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I'm working on a post...should be up by tomorrow, in the mean time I found a picture for Shadow

Maya Ritter

She was in Molly: An American Girl on the Homefront

I'm still looking for an actor and actress for Truth and Ghost


Wednesday, January 17, 2007 5:36 AM


The road to Hel is paved with good intentions

OOC: Well it certainly has been a while. I'll try and make up for it(with an extra long post that is.) I was gonna start a new thread, this one's getting mighty long, but have no idea where to start on a recap of recent events, so I'll leave it for now. Unless someone else would like to do it.

Needy sat down quietly on his seat. After having checked on Seryn's condition, he realised there was nothing he could do, nothing but wait.
That seemed to be his life story of late... sitting on his ass whilst he waited to be of use.
Although he could never say his life had been dull since joining up with the crew, he still couldn't get used to the quieter moments. Of sitting and doing practically nothing. He was a doer.
Back in his line of work, he did women. In fact he had quite a few clients which meant he was rarely bored. But now, things were different. He suspected that his career was over, at least for the foreseeable future.
Not that that seemed to matter anymore. Soon, there wouldn't be any future for anyone, not unless he did something about it. But now wasn't the time to make his move. Yes, he had to wait yet again. Wait for what? He wasn't sure exactly, only that he would be told when it is time.

A figure loomed over him, distracting Needy for a second.
Glancing upwards he recognised the individual as his former protege.

"Is your friend okay?" Milton asked, with a concerned tone.

Needy hesitated before answering. He didn't want to talk to Milton or Kyra. Actually, that's not true. He wanted nothing more than to talk to them, for things to be how they were. He just couldn't talk to them. He couldn't let things go back to the way they were. He couldn't regain that friendship, he couldn't fall back in love... it would just make what he has to do that much harder. "Yeah" he eventually replies coldly, his eyes not even meeting that of his friend's.

Milton stands silent. What else can he say? He can't force Needy to talk to him. Just as he's about to give up and turn away though, words leave his mouth without thought. "I'm sorry."
Needy looks up again.
"I'm sorry for what I did. I made a stupid mistake, real stupid. I thought I... you know what, there's no excuses. I screwed up royally and I'm sorry. And I'm sorry you had to leave because of what I did."
There was a deadly silence afterwards. In fact, Milton thought that those nearby must have heard his apology also, but he didn't care. He meant every word. They all deserved an apology. It was his fault they had to leave in such a hurry. He could only imagine the trouble he may have caused for anyone else on the planet.
When his friend failed to reply however, Milton took his leave.
"Hey" a voice called back to him.
Milton turned back to see Needy facing him.
"It's alright." Needy consoled, "You did what you thought was best, with the information you had. You couldn't have known."
Milton nodded and a grateful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.
Before he backed off again, Needy reaffirmed "No one blames you. Trust me. We all make mistakes"
Milton's smile was more profound now and he muttered a "thanks" before returning to his seat.
Needy's gaze followed him, until he set his eyes upon the person that was sitting beside Milton, and had been for the entire journey.
Though she tried to avoid eye contact with him, Needy knew it was not out of rudeness on her part, but in fact shame.
We all make mistakes Needy repeated to himself silently, then walking forward he approached the two sitting down.
Milton looked up first, wondering what Needy was to say now, but soon realised the visit was not meant for him.
"I'll just..." he said starting to get up, before he simply excused himself and left the couple to it.

It took a lifetime for Kyra to pluck up the courage to look up and stare into the eyes of the man she loved. But when she did, there were no words. Tears welled up in her eyes as she was overcome with emotion.
She averted her gaze and looked down at her feet, hoping he would leave her.
But he didn't.
Instead he took the seat beside her that had just become available.
She quickly rubbed tears from her eyes with her hand, so quick that she hoped he didn't notice. Then she looked up, albeit straight ahead.
Needy gazed at her intently, but she daren't turn to face him.
Still, he continued to look at her until he spoke:

Simple words maybe, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

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Thursday, January 18, 2007 5:10 AM


The road to Hel is paved with good intentions

OOC: I'm still "casting" the roles, in fact I was going to create a movie style poster today, but got sidetracked looking at this site:
There's loads of pics (and I mean LOADS). It might prove to be a huge help to those still thinking of who would fill the roles of their characters, as theres photos of quite a few stars (A big help, honestly)
WYSB - I know you wantedTom Welling, which I'm all for if that's who you want, but when I looked at photos of Jesse Spencer (never heard of him), I instantly thought of your character Wisp. Let me know if I'm way off, but thats how I pictured him. (

Also, has anyone got any ideas for the title of the next thread? It might help, if we knew what was happening next in the story, ie where we're going

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Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

New thread everyone!!

Special Branch: Motherhood for heroes

and I looked at the site Jesse is too old for Wisp whos only 18 but this guy fits

Jared Padalecki
just a bit ruggeder






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