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Howdy Fellow Brown-Coatzzzz-

So my office is pretty cleaned out. Bare walls. Old memos in the trash. It’s sad. But you know the great thing about the FIREFLY spirit…Sorta not in my office, or even on our stages, it's in evidence in every episode we accomplished. And they were accomplishments. I’m so proud of all the work our cast & crew did on this show, more importantly I have never worked with a better bunch of folks. These people are my family, and the nice thing about this biz is that it is so small that chances are we will be together again…

I want to thank everyone who contributed to my weblog, with ideas, antidotes and encouragement…people like Jim Stirtz “ Grip extraordinare”… to Elyse “Ms. Allen” Ramsdell for her humor and co-anchoring of Crafts Corner…Also to Caroline for underappreciated hard work and dedication (and for loving Coffee Bean so much)- I want to thank Skip for sharing his monkey ordeal, I want to thank the guys at (Kyle, Paul & Adam) for doing an awesome job with the site— I need to give a big “thank you!!!” to Nate, Gina, Adam, Sean, Summer, Morena, Jewel, Ron and Alan…the best cast I will ever have the pleasure of knowing…big shout-out and thanks to Mr. Minear & Mr. Whedon for dreaming up an incredible show. And to Carey, Dave K., Shawna, Colin, Stella, Keith, Jain S., Loni, Bubba, Reggie, Allen, Athena, Jana, Camille, Mary Kay, Diana “Weezie” Acrey, David Y., Bruce M., David B. and Steve F.-thank you for getting the job done (and done with creativity and flair) week after week…and also to the hardest working PA’s N-E-Where, Tyson, Corey and Amanda- you rock!!

Folks are off to take some time to enjoy the holidays, see their families…more importantly they will be gathering around the cozy warm TV sets and tuning into the event that started it all. “Serenity,” the long awaited pilot- fresh with new scenes and raging CGI…it’s more fun than the crowded malls, and who really wants to wait in line for 2 hours to see Lord of the Rings on a Friday night, not this dork (plus there was the whole midnight showing on the 17th )- but “Serenity” is well worth the wait.

We had a holiday/wrap dinner the other night. At which, I prodded Joss into making a toast. He told the whole room that there is no other piece of work that he, “ is more proud of.”

Neither are we.

Here’s to a SHINY holiday season and new year,

Kyle’s Thanks: To my partners-in-crime Paul and Adam for helping me keep this site going full-speed ahead. To Kelly, for a consistently awesome blog, and for her tireless efforts to make sure we were able to get the access we needed. To Chris Buchanan, for his unending support of our “let’s make this site a fansite” concept. To Joss Whedon and Tim Minear for being so damn cool about everything. To Jane Espenson and Jose Molina for their fantastic essays. To Stella for being our art dept. “spy on the inside.” To the entire cast and crew for their insane cooperation and participation (video interviews, guest blogs, web ads, message board posts, the list goes on and on). To TheSkinwalkeR for his tireless efforts. To the web fans (most of all!) for supporting us, and allowing an official site to let its hair down.


Hello long-lost pals—

How the heck has the world been treat’n ya? I bet you were glad to see the crew on Friday...I know they were happy to see you (as always, of course)- Did you cringe and weep as much as I did at the banter/torture scene between our pilot and our captain? Brutal, much? Kinda nice to see a different side of Zoe and Wash though…

Big thanks to Adam, Morena, Nathan and Mark for posting on the boards…brave of ‘em to come out from lurking and let their presence be felt…at least I think that was their presence….maybe they just brought presents…oooh...pretty packages and ribbon….when I’m asleep I’m a viking…ok, I will lay off the caffeine…I will…

Ok, wanna hear something great? Joss walked into our office Monday morning w/ a copy of Variety…guess what brought that awesome grin out on his face…a little ad…bought by our fans…for a little ol’ show called FIREFLY …thank you to everyone involved in making that happen. Joss was like “We have really great fans.” Not only was it a smart and thoughtful ad, it also served as a reminder that we make this show every week for real people, who really enjoy the show…y’all are amazing!!!

