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Wednesday, April 16, 2008 5:48 PM


*abbey and mobbex return. mobbex stomps off once he's close to the ship. abbey looks up and sees Oram and Brit making fluff balls.*

abbey *squeels*: Ohhhh Fluffies! Can I have one?

*Brit hands her one that is browned perfectly. She takes it and turns around to find a place to sit only to run straight into the Captain. The Captain was surprised at her reaction to the fluff balls. It was so unlike her regular self. She seemed almost... giddy. He pushed it out of his mind and instead tried to pick a fight.*

Colt *sarcastically*: You have a nice walk?

abbey *smiling*: Yeah. Gave him hell for the wine; he got off too easy earlier. We talked about the fineries of how not to steal from your ship mates. I made him so uncomfortable, I don't think he said one word while we were out. I think I got the point across.

Colt: You fight with him too?

abbey *laughs at musical antics of crew*: Not fight, lecture. Fighting takes two people.

*Colt is almost upset that she isn't taking the bait. She was right, fighting did take two.*

abbey: It's been a while since I've seen Oram playing that banjo. And the fluffies! Where did you all get them?

Colt *giving up on the fighting and actually realizes he is enjoying talking to her*: Brit got them somewhere.

abbey (laughing): Why the last time I did something like this was the last family reun... *she stops mid-word and her mood sobers.*

Colt *smiling now too, gazing into the fire*: When what?

abbey *as she chucks stick into fire*: Never mind.

Colt *turning to look at her*: When what?

abbey *sadly*: Doesn't matter. It was a lifetime ago.

*abbey turns towards the ship and walks away from Colt. Colt watched her retreat into the ship.*

Colt *to himself, slightly concerned*: What was that about?


Wednesday, April 16, 2008 6:22 PM


*listens through Abbey's tirade, growing more and more irked with every word that gets past her lips*

Abbey: ...and that's why you will never EVER get those filthy meat hooks of yours anywhere near my belongings again. Am I making myself clear?

*speeds up and quickly distances himself from Abbey*

Who the hell does she think she is, talkin' to me like I'm a third grader or sum'tin...

*heads for the bonfire*

*plunks himself on a pile of rocks a stone's throw away from the blaze, seething with wrath and scowling something fierce*

Girl's lucky the captain's taken a liking for her...

*picks up a branch, aiming to cook himself a few fluffballs to alleviate his mood, but snaps it*



Thursday, April 17, 2008 2:56 AM


*sits next to Mobbex, sees his failed attampts at the fluff balls*

Here, have mine.

*hands him a freshly made fluff ball*


Thursday, April 17, 2008 3:12 AM


*looks fixedly at the fluffball for a second*

'That an... olive branch you're proposing? 'Cause I'm takin' it.

*takes the fluffball and gulps it down*

Hmmm... I haven't had one of these since I was a munchkin.


Thursday, April 17, 2008 3:41 AM



Originally posted by Mobbex:
*looks fixedly at the fluffball for a second*

'That an... olive branch you're proposing? 'Cause I'm takin' it.

Yep, it's an olive branch with leaves of appology.


Thursday, April 17, 2008 5:10 AM



Originally posted by Oram:
*Smiles back at Brit, as she understands what she means*

I can teach you to play if you want. It's not hard after a while.

*nods* I'd enjoy that.


BTW.. who is cooking and what are we having?

*Brit smiles as she hops up and goes inside of the ship. She comes out with packages of fresh veggies*
I... *coughs*borrowed these from a merchant on Aquila. I asked politely but he told me no. There's a large bump on his head now and he's just awaken from unconsciousness.

*smiles despite the odd details of her story. She takes a few sticks and slides the vegetables on them, making cabobs.*

Vegetables are good for your eyesight and lungs. Especially the green and yellow ones.

*finishes cooking a cabob over the fire and holds it up*

One's done.

*continues to cook more for everyone*

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here." - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Thursday, April 17, 2008 6:38 AM


* I take two of Brit's cabobs into the Book. I peak into the Galley*


*I head up to her shuttle. She has a curtain strung across the doorway. I start to push it a side then stop. I knock on the door frame*

*Abbey: Just a minute.

*I lean against the door frame and wait. I can hear the music coming from the campfire. I make a mental note to point out to Sky that some of my skittle brained crew has talent.*

*Then I hear a squish on the floor. Gorramit some of the cabobs slid off. I bend down and scoop up the mess. *Ah thats hot* I spill the rest of the cabob and most of the other on the catwalk.*

*I start tossing the veggies off the catwalk, When I get to the last one the curtain opens.*

*Abbey: Were you trying to peek in my shuttle! What is wrong with you?*

I wasn't peeking I was....I brought you something to eat. *I hold up the cabob sticks. Only one little tomato remains* You got some nerve lady. Peeking into your shuttle..right.

*She grabs the cabob and yells: Well I suppose I should be grateful since you went out of your way. *waving the one veggie in my face*

There were more! They fell off while you had me waiting out here. What took you so long anyway?

*Then I finally get a good look at her face. Shes been crying*

Oh..I'm sorry. Didn't mean...I wasn't trying to disturb you. I just, well never mind. There's more grub by the fire. If you want.

*Abbey leans over the rail and see the mess of veggies below*

*Abbey: Oh..I shouldnt have...I didn't mean to insisuate that you... I'm sorry too.*

Well ok then. Come back down if you like.


Thursday, April 17, 2008 6:58 AM


*The slightly beaten up hover mule races up to the Book, coming to an abrupt stop. The shark holding the scroll now visible*

"My god is it good to see you guys! Where is the cap'n"


Thursday, April 17, 2008 7:36 AM


*Oram is doubled up as Mobbex is sharing an anecdote from his younger days*

...So yeah, I'm just... standing there with these girls and... there's soap bubblin' up all over the place! And.. and then obviously I slip and hit my head, get knocked out old...

Oram: *laughing hysterically* you... you're disgusting!

Yup, 'was quite the womanizer in my days... *smiles smugly*


Originally posted by LtShepard:
My god is it good to see you guys! Where is the cap'n

*jumps to his feet* 'That Lt's voice?

