Serenity's 10th Crew: You?

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Friday, May 13, 2005 8:32 PM


Ever put yourself into the story? If so, how are you related to the crew of Serenity or just some character in an episode? How did you change the storyline?

I've done it quite a bit. Ever since I saw the show on Fox, I've had a crush on River. Don't ask me why. Something about her that fits - I wouldn't mind getting my ass kicked by her. I KNEW she would be kicking ass someday and I had a suspicion the government was going to make her into some super-human assassin.

I've put myself on the boat as a lot of people. I once had the idea of being an old friend of Mal and Zoe but then I saw "The Message" with Tracy and went "Well, fuck that then."

Either way, I've liked River, mostly since Kaylee was takin and the scene in the Engine Room during the flash-back on "Out of Gas" broke my heart.

I've put myself as a friend of Inara, an ex-boyfriend of Kaylee, an old flight school buddy of Wash, who knows.

Yeah, I'm a geek thanks to Firefly now. I'm new here so this is my first post. So, has anyone ever thought of themselves as a good idea to the story?


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Friday, May 13, 2005 9:08 PM


Must say that I have, athough my surrogate self isn't a crew member of Serenity, but more of an ally. He's a terraformation engineer, who owns an antique but functional T-Former scout ship. I wrote a version of him into a story outline for a "challenge" on the Official Website; submitted it, but too late to win the 500 points they offered for submissions. For what it's worth, here's the outline:

"On Unfirm Ground"

The episode opens with Mal, Zoe and Jayne negotiating with Badger over a shipload of contraband, complex organics worth big bucks. (It is implied that the goods were paid for with profit from sale of the Lassiter.) Badger is ticked that he wasn’t part of that deal, but more upset that for once, Mal has him at a disadvantage; he has a buyer on a tight schedule, so he’s actually forced to pay Mal a decent rate.

Departing Badger’s HQ onto the Eavestown docks, our heroes are in a cheerful mood, interrupted by a scream for help. A young woman is being kidnapped by a group of thugs. The crowd declines to take sides. Her badly beaten father (JAKE CORRIGAN) begs for assistance. Mal and Zoe set off to help her. (Jayne is disinterested, until Jake offers a (large) reward.)

The trio rescues the girl, (with some fatality involved to the kidnappers), attracting the attention of Alliance Federals. Jake gets them off the hook, the federals being strangely deferential to him. Jake then gives Mal the reward, money, along with a pin from his collar, saying “If you ever need a favor, get that pin back to me.” Mal tosses both money and pin to the floor. Jayne grabs the money; Zoe retrieves the pin.

Back aboard Serenity Zoe explains the significance of the pin to Wash and Kaylee; it is a special commemorative issued to Alliance survivors of the battle of Serenity Valley.

Later our heroes are at a local tavern, attempting to make contact with Badger’s buyer, when a young Federal starts making trouble, proposing an insulting toast. (Zoe has a sudden case of Déjà vu.) Things are about to hit the Fan when Jake appears, and defuses the situation with a few carefully worded remarks which imply that only a coward would insult a war veteran –from either side-- unless he’d been in the same battle. He then proposes an alternate toast: “To all those who weren’t so lucky.”

Mal raises his glass only because this is the code phrase Badger gave him to recognize the buyer.

Our heroes, with Jake, return to Serenity’s dock just in time to see the ship lift off. Wash, Book and Simon, showing signs of a fight, inform them that the ship has been hijacked, Kaylee, Inara and River kept as hostages. Without a ship, Mal feels helpless, but then Zoe, to Mal’s surprise, returns Jake’s pin to the Alliance Vet, calling in the favor.
The group pursues Serenity in Jake’s ship, the Terra Firma Maru, a Terraformation scout ten times the size of a Firefly class. Mal expresses surprise; he thought all Terraformation ships were nationalized after the war. Jake explains that a few of them fell between the cracks. (“Even the Alliance needs a few independent contractors.”)

Catching up with Serenity, they establish communication with the hijackers, who are the same group that tried to kidnap Jake’s daughter. A second ship, heavily armed, now moves in – it’s an ambush. The hijackers want all the terraforming supplies Jake has aboard his ship, which they point out is unarmed. Jake admits his ship has no weapons, just terraforming equipment--such as orbital adjustment charges for moving asteroids. Good old fashioned pony nukes.

There is no noise in the silence of space, but following a bright flash, there is one less ship in the sky. The head hijacker orders Jake to move off, or he’ll kill all the hostages on Serenity. He is interrupted when River comes up behind him, with a scalpel to his neck. The womenfolk have retaken their ship on their own.

As the cargo is transferred between ships, Mal notes that the only use for as many terraforming supplies as Jake has gathered would be to terraform a world in secret, outside Alliance control. Jake shrugs noncommittally. “Not everyone who fought for the Alliance likes the way it’s heading these days.”

Mal nods, and hands Jake an Independent sergeant’s insignia pin. “If you ever need a favor, get that pin back to me.”

Copyright 2004 R.J. Ortega

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