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Thursday, October 12, 2017 12:42 PM


I believe in solving problems, not sharing them.

It's our turn.

Well, it's ALWAYS our turn. We've had destructive and widespread fires this past summer, but now we have wildfires raging through cities. And not just small hamlets, or cities out in boonies, but real, heavily-populated, well-watered cities .... the kind you might expect to visit or live in some day.

Santa Rosa, population 174,000.

20,000 people evacuated and 2000 buildings destroyed. If their city is like my city, that's somewhere between 100- 200 city blocks destroyed. Living in a city .... no protection against wildfire driven by 50 -75 mph winds. Imagine that. This is very much like the Fort McMurray fire last year. Scary stuff. After a brief reprieve, the winds are howling again in northern California.


SANTA ROSA, Calif. — The wind known as the Diablo has picked up again, the air is dry, there is no rain in sight and the killer wildfires ravaging Northern California’s wine country remained almost completely uncontained Thursday morning. Officials warned that some of the big fires could merge, even as new blazes erupted, and thousands of people have been told to prepare to leave their homes — if they haven’t already.

Evacuations continue, including one order covering the entire city of Calistoga in Napa County.

In neighboring Sonoma County, where the menacing arc of flames has done the most damage, Geyserville residents were urged to leave Wednesday evening; two hours later, another evacuation order was issued in the Sonoma Valley.

“This is a serious, critical, catastrophic event,” Cal Fire Chief Ken Pimlott said.

At least 23 people have been killed by the fires in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Yuba counties, where 3,500 homes and businesses had been burned at last count. Officials expect the death toll to rise — perhaps significantly — when officers begin going into the “hot zones” that were immolated in the firestorm.

“We can’t even get into most of the areas,” Sonoma County Sheriff Robert Giordano said. “When we start doing searches, I expect that number to go up.”

Amid these grim bulletins, the huge utility company PG&E acknowledged that the extreme winds late Sunday and early Monday had knocked trees into power lines in conditions conducive to wildfires.

“The historic wind event that swept across PG&E’s service area late Sunday and early Monday packed hurricane-strength winds in excess of 75 mph in some cases,” said Ari Vanrenen, a PG&E spokeswoman, in a statement released after the San Jose Mercury News first reported on a possible link between the wildfires and the power grid.

“These destructive winds, along with millions of trees weakened by years of drought and recent renewed vegetation growth from winter storms, all contributed to some trees, branches and debris impacting our electric lines across the North Bay,” she said.

Vanrenen said the company was up to date in the maintenance of its infrastructure and the surrounding vegetation but that excess rain last winter, followed by a drought, has created a lot of dry brush.

And in SoCal, the Canyon fire in Anaheim Hills, propelled by what is here called Santa Ana winds ... Like Santa Rosa, not an area that you would think is at risk of fire. It looks like MANY upscale neighborhoods in Orange County ... suburban streets, not homes tucked away in an exurban canyon somewhere


Thursday, October 12, 2017 6:08 PM


America loves a winner!


Originally posted by Brenda:
*Hugs* Sig,

I've been seeing some of the devastation on my Twitter feed and just knowing that that IDIOT in the White House is doing nothing makes my blood boil.

They shouldn't have voted for Hillary. This is what they get, right ?

Seriously, it's an active wildfire. WTF do you expect the President , who is on the other side of the damn country to do ? You think anything is being denied that's been requested to fight this fire ?

If so, then proven it, or STFU.


Friday, October 13, 2017 12:13 AM


Goodbye, kind world (George Monbiot) - In common with all those generations which have contemplated catastrophe, we appear to be incapable of understanding what confronts us.

There were TWO major wildland fires that came within a mile and a half of my home during the last few years.

But I never felt threatened because 1 - I'm out of the foothills, on flat land, well away from the terrain, and 2 - there's a lot of well-developed land between me and the foothills.

Seeing the picture of urban neighborhoods burned to ashes, without a forest in sight, gave me pause. How did they burn?

Some of the neighborhoods are extremely densely built. There is not only next to no space sidewall to sidewall, there's next to no backyard space backwall to backwall, and no front lawns to speak of either. However the fire entered, I can see how the entire neighborhood could go up in flames, especially with winds gusting 55-79 mph.

Some of the neighborhoods are only one narrow street away from heavy timber growth.

And others - I just couldn't figure out. I wonder if some buildings were torched for insurance purposes.

As a reminder, Fort NcMurray, from last year:

Trump is not the problem. He set himself against the Deep State's agenda. And the Deep State's been heading for WWIII for years.
As for you, you're just a Deep State useful idiot, furthering its agenda. So I hope you enjoy cesium in your coffee. You've earned it.






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