*takes stock of his surroundings, and surely enough spots Lt hoping off an old battered hovercraft*

*runs up to Lt and greets him with a forceful slap to the shoulder* How goes it, y' old yegg?


Thursday, April 17, 2008 7:40 AM


"Couldn't be better, you got any grub?"

*Lt walks up to the group with a warm welcome, and joins in the festivities*

"The op was classified High Risk, so we get there and just about immediately Sergeant Normandy has her gun out at this alliance trooper and pulls the trigger... clicks. The damn thing was empty. So she lifts one finger up and ask the guy to wait for a sec, after exclaiming, No Ammoooo!!!!!!!!. She turns around and says, awww hell and hits the baffled trooper over the head, straight unconscious "


Thursday, April 17, 2008 8:14 AM


Spots:(putting the fiddle down)Hey Capitan Shepard
(after Shepard finishes is story)

Spots:**still laughing** ok so after i got of the reform school. i made my way back to Hera where i ran with a group of miscreants for a while. We were rusling cattle, and we had to get these cows to of a coral in the guys farm. so i sneek over and cut the revuse vectors on his hover mule. so we get the cattle but the owner notices us and comes running out in boxers and a robe waving a shotgun around. we ride off and he hops in his mule but can stop the thing and flies head first into a huge pile of cow


Thursday, April 17, 2008 8:22 AM


*After awhile, abbey emerges from the ship holding something in her hand that is wrapped in a napkin. She finds the Captain and pulls him a couple of feet away from the festivities*

abbey: I just want to apologize again. I was a little sensitive at the time.

Colt: Me too *realizes the connotation of what he said* Not sensitive... Just sorry...

*She pulls his hand up and puts the napkin-wrapped item in his hand.*

abbey: It's a peace offering. During that drinking bender in the galley, Sky told me you liked then. I got these at a store on Londinium that specializes in them.

*Colt cautiously opens napkin and looks in. He looks back at abbey with a cocked eyebrow.*

abbey *defensively*: That's the way they come!

Colt *caught off guard*: Of course. They come that way...

abbey: I would probably keep this to yourself. *leans in and whispers* You have no idea what this crew talks about.

*Colt pops the gift into his mouth and closes his eyes in delight.*

Colt: It's good... No... More than good. *opens eyes to look at hers* Really tasty... Thanks.

abbey *nervously*: Well... I'm going to... I'm going to find Oram.

*abbey walks away and Colt walks back to fire, enjoying his gift.*


Thursday, April 17, 2008 8:24 AM


"Lt is still fine Spots, one day you gotta meet my mechanic. Best damn mechanic in the verse!"

8Spots looks at Lt*

"I'm not sure about that..."


Thursday, April 17, 2008 8:45 AM


*abbey finds Oram on the other side of the fire. Oram smiles at her. She had seen the event take place.*

Oram: What'd you give him?

abbey *trying to act natural*: Who?

Oram *nudging abbey*: Who else? The Captain.

abbey: Peace offering. I accused him of peeking under the curtain in my shuttle.

*Oram almost spits drink out of her mouth*

Oram: What!? *accidentally gets the attention of some crew nearby*

abbey: It was totally innocent. He was bringing me a Brit-kabob.

Oram *getting back to subject*: What was it?

abbey: It was a chocolate truffle. Sky said he liked those.

Oram *suspiciously*: Where did you get it? *takes a drink*

*abbey shrugs her shoulders*

abbey: Where else? That place on Londinium. They have the best ones.

*Oram does spit her drink out in surprise.

Oram *a little louder*: They're shaped like hearts!

*Some crew has moved closer to listen to the conversation*

abbey *defensively*: That's they way they come!

*Oram smiles at abbey mischeviously*

Oram: Sure...

*abbey rolls her eyes.*

abbey: Whatever.

*Sky wanders over to the Captain and whispers in his ear*

Sky: Shaped like a heart, Captain?

*Colt gives her a glare.*


Thursday, April 17, 2008 9:18 AM


*jerks a little as Oram abruptly spills some of her drink oh his trousers*

*pricks up his ears at mention of the word "peeking"*


abbey: It was totally innocent. He was bringing me a Brit-kabob.

Oram *getting back to subject*: What was it?

abbey: It was a chocolate truffle. Sky said he liked those.

Oram *suspiciously*: Where did you get it? *takes a drink*

*abbey shrugs her shoulders*

abbey: Where else? That place on Londinium. They have the best ones.

*Oram does spit her drink out in surprise.

Oram *a little louder*: They're shaped like hearts!

*lays a hand over his mouth in an attempt to conceal his glee*

*tilts his head to the left and whispers into Sky's ear* Abbey gave the captain a valentine candy...

*starts howling with laughter, so much that he loses his footing and winds up flat on the ground*


Thursday, April 17, 2008 10:21 AM


*Walks up to LT*

Hey Captain glad you could make it. Any luck crewing that old boat of yours.

*Shakes hands and head over to inspect LT's mule.*

LT: She's coming along. I see your crew is doing well.

*Sky comes up and whispers something to me. I see most of the crew trying and failing to control their laughter.*

Oh yeah there a fine bunch. You want em?

*LT just laughs*

Hover type huh? Whats the weight capacity?

LT: Over a ton with driver. Have to offset load for passengers. Can't handle the load of that tank you call a mule, but it's quicker and quieter.

*The sounds of snickering comes from the campfire. I turn and most of the crew looks away, 'cept Brit who makes a heart shape in the air with her hands*

Might a noticed, my crew ain't big on quite. I feel like a drink. You want a drink?

LT: Sure * he heads towards the fire*

Wait. Your mule empty?

LT: Yeah

Lets head to town. Mobbex, Spots, Padre. We're heading into town wanna come?

*Mobbex walks by and starts to climb on the Mule* Hearts

You gonna be mentioning that all night you can stay here.

Mobbex: I ain't! *under his breath* Not all night.

Spots: What are we going for?


Spots: Don't we have that here?

In or out Spots

Spots: Ok *climbs aboard*


Invictus: I think I'll stay here keep an eye on the boat. Maybe the ladies would like to accompany you?

They might, but they ain't. They can use the Mule and find their own drink if they want.

