Trump's long game

UPDATED: Monday, August 14, 2017 12:25
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Monday, August 14, 2017 12:25 PM


... fully loaded, safety off...

I can't really give Trump any credit for any of this - he's a follower, not a thinker - so in this large scenario he is more a piece of the puzzle.

From witter:

Let's talk bluntly about what is happening in the American information space. /1

CNN: North Korea about to attack Guam
MSNBC: North Korea about to attack Guam
Fox News: new search for Clinton's Benghazi emails.

Because, Americans are being radicalized to reject core values of a democratic society /2Molly McKew added,

What have we heard from Fox-iverse this week?

- At home, America is doing great. Economy going gangbusters, everything coming up roses /3

- BUT there are many enemies we must confront

Via Gorka: "left extremists are staging terror attacks/hate attacks in order to smear POTUS" /4

Via Prince: "our military & its leadership are weak & broken, and our wars should be outsourced to private forces w/no rules of engagement" /5

Via POTUS, fox, Breitbart: establishment republicans are enemy far worse than democrats, will be challenged by trump's election machine /6

Don't underestimate importance of this. SCL/CA not a normal company. They have clear agenda. It's linked to trump/7

What's going to happen now is Republican Party will be gutted & repopulated w/ pro-Trump candidates. Think tea party elex, but far worse /8

These candidates, who reject fundamental democratic institutions/values, idea of tolerance and indisputable truth, American leadership .../9

... Will be backed by a powerful alliance of media, data-analytics, money operating totally opaquely. Not clear stated agenda ... /10

... Beyond elevation of small group of billionaires into positions where they control politics as means of controlling economic resources/11

This is why our institutions are being gutted. Because control requires centralization. Ditto with Trump team needing congress to be weak/12

Sound familiar?
It's because it's what happened in Russia after 2000, only w/o the security state involved /13

But there are new tools that make the drive to accomplish this more possible.
We're mostly ignoring how it is happening /14

The core apparatus of conservative media is sending 1 message: only president can be trusted. Dark forces prevent him from delivering... /15

... So the only way for him to be successful is to attack the enemy within.
That's how you conduct state capture w/ 25% radicalized base/16

If I knew nothing about America and were analyzing its information environment the way I do that of other countries... /17

... , I would tell you a campaign of subversion is well underway, near complete.
This will move out of info space soon. Always does. /18

Now we have an external enemy and crisis, North Korea, and a reason to centralize more control to deal with crisis /19

You've all seen polling. The majority of Americans do not subscribe to these views. Regardless what the info environment is telling you /20

Our system requires two vibrant, engaged, representative political parties, a free media -- and the separation of money and politics /21

But I'm really tired of people saying Americans are dumb and lazy and "choose" divided info spaces. Some is choice. Sure. However -- /22

It's time to acknowledge that a lot of this is being done to people. Created on purpose. Call it what you will, it's about radicalization/23

The creation of self-reinforcing universes-- left, right, against-all, outside views not welcome--is a tool of psychological control/24

Google and Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and wtf else need to stop showing us what they think we want to see to drive consumption /25

Data-driven everything needs to be understood for what it is. Which is not a force for good when it comes to the selling of ideas. /26






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