This Friday’s “Objects In Space” was written and directed by Sir Whedon himself…he took time off from his other 92 jobs to turn this mother out and he does a hell of a job…but you knew that. Y’all know everything…Most of the time you out-scoop me. “Spy on the Inside,” HA! (insert Alf voice here and add “I ate your cat”)- more like “Spy- half- way- in- half- out- doing- the- hokey- pokey”- Let me know if you hear anything good, ok?

After all, that’s what it’s all about….



Ok brown coatz,

If you are anything like me, I am sure you are jones’n for a new epiosde of Firefly—wish I could tell you that you’d get your fix this Friday, but we really do need the time for our CGI… its going to be well worth the wait…I promise!!! On my shiny honor…Or on Mal’s shiny armor? Huh? Hello? Is thing on?

Although the show is awesome to work on, I think we are looking forward to a break for Thanksgiving. Some of our crew might actually get to see their families during the daytime. Or at night. Or at all. Seems we are all doing crazy futuristic-caper-like things for turkey day…some people are trying their hands at cook’n, others are mooching off family, some are heading out of the country (Canada anyone?) while others choose to play basketball with an ex-convict (my advice: don’t ask. don’t play.)

The episode that we are currently shooting has us bringing back the lovely and mischievous Saffron (played expertly by Christina Hendricks)-looks like she and Mal get a second honeymoon of sorts—plus, there is this thing with the trash—its hi-larious…

I watched “Ariel” again. I love that episode (and “NO” its not because I am in it…its not…ok, a little)- but did anyone notice what Wash picks up and hurls at the ambulance in the medical junkyard? Just a catalyzer coil. Happens to be the same part that broke on Serenity in “Out of Gas”—Quick…hope you got it on TIVO still.

Me and the Capt’n got in to an important deep conversation about Super Powers yesterday- Nope, not talk’n ‘bout the Earth-that-was and the roles China and the United States played in destroying that planet. We were debating the best super-human power to have. Actually is was more like arguing…to the point that Morena was shaking her head in bewilderment, “I can’t believe you guys are discussing this”. But we did, and to great length. I’m all for telekinesis-get Kleenex from the bathroom, grab another Code RED Mountain Dew from the fridge (man, those suckers are good, huh?)-but as I am also grounded in reality, I added a weight limit to what I can lift (50 pounds- good enuf to save an infant, but you still get your car towed)—Nate Dawg on the other hand wants to the ability to fly…fitt’n for the Captain of Serenity, don’tcha think?

Happy Space Turkey (Spa-urkey?) Day,


Brown Coatzzzzz~

I KNOW y’all have to be as excited as we are about the order for two more shows!!! We have such big fat silly grins on our faces about it!!! And we all feel like it’s a sign for more to come… our mantra here at Firefly is “Two for Now”—Keep telling your friends about it (Did I mention the 15 minute Firefly episode pitch from Mark at my Blockbuster the other day? So I know you guys are spreading the word) –keep up the good work…

As for tomorrow’s episode—you asked for it: a very special Firefly. In this ep, our crew teams up with Adam Sandler in a funny- futuristic- slapstick- golf- space- alligator- romp…Now, don’t be confused if your TV Guide says that Happy Gilmore is the name of the episode—it’s just another Blue Sun conspiracy (trust me, I’m their spokesmodel—I’ve got the inside 411) to keep you from watching FOX on Friday nights…

Okay, y’all know I’m kidd’n right? right? Hello? GAWD, I can just see the crazy posts on the boards now:

CYBERFLY213: Did you hear that Adam Sandler is going to be on this week’s Firefly? I think he’s Inara’s illegitimate love child w/Chi Chi Rodriguez.

But on the real tip, we are happy to have a small little break—the next couple of episodes coming down the pipe are heavy with the CGI and we could use the time to flip it out right…

Richard Brooks is on board for the current ep we are shooting, and that guy is the perfect blend of crazy, creepy and intriguing…I can’t wait to see how it all turns out with the Bounty Hunter …

In other news, not only were we stoked about the two show pick-up, BUT Skip’s monkey has been returned! That’s right., turns out he ran into some friendly people in Canada who returned him to his home here at FOX. We are looking at getting him to see the finest Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to repair his missing thumb…donations have been streaming in from all over the world, and we are deeply touched by the outpour of emotion and support!!