*I load up next to LT*

How far is town anyway?

LT: About 5 miles. Why did you land way our here?

I'll tell you over that drink

**The Independence's mule shoots off into the night. Guys night out has started. Follow along at the Independence thread. **


Thursday, April 17, 2008 10:47 AM


*Sees what is going on between the other crew members regarding her peace offering. Her face turns red and isn't quite sure if it is from anger or embarassment. Looks over and sees the Captain a little more than agitated over the situation. Sky comes up behind abbey.*

Sky: Didn't see this coming. He really is protesting a lot. A wonder what that means... *smiles and heads towards the ship.*

*abbey rolls her eyes*

abbey: I have 5th Graders for ship mates.

*She looks back over to the guys. They are loading up into LT's hover. She hears the Captain talking about going out for a drink in town. Oram steps over.*

Oram: Sorry about the commotion. I didn't mean to be so loud. It... it was just funny. *she pats abbey on the shoulder* I mean, it was a heart. What were you thinking?

*abbey closes her eyes trying to wish the event away.*

Abbey (defensive): That they were the best in the system? It was totally innocent. I'm not even interested! He's not my type!

*She pulls her inhaler out of her pocket and takes a puff.*

Oram: Well, based on your current situation, I'd keep that with me at all times. It's like to be a little uncomfortable for you... and him.

*Sky pulls up with the Book's mule*

Sky: Hey, the Shepherd is staying with the ship. You girls wanna head to town too?

Oram *turning towards Sky*: I'm in!

*abbey clenches her teeth together.*

abbey: I so need a drink.

*All the girls pile in the mule and head off to town.*


Thursday, April 17, 2008 12:20 PM


*Girls arrive in town. They walk up to the nearest saloon only to hear raucous laughter from inside. It is definitely the guys. abbey stops dead in her tracks.*

abbey: Let's not go in there. It seems full. *walks further down the road*

Brit: The captain is in there! *Folds her hands together, holding them up to her heart with a moony look on her face.*

*The rest of the girls snicker at the joke. abbey just rolls her eyes and moves away faster.*

abbey *mumbling to herself*: For God's sake! I hope the whole evening won't be like this.


Thursday, April 17, 2008 1:08 PM


*Back on the Independence:
Dashile could sense something was coming, and some people. She recalled the Captain's invitation to meet female crew members from the Book. The idea intrigued her. Female company would do her good she suspected. She felt herself appropriately dressed for an evening out, a simple shift dress and her boots... shoes were generally required...

Before leaving she finds Larry on the bridge.
Dash: "I fixed your thrust switch, it shouldn't stick anymore, I'm going to meet some women, I'll be back."

*Larry tests the switch,
Larry: "Thanks Dash. Be careful out there, LT's not far if you run into trouble."

*Dashi could sense LT. Not far from the saloon was she saw the mule with the shark and scroll. Around a table she saw a girl with dark eyes, a blond woman, a doctor with glasses, and an intimidating looking woman. She moved the table:

The blond woman: "Dash is it? LT told us you might be joining us, have a seat, we just arrived."

*Dash nods and sits.
The intimidating one: "Name's sky, I'm first mate on the Book."
The doctor: "I'm Oram, and this over here is..."

The dark eyed one: "Brit."
*Brit faces the blond.
Brit: "And that's Abbey, our Mrs. Colt."

*Abbey flushes a red, her eyes filled with frustration. Oram sprays her drink across the table, laughing heartily. Dash looks at Abbey, absolutely straight-faced:

Dashi: "They do not all come that way."

*At this the entire table erupts into laughter except for Abbey, who has now changed from red to absolutely crimson.


Thursday, April 17, 2008 4:24 PM


*Sits at the bar with her chin on the table, staring at the alcoholic beverage in front of her. She lifts her head up and sniffs it, then cringes.*

How do you drink this stuff? This drink is derived from a Blue Agave plant. It once existed on Earth-that-was, but somehow they found a way to grow it here.

*takes a sip, but has a hard time swallowing it, feeling the burn of it slide down her throat*

The pain is... substantial. *quickly gulps down the rest and sets the glass back down on the table, already slightly buzzed being a lightweight and all. The bartender looks at the young girl in awe*

Hit me. *A cheesy smile crosses her face*

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here." - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Thursday, April 17, 2008 4:33 PM


*As the words leave Brit's mouth, she feels a smack on her shoulder, Brit looks at Dash.

Dash: "You said hit me."


Thursday, April 17, 2008 4:43 PM


*As the bartender pours her another glass, she looks at Dash with narrowed eyes, seemingly not amused*

Are you trying to conjure up puns to amuse me?

*Stares with a grundgy growl in her voice. She drinks the other glass of alcohol down at once as she did before and stands up, facing Dash, still holding the empty glass in her hand*

Oram: Now, Brit no need to be startin--

*interrupts Oram and continues talking to Dash* Your puns being used to emphasize a different meaning of the same word are not by any means comical, nor with they make me chuckle in hilarity.

*She smacks Dash across the face with the back of her hand and faces the bartender again, setting down her glass with an impish grin on her face*

Hit me again.

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here." - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Thursday, April 17, 2008 5:02 PM


*Dash raises her hand, Oram moves to step between them, but Dash just waves at the bartender:
Dash: "I'll take a drink over here."
*She swigs down the drink and turns to Brit
Dash: "I did not conjure the pun, I merely utilized the opportunity to you created to finish it. The effect of the alcohol is very apparent, therefore I might have been willing to excuse your indiscretion. However, you have now increased the amount of force used."

*Dash lands a kick to Brit's head. Brit smashes her glass and a fight ensues. Blow for blow they are even, as each has some idea of what the other might do before it occurs. Well meaning patrons try to part them, but then receive the wrath of both girls. Oram tries to stand between them, but is unable to stop them.


Thursday, April 17, 2008 5:18 PM


*A man sneaks behind Dash and Dash pulls her leg back, landing a kick in the crotchal region. Another man runs up behind Brit, and trys to choke-hold her, but she flips him over her back. The two girls continue fighting, and they eventually grab each other by the throat.*

*Sky and Oram rush over*

Sky: ENOUGH! You two calm yourselves already.

