of the
Hilton. If you're not able to join us for the 11am meeting, please
find someone with a red nametag hanging out in the lobby when you
arrive and that person will be able to fill you in on what's going on.

We have been working since we rolled into town at 3pm on Thursday to
make this weekend the best it can be, given the short notice from BE.

Thank you all again.

San Francisco and SoCal Browncoats


To everyone

Thank you to every one of you for all the support and offers to help
out. We won't be able to put on this event without either.

For those who want to help, you can just show up in the lobby and find
someone with a red nametag. They will hopefully be able to direct you
to Rosie, who is handling the job of organizing volunteers for the
lobby shifts. Right now that is the most important job. We need to
make sure there is always someone in the lobby to answer questions
from those who have them.

The Shindig is still on Saturday night. Starting sometime in the
evening and ending when we all are passed out :) More will be posted
if the previously listed info changes. Tammy is still inviting
everyone to her room party also. But it would be nice if you brought
a snack or drinks since there will be quite a few people stopping by now.

I will be checking the board all night, and heading back to Burbank in
the morning. Lynn and I will be there all weekend and hope to see
quite a few of you there. I will have my laptop, but am unsure of how
often I will be able to log in.

I will have someone keep you all updated whenever possible. You might
also want to keep an eye on Whedonesque as that site reaches a ton of
people at once to get the word out. We will also post all updates as
possible on the CB site

Thank you!
James and Lynn and the BBB crew



I was at the Burbank Hilton tonight about 6:30 pm. A swarm of at least 100
browncoats were in the lobby. A few minutes afterwards, in walks Adam
Baldwin. There's a hush in the room and then applause. He said that he and
Nathan will be there on Saturday afternoon and he came to hang out tonight
with the browncoats. What an upstanding person.

Then he spent about 3 hours hanging out in the bar with the fans.


Re: [SoCalBrowncoats] Flan 2 backup plan - again


Also, from what I was told by the hotel event coordinator late this afternoon, was that I had the 'Burbank' room for the costume display for the whole weekend. They were doing this as a courtesy to us. They didn't have to do this. It will be open at various times for people who want to come in and see it. There aren't as many costumes as could have been there, but due to liability reasons, Universal could not loan us costumes from their archives once we got word BE had officially canceled the convention.

If anyone has some original costumes from the film or series, please contact me and we can add the stuff to the display. I will be tearing it down on Sunday.



--- In, ________ wrote:

Now what?

> First, as someone who has both attending and helped run cons for
more than 10 years, I am utterly livid at what BE has done.
> Makes the rest of us look bad.
> This is NOT how cons are supposed to be run.
> That being said...
> -- If you need to cancel your plane tix, get offline and call your
creditcard company NOW. Make copies of all your receipts and send it
along with a cover letter documenting exactly what happened.
> -- Is there a way to get together all the names of people who payed?
One person who can be a point of contact to gather names, addresses
and payment info. This is fraud with criminal intent, people. And if
everyone gets together and lawyers up as one, the fact that BE is an
LLC won't save them from prosecution. And one lawyer representing 500
defrauded customers speaks louder than 500 separate ones.
> But do it NOW. I bet five dollah on da table, GI, the reason they're
waiting those 10 days is because they are madly scrambling to dissolve
the company and declare bankrupcy. Which won't matter, because you can
still go after the individual stakeholders.
> The fact that there was no BE rep on site 24 hours out, that people
were given conficting information so late that they could not cancel
their reservations, that the cancellation notification was not done in
a way that was readily accessible to most people - this makes it
difficult for BE to claim that they tried to their best effort to hold
the con but were unable to.
> Not just fraud for you, but for the hotel and for the guests.
Remember, they all gave up the potential of other paying gigs to be
there, on the assumption they'd be paid. Even if they were notified a
week out, that might not have been enough time to line up something else.
> Take that anger and make a difference with it. Let con organizers go
that fans won't just put up with this simply because they are fans.
Clean house on it.
> Again, this is NOT how these things are supposed to happen.

Re: Now what?

These are all great suggestions. Here's one more suggestion:

- Every person who has lost money on this convention, or in dealing
with Booster Events, needs to contact the Oregon Attorney General's
Office. Their website:

You can email, call, fill out a web form, or write them a letter. Try
to get everyone at the convention to do this, or at least get their
information to include them on a complaint.

Booster Events is an Oregon LLC, and at least one of the founders
lives in Oregon. Any legal action will likely be in Oregon. File a
formal complaint against the company with the AG, and ask them to

From what I gather, many of the attendees paid hundreds of dollars,
and some paid thousands. That's somewhere around $200,000 that BE has
misplaced. I'd say that's enough to get the AG interested in
following up.



Friday, December 8, 2006 3:31 AM


THANK YOU...with BE's site down it is hard to get any info. This is much appreciated. It's too late for me to cancel anything, not even my $200 for the hotel, so I decided to go. Partly because I know Browncoats are the nicest bunch of people around! This could still be fun.

Take my faith, kill my belief, make me live just like a thief. True to mine I'll still can't take the sky from me.


Friday, December 8, 2006 3:39 AM


THANK YOU...with BE's site down it is hard to get any info. This is much appreciated. It's too late for me to cancel anything, not even my $200 for the hotel, so I decided to go. Partly because I know Browncoats are the nicest bunch of people around! This could still be fun.

Take my faith, kill my belief, make me live just like a thief. True to mine I'll still can't take the sky from me.


Monday, December 18, 2006 5:40 PM


I want to be sure that everyone who had a ticket to Flan2 has gotten the message:

lexigeek posted earlier (in the General forum)

I have been contacted by Bon Stewart, a detective with the Ashland, Ore. Police Department. He is looking into the Flanvention cancellation as a possible criminal matter. Det. Stewart is trying to compile a list of everyone who lost money to Booster Events. I told him I'm not comfortable providing other people's names, but that I would ask around on his behalf.

If you would like to provide your information to him, his e-mail address (which he has allowed me to share) is

ETA: Someone on asked if I knew whether Det. Stewart was legit or not, and I did in fact check before posting. See the City of Ashland Staff Directory.

Detective Stewart would like to hear from every single ticket holder, please give him your information!







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