So who should invade the blog next? Any ideas? I would ask the monkey (but it’s a sensitive typing issue—with time he will heal. We all will heal.)




Okay, let this disappointment reign: it’s just me. That’s right…little ol’ me. No Firefly cast to leap in and take over the blog…so you guys will have to settle for the old-school stylings of this entry…ok?

To those who have not switched over to AMAZON to buy the Star Wars: Episode II DVD, but instead are along for the ride, here’s what I know: we are all extremely proud of the work that has gone into tonite’s show…“Ariel.” I know you have seen/heard/watched the hype---but it’s not enough to just tune in. We want you to make sure your friends, family members, any circus folk, old high school crushes, that snotty girl who works at American Eagle… all of ‘em…are watching tonight. WATCH. WATCH. WATCH.
And my mom says I have trouble with the being subtle…huh? huh?

Anyhoo…J. Whedon is directing---love that!!! The energy he brings to set is amazing. Not only that, but watching him direct an ep is better than any film class you could take…why and what he notices is astonishing… my favorite thing is when he finishes watching a take and says, “GREAT!, PERFECT, AMAZING…going again…” Ahhh, that joke never gets old…and to quote Wash in our currently-shooting ep, it’s "“wacky fun".

Did I mention to WATCH FIREFLY?


Tenderly brought to you by the hardest work’n cast and crew: it’s FIREFLY



How-D Brown Coats! So Nathan took over last week—Adam [Baldwin] and Alan [Tudyk] stopped by this week to give you fans more of what you want: them.

Adam took exception to the “manners” comment at the close of Nathan’s blog, so here he is:

Just wanted to jump on board and put my two cents in: I wanted to talk about “lurking”- Yeah, I admit it. I have been monitoring the boards and have appreciated all your kind words about me, my character and the show… Eventually I suppose he will learn some manners--- but until that day…he still won’t kiss ‘em on the mouth—Germs, ya know…?

Yippee! We are all stomping our feet that Joss is back at the helm directing our current ep #11, or is it 13? I can never keep ‘em straight--- I just pay attention to the words…funny how the crew “hops to it” when Joss is around?!? They are much quieter--- Is that fear I am not hearing— I remember some classes being like that in high school …Mr. Barton for example…ahhh…but I digress…

Upcoming ep “Ariel” puts us all in danger again—Jayne even gets his hand on some Alliance weaponry—watch out! Very exciting …

Did you know that Kelly has a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen calendar in her office—what a geek!

Alan walks in and says, “I have nothing to add,” other than…

“ ‘Ariel’ is the closest thing to an A-Team episode we have ever done—which in my opinion is a great thing…”

We should put in our perfunctory thanks to Kelly for her hard work for keeping the blog not so boring—and as Alan also adds for wearing an “intoxicating gardenia scent to work everyday”

That’s all for now….

Love ya! Thanks for standing watch on the beautiful Firefly…it’s our favorite show ever!

Alan adds, “and stop talking about my ass…it bugs my sister.”

Vera’s significant other,

Kelly’s humble servant,


(EDITOR’S NOTE: Want to know a bit more about your spy on the inside? We present to you a Q/A session with Kelly, composed of a selected series of questions submitted to us by Ryan from the Firefly Online fansite. Enjoy!)

Ryan: Will there be more eps focusing on the Firefly universe?

Kelly: The pilot should give you more info, and also there are a couple more eps that give those sci-fi junkies what they have been after...

Ryan: What role does the Alliance play (they're not very “chasey” yet, as far as River and Simon are concerned)?

Kelly: Look for more eps w/ Alliance involvement...they won't be so in-your-face-“chasey,” but our crew will be involved in a chase with those "two-by-two, hands of blue" fellahs.

Ryan: Will the genius behind ep 4 write more eps?

Kelly: If you are referring to the ep "Jaynestown" written by Ben Edlund, then good news…he's been involved in the breaking and writing of most of our later eps.

Ryan: How did you come to work for Joss, and what’s it like working for him?