*Brit releases Dash's throat as Dash does the same*

She started it.

Sky: I don't give a good gorram who started it! You know mighty well how we don't need any attention drawn to us. You forget we're all theives here?

I haven't forgotten.

Sky: Then what in the hell do you think you're doing?

The ching wah tsao duh liou mahng smited me.

Sky: Hell, girl. I'll smite ya if you don't quit it. We came here to relax, not get into it.

*Brit's tongue slips from her mouth as she walks over to her chair and sits. Dash sits next to her. The two blatantly ignore each other for a moment before Brit speaks to her again*

You're a fair correspondant in combat.

*Dash gives her a "huh" look*

It was fun.

*Brit grins as a the same slightly disturbing grin crosses Dash's lips. Brit and Dash chug down a drink together and set their glasses on the table*

*Brit and Dash in Unison*: Hit me.

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here." - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Thursday, April 17, 2008 7:08 PM


*abbey is not having a good night.

First it was the "incident" at the ship involving her and the Captain. She thought a drink might be the thing to help her relax a little.

Since arriving at the saloon, she'd been reminded of the "incident" at least twice and witnessed a bar fight between two crew members - one from her ship and one from a ship that is closely tied with them. Although it does seem to be resolved now and the two are drinking together.

But she is not relaxed. Not at all. She is still on edge. She fiddles with the inhaler in her pocket and wonders if this was a bad idea.

She decides that she'll hang out for a bit longer, since she doesn't really want to walk the five miles back to the ship alone.*

abbey *muttering to herself*: I wonder if they have taxis nearby...


Friday, April 18, 2008 1:17 AM


*It’s later in the evening and most of the crew are half tanked on beverages, with Oram having already entertained them by doing the customary song and dance on the bar table. She sits next to Abbey when done and notices the uncomfortable look on her face, she gives a half sloppy grin as a greeting to her friend*

Abbey: You keep going on about the Captain and me, Oram and I swear….

Shhhh…. Don’t kill the buzz….

Abbey: You’re drunk… again

I'm not think as you drunk I am… I'm pished….

*Abbey simply rolls her eyes at her friends non-restraint and disgusting sense of behaviour*

Abbey: When we get back to the ship, we’re having a talk about you and your ‘drinking’…

*Oram just simply dissolves into giggles*

Abbey: What?

*Half-choking on laughter* I just got the image of you and the Capt’n … and …. And… Oh my god!!! The babies …. *laughs harder, lays her head on the table, settles then watches Abbey … hiccoughs a little* … It’s funny being me… Can I ask a question?

Abbey: *eyeroll* What?

Can I be called Aunty Oram or… do I have to be related to have that honour?

*Abbey has had enough*

Abbey: Right… I'm going.

*comprehension seems to get to Oram's fuzzy mind*

Abbey... wait... I was just joking...

Abbey: *anger slightly rising* When you've had enough and become a decent friend again, I'll be on the Book waiting.

*With that she exits the bar, and makes her, although very long, way back to The Book*


Friday, April 18, 2008 2:45 AM


*Dash walks up behind Oram, having had only one drink, she is more lucid than the others, but still not all there.

Dash: "She's leaving."
Oram: "I know she's going back to the Book she's tired of all the teasing.

*Dash takes a long look after Abbey, and says nothing more. The rest of the gang, following Sky's leave were also exiting. Dash turns to go back to the Indy.


Friday, April 18, 2008 3:08 AM


*Surprised that she's the first back onto the ship, Oram goes about making herself a cup of tea (a rare thing to come by, but she feels she deserves it) then heading off to her bunk to sleep the drinks and other merriment off*


Friday, April 18, 2008 7:31 AM


*I spot our mule outside a bar down the street and start heading that direction. It dawns on me as I get closer that this is a recipe for more teasing. Captain needing a ride home from...from her.*

*I stop in the street*

Walk five miles or walk in there?

*I cut down the alley next to the bar and into the field behind.*

Someone: Ouch! *Followed by a long string of cursing*

*I look towards the noise and see someone picking theirself up off the ground. I know that voice*

Abbey? *I head her direction and fall into the same drainage ditch she was crawling out of.* Son of a B....

Abbey: Colt? * She turns and slips right back into the ditch landing on top of me*

Goram woman, What are you trying to do?

Let go of me Colt

I ain't holding you.

You're on my arm.

Hey watch you foot.

Mister you need to move your hand right now, if you want to keep it.

It was an accident and.. Ouch watch it..Stop just stop for a second.

*We untangle our bodies and get to our feet*

What are you doing out here? *in unison*

I was heading back to the ship.

Abbey: So was I.

What didnt you just take the mule?

Abbey: Why didn't you?

I wanted to walk.

Abbey: I think you need more practice.

Hey! I seem to recall you were face down in here when I found you.

Abbey: Well...I...I was. *She starts laughing and I join her*

Here let me help you out. We'll both take the Mule back.

*I help her up. She standing in the moonlight covered in mud and I can't remember seeing a prettier site.*

Abbey: What?

Oh nothing. Come on mules this way.

*We walk down the alley towards the bar*

Hold up. *I check my holster. It's empty* Must'a drop my gun in the ditch.

*I turn to go back but two shadows block our path. Two more enter from the other side of the alley.*


Friday, April 18, 2008 11:56 AM


Sorry that this is so long...

*Shadows are moving in closer to Colt and abbey. Abbey squeezes his arm, nervously.*

Colt *whispering as he pushes abbey behind him*: Something tells me were not going to make it to the mule.

Abbey *sarcastically*: You think?

The first guy comes out of the shadows with a mask on his face. He has a gun pointed at them

Guy: Well what do we have here? Visitors to our fair town?

Colt *trying to lighten the mood*: What can I do you for?

Guy: You can hand over all your valuables.

Colt: Don’t have much…

Guy: She does… *He points to abbey, who is wearing a simple but expensive necklace and earrings. Turns to one of his cronies.* Get those and search them both.

*Another guy comes forward and goes toward abbey.*

Abbey *whispering into Colt’s ear*: I have a gun on my ankle…

Colt *whispering too*: Can’t get to it easily, won’t help us.

