something I saw on text-tv on a danish channel sometime ago. regarding mythbusters wish to take a look on the 9/11-truthers theory

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012 12:32 PM


something I saw on text-tv on a danish channel some time ago. regarding mythbusters wish to take a look on the 9/11-truthers theory, not sure if anyone have read somewhere else something similar, and posted it here too, i appologise - but to me it sounded more like they(and it might be the wording the one who translated it to danish used)would be a little maybe even much less unbiased than they should be in favor of the official story, I know it is an entertainment program, but should they not, if they did it, should they then not look upon it as unbiased as possible. the reason they gave for not have done it, was that the truthers would not believe there findings - as if they already knew what the findings would be, and that it would probably fill more than one episode. so i did intent to try and sent a email to the mythbusters program, that I thought they should contact the so called truthers, and ask them to first of all find among there own ranks - people that could represent them, on the program. Perhaps even have them supply the camera people for this/these episodes(perhaps a half or whole season) so the truthers would feel they do not get steamrolled/stonewalled, and second to make a systematic list over the points that they believe indicate weak points in the official story. so they systematically could go through each and every thing and see how each and everyone pan out so to speak, perhaps even have a scoreboard with 3 points: Busted, Plausible, and what ever the best word might be to chose to this place.

But I could not seem to find an email to sent to.

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