Kelly: I actually work more "with" Joss then "for" him per se--not trying to be Ms. Snooty-pants 2002, but he has two very capable assistants that do all his bidding--I work for Gareth Davies (Firefly is produced by him, and he is also a consulting producer on Buffy). As for what it’s like to be around Joss (or Tim for that matter)--you have to be on your toes at all times--your culture references better be vast and your wit better be quick or you will get left behind in a nano-second…did I mention the genius part? Or the gifted musician part? Or the devoted family man? Yep, count me in as member of his fan club!!

As for getting hooked up with this gig, it’s one of the legendary stories of faxing the right resume to the right person at the exact time that all the planets were in line...I had pretty good qualifications (graduated college Magna Cum Laude, worked in an office for 3 years, did the crazy and thankless Production Assistant thing).

Ryan: Can you describe your job as a Production Assistant to us?

Kelly: Well actually I am a Producer's Assistant, so I do everything from feeding my lord and master to typing memos, faxing, attending all of our various meetings, helping out the ADs, being at the disposal of the Director--not to mention if they need a quick "Blue Sun" commercial. Plus, I handle all the publicity stuff, and see if the cast has anything they need tending to, so as you can see it’s a pretty mixed bag. When I introduce myself, I usually say my job falls into the "all-purpose" department.

Ryan: Webmaster’s choice question- How/why did they pick you to do the weblog?

Kelly: They picked me because it’s my job to know what goes on where...I am a part of all the meetings and have a front row seat for the planning and execution of all our’s a swello job and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Thanks for reading it!!!


Hey there Brown Coats-

So this entry will be written by our own Capt’n: Nathan Fillion! Take it away Nathan…

Ooo… This is so cool. I’ve finally made it, the weblog! How I’ve dreamed of this moment- and yet, now I feel tremendous pressure to be clever like Kelly. How does she do it?

We are hard at work on “Heart of Gold,” which holds much excitement and some implied nudity! I am particularly excited because it will be our first glimpse of such technologies as a true laser pistol and a hovercraft. Carey has once again outdone himself with his design of the craft, and I was sure to get a personal tour of it during construction.

Consistent with previous episodes, our guest cast this week is simply amazing. Melinda Clarke plays the lovely and sultry Nandi, and Fredric Lane has joined us as the bastardly Ranse Burgess- the man you’ll love to hate. Also on board this week is an old friend and Soap Opera alumnus Kimberly McCollough. Soap fans will remember her from her stint on General Hospital.

There were some questions on the boards, and Kelly asked if I would be interested in responding. I said I was scared, but she said she would hold my hand. (So, my plan worked!) I know for a fact that you folks don’t realize how very indispensable Kelly is around here. She has REAL POWER. If you want something done, you talk to Kelly.

Do we read the posts? I do. When I have spare time at work, I’ll raid the office for computer time. (I don’t have Internet access at home. Don’t ask. It’s a thing.) I particularly enjoy when folks enjoy the same scenes for the same reasons that I do. Or when I read that what I was trying to impart on screen was understood by viewers. Thank God! I look most forward to Kelly’s posts. I read them, imagining how great it would be to have the scoop on the everyday comings and goings on my favorite shows, the antics on set, inside jokes and so forth. I feel it speaks to the feeling of family and camaraderie that is present here. Something I feel it helps us put out a better show every episode.

Will Kelly appear in an episode? YES!!! She makes the cutest cameo in “Ariel!”

You really want to know about my underwear? Well, nothing special folks. Same as every other man out there. They are old, got holes, and worn through to the point of transparency. I occasionally buy new ones but I never throw any away. If a man says he throws out his underwear, he is lying. It’s as simple as that. They don’t get trashed, they just sometimes fall off or ignite.

Thanks, guys! This was a blast. As always- FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS MISS FIREFLY. Spread the word. Have a party. Make ‘em watch. They’ll thank you.