Abbey: At least I didn’t lose mine.

Colt: And I’m not wearing jewelry that costs as much as that.

Abbey *snorts*: Are you wearing the cheap stuff instead?

Colt *loudly*: NO!

*Second robber, pulls abbey roughly out from behind Colt and pushes her against the wall.*

Colt: No needs for the hands on!

A third guy comes up and pushes Colt against the wall. Colt catches sight of the last guy at the end of the alley, keeping watch.

Guy: Well, what happened to you two? Got yourselves all muddy.

Colt: Spa treatment gone bad? *Colt keeps an eye on abbey. She looks back at him, a plan forming in her head.* Oh, this is so not good.

*The second guy removes her jewelry and steps back to fill the bag he had. Abbey kicks quickly and lands a blow in a very sensitive area. The guy drops to the ground in pain. The first guy lunges forwards and pins her firmly against the wall and puts his gun to her head. Colt shoots her a look that says ‘what the hell are you doing?’.*

Guy: Don’t make me kill you, lady.

Abbey *starting to wheeze*: Planning on it anyway though, aren’t you?

Guy *laughing*: Hell no! We’re thieves, not murderers. Though I do have a plan for the both of you.

*The third guy finishes relieving Colt of any valuables that he had on him, then moves on to abbey as the second guy slowly pulls himself up from the ground. He finds her gun and a wad of cash on her. Abbey draws in a ragged breath. He shows them to the lead thief who whistles.*

Guy: Now what have we got here?

Colt *to abbey*: You walk around with that much cash on you?

Abbey *snaps at Colt*: It’s habit! *She wheezes.*

Colt *looking at her with concern*: You OK?

*abbey shakes her head as the thief finds the inhaler in her pocket and pulls it out.

Guy *looking at inhaler*: What is that? And what is wrong with her?

*Abbey snatches inhaler from the man and takes a quick puff before he wrestles it back out of her hand. The wheezing quickly stops*.

Colt *a bit menacing*: She’s been sick. Just leave that alone. Let her keep it.

Guy *taking it from his fellow henchman and reads the label*: For acute asthma attacks. Hmm. My sister’s kid has that problem. She thanks you in advance for the gift. *Colt starts to step forward, but is put back into his place by the guy pointing the gun directly at abbey’s head.* You seem to care for this lady a bit, so you best stay still. *Colt freezes.*

Abbey *muttering*: Even thieves we don’t know give us grief. Is everyone insane?

Guy *as the third guy hands the bag of loot to him*: Handcuff them and get them into the hover. *Turns to abbey and Colt.* Can’t have you running straight to the sheriff. We’ll drive you a ways out and drop you off. It’ll take you a while to get back.

Colt *as thief handcuffs his hands behind him*: How far? *Abbey is getting handcuffed the same.*

Guy: May take you a day, maybe more. Don’t worry, there is water and the like on the way. You won’t be harmed none. Just a little tired.

Colt *almost pleading*: She needs that inhaler. Walking that far may…

Guy *interrupting*: Best not walk very fast then.

Colt and abbey are led to a banged up hover. Colt is amazed that it still works, it looks so bad. They are blindfolded and shoved into the back.

Abbey and Colt (in unison): Hey!

Guy *as the hover starts moving*: Can’t exactly have you watch where you were being left.

abbey *growls at Colt*: You better remove that hand again… Or I will make sure you loose it when we get back.

Colt *shifting*: Sorry… It’s kinda tight back here.

*Guy smiles at the banter as they are driven about 20 miles out of town and dumped out. The thieves remove the blindfolds.*

Colt *motioning to the handcuffs*: Care to remove these? Wouldn’t be proper.

Guy: OK. *He removes abbey’s handcuffs from both of her hands but removes only one of Colt’s. Before they can move, the guy fastens the empty cuff to abbey’s wrist so they are bound together. They lift up their arms and gape at their situation.*

Colt and abbey *in unison*: Nooooo…

Colt *turning to guy*: That’s just cruel.

Abbey: Cruel? I’d rather be handcuffed to a mule.

Colt: I’m sure this fine gentleman could oblige you…

Abbey *glares at Colt*: No need. Already been done.

Guy *chuckling*. I figure you all need to get a little more acquainted. You guys sweet on each other?

Colt and abbey *shouting in unison*: NO!

Guy *chuckling harder*: Let’s go boys.

*The thieves load into the hover and speed away, leaving Colt and abbey in a forested area lit only by the stars and a full moon.*

Colt: Why did you have some much cash on you?

Abbey: Told you, it was habit.

Colt: And the jewelry?

Abbey: It was pretty.

Colt: Did you paint the sign yourself?

Abbey: What sign?

Colt *waving hands over his head, pulling abbey’s hand up as well*: The one over your head that says “ROB ME NOW!”

Abbey: Well…You were such a great help back there in the alley.

Colt: I didn’t have a gun!

Abbey: At least I held onto mine in that mud pit. *Tries to brush excess dirt off outfit with both hands. Colts hand flops around with the motion.*

Colt: At least I didn’t get myself nearly dead in the process.

Abbey: I had to do something. You obviously weren’t.

Colt: At least I was smart enough to know when I am outnumbered.

*Colt leans over and brushes mud off her face. He looks into her eyes. What beautiful eyes… They stand mesmerized by each other for a second. Abbey blinks then turns away, walking a few steps to look over the landscape. Colt is pulled along after her by the handcuffs.*

Abbey: So genius, which way is the Ship?


Friday, April 18, 2008 2:39 PM




Q: So, you're a bounty hunter?
A: That's not it at all.
Q: What are you then?
A: I'm a bounty hunter


Friday, April 18, 2008 5:47 PM


*The sun is peeping over the horizon as the Book's male contingent finally reaches the meadows were the ship has made a landing. The three men are suffering from weariness and a slew of minor cuts and bruises.*

Mobbex: Hah! There it is! Is it just me or the trip out seemed a few miles shorter?

*speeds up and gets to the airlock first*

*hits the com* Anyone home?


Friday, April 18, 2008 7:31 PM


*Follows the crew onto the meadows where the ship waits. He starts noticeably upon seeing the large series three Firefly class transport sitting peacefully on the soft grass.*

Stan: "That's... your ship?"

Spots: "What? Is something wrong with her?"

Stan: "No I just didn't expect a refurbished vintage Firefly... she quite something I'll give ya that."

Spots: "Yeah, she's something."

Stan: "Still... did y'all have to set'er down so far outside town? Though from the ruckus made in the bar I sorta suspect why."

*Stan arrives at the airlock just behind everyone else.*


Friday, April 18, 2008 8:39 PM



Originally posted by Mobbex:

*hits the com* Anyone home?

*The ship opens up revealing Oram at the top of the ramp, she has a cup of tea in her hand, but is still on her PJs*

Mobbex: Morning Doc!

*stares at the bruises and cuts on his, and his friends, face*

What the hell happened to you? And who is this?

*Mobbex and the stranger push past Oram, the stranger taking her hand and politely shaking it before following Mobbex into the infirmary*

Mobbex: This fella is called Stan, you don’t mind patching us up both so early?

The question is, do I have a choice…..

Stan: I kind of don’t like bleeding all over the place…

*Oram motions with her hand for the two to follow her*

Follow me then…

*the three head to the infirmary*

By the way, have you seen the Captain or Abbey on your travels?


Saturday, April 19, 2008 3:33 AM



Originally posted by Oram:
By the way, have you seen the Captain or Abbey on your travels?

Uh-uh. *grins roguishly* Maybe they eloped!

*plunks himself down on the infirmary bed with a sonorous groan*

'Sure would be nice if we had some magic pills to make the headache go away... how come that hasn't been invented already?


Saturday, April 19, 2008 3:42 AM



Originally posted by Mobbex:
Uh-uh. *grins roguishly* Maybe they eloped!

*plunks himself down on the infirmary bed with a sonorous groan*

'Sure would be nice if we had some magic pills to make the headache go away... how come that hasn't been invented already?

*cleans the cuts and such on Mobbex, who winces and trys to pull away*

That's for the enloping comment. And as for the hangover tablets; they have, but you need to be richer than what all this crew combines and I've checked, we don't have them.


Saturday, April 19, 2008 3:51 AM


Rats! *hips* I always wanted to be rich, did I ever tell you that?

*Oram rolls her eyes*

I was rich once, 'had all the money a man could want... it's hard to be me...


Saturday, April 19, 2008 3:56 AM



Originally posted by Mobbex:

I was *burp* rich once, 'had all the money a man could want... it's hard to be me...

*Has hoisted her butt onto the table across from Mobbex and shows general interest*

What happened? You blow it all on space-hookers and such?


Saturday, April 19, 2008 4:17 AM


*gives a rueful grin* Oh I blew it all right...

I w'z a contract killer, a hit man. 'Killed people for a living. W'z fun, for the most part. I w'z good enough that people wouldn't call me up to knock off their cheating wife, or somesuch. 'Mostly did mob hits and the likes, 'even dipped in some state business once or twice. I had a pretty good thing goin', and then it just... crumbled *hips* Like a house o' cards... A big house with... minefields and... barbed wire...


Saturday, April 19, 2008 5:59 AM


*Thinking to myself* Hard to believe not more than a hour ago I thought she was attractive. 'Course she wasn't talking near as much. Maybe it was the liquor.

*Abbey paces back in forth in front of me. Dragging my left hand along with her, over my head.*

Abbey: Are you just going to sit there all night? We need to get going. I can't believe I'm stuck out here with you. Why arn't you saying anything? Talk to me.

Shut up?

Abbey: Shut..You can't talk to me that way. I'll say what I want when I...

SHUSH * I jerk the cuffs hard. Stopping her* I'm thinking.

Abbey: Thinking? Oh we really are screwed.

*I glare at her, she ignores me* Had to be the liquor.

Abbey: What?

Nothing *I get to my feet* We were in the hover about 15 minutes. Should put us no more than 20, 25 miles from the Book.

Abbey: 25 miles? How do you expect us to get back. Won't they come looking for us? How will they know where do look.

Abbey, your mouths running again.

*She starts to object....again, but I put a finger to her lips.* Listen Abbey, I know your worried, but you got to slow down. Remember you don't have your inhaler. Crew will come when they can. Till then we walk.

*I start to move out when my arm is jerked in the other direction* Where you going?

The Book's this way (In unison)

Like hell it is. It's this way.

Abbey: I think your wrong.

There's a surprise. *rolling my eyes* My boat my choice. Not looking to carry you the whole way but I will if I have to.

*She stomps her foot but gives in. We walk in silence for a while*

Abbey: I thought you were a master criminal or something?


I heard on the boat, you and Sky used to be burgerlers or something.

Your point?

*She stops jerking my arm again* My point is, why are we still in handcuffs? Can't you pick the lock?

No I can't.

Abbey: You can't? Master criminal, right. More like petty thief.

Petty..Did it ever dawn on you that maybe I ain't never been cuffed. Petty, Sky and I knocked off 4 estates in one night before. Feds didn't know it was done till we were off planet.

Abbey: Then why did you quit?

Feds ain't the big worry in that line of work. Everyone else you cross is. Private security, fences, middle men, marks. All of them want you or something from you. When Sky and I split the last time. I used my savings, bought a boat. Started this life.

Abbey: You had a boat before the Book?

Yeah but not long. Took a job. Things went bad. Not looking to talk on the subject.

*She doesnt press me and we continue walking*

Abbey: Colt?


Abbey: I need to...use the rest room.

*Short time later near a bush. My arm twisted behind my back*

Abbey: Dont you turn around.

I ain't turning around. Ow, what are you dancing back there?

Abbey: Lost my balance.

*She finishes her business and were off again. We go about five minutes*


Abbey: Yeah

My turn.

*Back to back again*

Abbey: What the hell are you doing?

I'm left handed.

Abbey: Tonight your not.

*While I'm finishing my business (right handed) I see the silhouette of a building*

*We arrive at a small run down shack. Half the roof missing.*

We'll stop her for the night.

Abbey: You want us to

Be easier to see in the morning. Plus we might find some help.

*After some adjusting we finally settle in for the night*


Saturday, April 19, 2008 7:03 AM


*Brit stumbles into the infirmary with a painful scowl on her face, holding her head*

Something is utterly wrong here. There is a knife scraping against my cranium.

*Stops holding her head for a minute as she looks the other way, but then grabs her head in pain again with a scream*


*She begins to hit her head against the wall*

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here." - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Saturday, April 19, 2008 7:55 AM


*When abbey awoke the next morning, she could see the sun shining through the broken roof from where she lay. It had been cold the night before but now she was feeling… comfortable… and warm... She was surprised that her neck wasn’t hurting. She seemed to have found something to prop her head up like a pillow. The dazed feeling when you wake up from a really good night’s sleep was beginning to fade and the past night’s events were coming back to her. She distinctly remembered sitting up against the wall next to Colt trying to sleep… She felt something stir behind her then the feeling of someone’s breath on the back of her neck and their body pressed closely behind her. It wasn’t until his arm had pulled her into a tighter embrace that it dawned on her what was going on. It was about the same time that Colt woke with a jolt and realized the same thing. They both jumped away from each other.*

Colt and abbey *in unison*: Eeeew!

*Their motion was so quick that they almost jerked each other’s shoulders out of joint. They rebounded back towards each other and smacked their heads together.*

Colt and abbey *in unison*: Owww!

*They sat as apart from each other as possible. Rubbing their tender foreheads.*

abbey: What did you think you were doing?

Colt: I didn’t do anything! I fell asleep against the wall.

abbey: So did I!

They sat there a little longer, glaring vehemently at each other.

Colt *changing the subject*: We’d best get moving.

abbey: I’d say that was an understatement.

They stand up and chunks of dried mud fall from their clothes. Both of their attire are stiff from filth. They took a whiff of the clothes. It smelled of manure.

Colt and abbey *in unison*: Yuck!

Colt *nervously*: We… we need to get out of these… clothes.

Abbey *raises eyebrow*: And how do you suppose we do that? I am not, repeat not, getting naked with you.

Colt *protesting*: Like I would want to…

abbey *all to quickly*: And why not? You have a problem with me?

Colt smiled at her. She realized what she had said and quickly turned to look around the shack. She changed the subject quickly.

abbey: What’s in these trunks?

Colt: Let’s look.

*They kneeled next to the first trunk and opened it. They were surprised to find that the trunk was well made and kept the contents inside in good shape. It was filled with women’s clothing.*

Colt: Guess we found the trunk for you. *Starts looking around the room.* I wonder if one of the other two trunks has man clothes.

*abbey rifles through the layers of clothing until she reached the bottom. There was various forms of suggestive lingerie, low cut dresses and other tackily decorated attire. She slams the trunk shut nearly catching Colt’s fingers in the process.*

Colt: Hey!

abbey *blushing*: We… we need to look into the other trunk.

Colt: Nothing fit?

abbey: You could say that.

*They moved to the next one and found similar stuff. This time, Colt watched as she went through it. As she inched closer and closer to the bottom, his eyes became wider and wider. *

Colt *whispering*: What the…

*abbey looks around at the room now since they can now see the faded décor it contained. She started to laugh heartily.*

abbey: This used to be a… a whore house!

Colt *eyes getting ever wider than before*: You mean these clothes all are…

abbey *still laughing*: Their… work clothes!

*She calms down a little as she leads him to the last trunk. It was a little more modest, but not much. abbey pulls a dress out. It was blue and has spaghetti straps that attached to the garment by a hook in the back. It was a little low cut, but not overly so and the length was short, but not too short. One thing that drew abbey to it was that it was soft, obviously made with some decent quality fabric. *

abbey: I can wear this. It isn’t that bad. And I will be able to fasten it even with the handcuffs.

Colt: What am I going to wear?

abbey starts laughing again. Colt quickly comes to the same conclusion as she did.

Colt *horrified*: Noooo. I am SO not…

abbey *wiping a tear from her face*: You don’t really have a choice.

*She started going through the clothes again. About halfway down, there were ones built for a larger women. One handed, she pulled them to the top, tossing the lingerie onto the floor. Colt was unnaturally quiet. Finally she found something. It was a red halter that tied at the top and a longer skirt decorated with lace.*

abbey *continued to smile*: That’s about all that might fit you.

Colt *his voice a little higher than normal*: abbey, that’s… You can’t expect me… *in defeat, he grabs outfit from her* I guess it will do.

abbey chuckles more under her breath.

abbey: I saw a water pump out there in the yard. Maybe we could wash the mud off of us and our boots.

Colt: how are we going to do that and get dressed… privately.

abbey fumbles in the trunk and pulls out a red silk blindfold.

Colt *even more horrified*: Oh GOD!


Saturday, April 19, 2008 1:31 PM



Originally posted by shinybrit:
*Brit stumbles into the infirmary with a painful scowl on her face, holding her head*

Something is utterly wrong here. There is a knife scraping against my cranium.

*Stops holding her head for a minute as she looks the other way, but then grabs her head in pain again with a scream*


*She begins to hit her head against the wall*

Oh, hey, no Brit that'll the hangover worse sweetie...

*pulls Brit from injuring herself more, and guides her to the bench, Oram reaches into the cupboard and pulls out some pain medication, then gives Brit the tablets and a cup of water*

We’re not sure where the Captain or Abbey are at the moment… we think they may have gone off together…..

*Mobbex snickers*

Quiet you.

*While she's treating people, she grabs some equipment to treat Stan’s broken nose. His glasses are broken as well as having a wonky nose line.*

Good news…. It’s treatable and you’ll live.

*Stan raises his eyebrows*

Stan: And the bad?

It’s gonna look wonky unless I set it back into its place….

*Stan just groans in reply….*

It’ll hurt, but I’ll give you something to numb the pain.

*20 minutes latter, Stan has had his nose fixed, and cleaned up, his eyes are still watering from the pain though.*

Mobbex: Jeez… and here was I expecting you to take it like a man.

Hey, Mr-Blew-My-Money-On-Crap, it hurts like hell. Keep it down, or I’ll do the favour for your own nose.

Mobbex: But mine ain’t broken…

That can be changed.


Saturday, April 19, 2008 2:15 PM


Abbey: You’ve been at it for 20 minutes. When are you going to give up?

I’m not?

Abbey: You said yourself you can’t pick locks.

That was before *working the rusty nail into the lock for the hundredth time*

Abbey: What’s different now?

Now I got to wear women’s clothes.

Abbey: Even if you get the cuffs off you can’t wear those smelly disgusting clothes.

*I sniff my shirt and fight the urge to heave* Don’t smell *cough* that bad.

Abbey: It’s much worse than your usual odor.

*I yank her cuffed hand towards me and go back to work on the lock*

*Tossing the nail down* Your right, aint gonna work.

*Glad that left my coat on the Book, I pick the nail back up and use it to rip my sleeve. Tearing my shirt, I pull if off. Then take Abbey’s sleeve and do the same.*

Guess we should get to it then *Leading her out the water pump* You sure we can’t wash em off enough to kill the stench?

Abbey: This isn’t the first time you’ve worn women’s clothes.

True, but I was getting paid before.

*Abbey hands me my new clothes and extra garment from the trunk* Here, to wash with. Can you rip the rest of my sleeve off?

*I grip her sleeve in my mouth and rip it with my free hand*

Abbey: That’s good. *holding the rest of her blouse she holds up the blindfold.* Turn around.

I’m fully capable of tying my own.

I’m sure you are but your not going to.

Well who’s going to tie yours?

Believe me Captain, you have nothing I want to see.

And you think you do? *she ties the blindfold around my head* Ow. Not so tight.

Abbey: quit being a baby

*She leads me to the pump and I feel my hand in her hair as she secures her blindfold. We carefully remove the rest of our clothes and begin to wash*

*Up on the hill.*

Jasper, take a look at this. *The other man rides up *

I didn’t know Bonn’s was open again.

Me neither, but looky there. Hey…that aint Bonn.

Must be a new gal. Are they handcuffed?

*Back at the pump*

I heard something * My hand is jerked back down.*

Abbey: Don’t you dare take off that blindfold.

I heard something. *We stand quietly but don’t hear a thing*

Abbey: Right you heard something.

I thought I did. I’m clean enough * I start to pull on my skirt*

Abbey: Well I’m not so you keep that blindfold on.

*Back on the hill*

That fella putting on a dress?

He...he is Horace.

Nice to know anything goes with this one. Bonn was kinda strict.

Let’s head to the bunk house and get cleaned up. Were gonna have some fun with this one.

I call first dibs

*Back at the pump were both dressed and remove our blindfolds.*

Abbey: Oh my…*trying not to laugh* You look…I mean you don’t look.

Laugh it up.

*We hike for a few hours without seeing anything remotely resembling civilization. Then come across a burned out cabin. Nothing stands but part of the chimney and an old well*

We might be able to get some water out of there. *pointing the well*

*We approach the old well. One side has collapsed. An old mesquite tree is growing next to it.*

*Abbey moves to the edge* Looks like there water.

*A snake drops from the tree and wraps around Abbeys neck. She loses her balance and falls in. I flatten out and grab the side of the well still standing, to keep from following her in*


*She manages to get the snake off of her with her free hand*

Colt…Colt there are more down here. Get me up.

*I pull hard and yank her back up*

Are you bit? * I lay her down and start looking for a bite mark* Do you feel any pain?

I….I don’t’ think it *wheeze* I don’t think * wheeze* it bit me.

*I pick her up and carry her to the chimney.*

You’re ok Abbey, just calm down. *genuinely concerned* Abbey you got to breath now. Calm down.


Saturday, April 19, 2008 2:19 PM


Why so tetchy doc? 'Haven't had your mornin' bender yet? *snickers at his wit*


Saturday, April 19, 2008 2:35 PM



Originally posted by Mobbex:
Why so tetchy doc? 'Haven't had your mornin' bender yet? *snickers at his wit*

*Oram doesn’t say anything, just throws the scissors that cut the last of Stan's bandages up onto the metal table, Stan winces at the horrid noise but watches quietly*

Next time you get shot up, or injured in anyway. Whether you’re bleeding all over this infirmary on your deathbed or need a bandaid. You can go and heal yourself, you ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng.

*Oram walks out of the infirmary towards the galley, leaving Mobbex, Stan and Brit in the room*


Saturday, April 19, 2008 2:53 PM


Oh yeah? Then don't count on me savin' your ass next time you get in a jam! *cranks his voice up to a shout as Oram exits the room* You can rot in hell for all I care!

*gives Stan a pointed look* Y' know, 'might not look like it now, but booze her up little and she gets real chummy.

*hops off the couch*

I'll be in my bunk.


Saturday, April 19, 2008 3:30 PM


*Makes the breakfast for the crew, but isn’t calm about it. Pots and utensils clanging as she moves about in a pissed off manner*
Stupid liou coe shway duh biao-tze huh hoe-tze fuh ur-tze of a Merc…
*continues cutting up ingredients and slips and cuts her palm with the knife*
Wa Cao damn it to hell.


Saturday, April 19, 2008 4:00 PM


*crosses the threshold of the dining area, rubbing his hands against his sore scruff*

*winces*That bar stool did some damage...

*walks up to the fridge, notices Oram's cooking mishap*

*Smirks, but keeps his mouth shut.*

*opens one off the cupboards and takes a can of protein mush*

*peels it open with his pocket knife*

*leans against the counter and starts eating it raw*

*speaks through a mouthful of half-masticated protein mush* Y' said some mighty unkind things back there.


Saturday, April 19, 2008 4:05 PM


*Nodding politely to Brit, Stan walks out of the infirmary and into the spartan common room, where he tosses his duffel and case in a corner. Glancing over at the passenger dorms he climbs the stairs and heads out through the door below the GWA and down the gangway into the largely empty cargo hold. Not seeing anyone he ascends the larger gangway up to the mid-deck catwalk. He lingers a bit, taking in the holds dimensions before heading towards the stairs to the main deck. Walking into the forward hallway he decides against heading towards the bridge. Figuring since he is just a guest that would be an unwise idea. Instead he enters the galley just in time to catch Mobbex' comment to Oram.*






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