Yours ‘till Jayne learns manners,


Here is the fresh and shiny wave from Firefly:

Wondering what to get your family and friends for the holidays? Simple. Grab the dusty directions to your VCR and figure out how to record Alan Kroeker’s upcoming Firefly episode “Ariel.” We watched a rufff cut of it yesterday and it was outstanding…I’m talking sci- fi- caper- combined- with- Ocean’s Eleven- feel- and the- pace- of- your- heart- after- chugging- a- red- bull- adventure…there are a few sleeper hit scenes in the show to watch for…there is a River/Simon beat that really captures an intimate moment . Not to mention a no-nonsense scene w/Mal & Jayne at the close of the show…Mr. Minear told me the other day that when he watched it, he felt that “Adam really brought something to it…he gave it a whole new level.”

“N” other news… our own Summer Glau had a might ugly tussle with a bagel & knife in an attempt to enjoy a quick breakfast on set…don’t worry fans…she was rushed to the nearest hospital for a few stitches and I think her little pinky will be okay—This combined with the brutal flu that Sean Maher just beat has all of us wearing our lucky underwear to work.

Those of you who have been following the missing monkey case, here’s the new 411: Skip received another letter! This one was actually from the little guy himself…seems he’s escaped from his captors and is making his way back home. Included in the letter were 2 Polaroids: the little monkey getting some sunshine on a front porch and another of him on a patch of grass. The kindness of his captors has led the authorities to rule out the possibility of REAVER involvement. Skip sends his thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers for the monkey’s safe return.

Friday’s ep is the long overdue “Shindig”—it’s a hell of a party and a delightful time, so if people ask ya about your Friday night plans—tell ‘em you’ve got a party to attend…



So here’s the dilly brown coats-

“Out of Gas” is the episode coming your way tomorrow. Please tune in like mad…and remember the ol’ saying “friends don’t let friends miss Firefly.” Look for some flashback scenes--we used a color reversal process on the film to make the picture seem more saturated--a brrrrrrillant idea by our brrrriliant DP, David Boyd…

The web guys were on set on Weds, for their continuing coverage for Project Firefly…Gina gave them a little interview and it’s a nice way to see what the crew is up to and what it’s like on our set…

My mother paid a visit to the set and our cast was really great about being swell to her, as she puts it, “they made me feel like the celebrity.” But then again we raise ‘em right around these Firefly parts…

We are deep in the prep zone for the next ep—gonna have some very…ahhh…“professional” women in it….should be a sexy hour of TV—Plus, it should quell the appetite of those who crave more sci-fi in their Firefly diet…also it’s gonna be directed by Tom Wright—a director that our Producer, Gareth Davies (he’s sorta our headmaster ‘round these parts) has been after to direct “for years”…

The kids here were stoked to see a couple of our own shown at the world series on Weds…kinda cool to see Morena and Nathan on TV…oh…ummm…geez that’s embarrassing…of course…you can see them on TV every Friday at 8pm (editor’s note: 8pm/7c!!!)—isn’t that convenient?

<insert clever closing here>



Hey there Fire-Starters,

So by now you should all be stoked that we are including you in the journey that is making an episode of Firefly…It's just our little way of rewarding that loyal fan base—so c’mon in…settle down and you will enjoy it—then again, it might bore you so horribly that you will be wishing for re-runs of Sorority Life

I just happened to get a sneaky-preview glimpse of Dr. Solomon’s episode “Out of Gas,” and it is
NARL-LEE. I mean like so good you can feel your insides twist and turn…I had the pleasure of chatting up Mr. Whedon in the parking lot the other day…he was very happy with the way it turned out, as he put it, “This show will make you (bleep) it’s sooo good!” Of course you love to hear that from that guy—he’s got pretty good taste after all, right?

The scary-and-Geppetto-like-Niska (are “scary” and “Geppetto” redundant?) is back in the episode we are currently prep’n—which should make for a nicely evil episode…man is that guy into pain…

Our mad congrats go out to Tim Minear who is being honored by a non-profit organization that helps kids on the street—see? Not only do we create, write, edit, direct and run shows… but we help the less fortunate too. And they say that all the good men are gone…ha!

We are adding a few polishing details on Drew Greenberg’s Episode “Safe”—the magical powers that be discovered that they wanted more about Simon and River’s childhood. Know what that means for the serfs in production? Yep… we are in a mad dash to add those scenes (cast, find sets, wardrobe…blah, blah)…we might even get to see “younger” versions of Sean and Summer…what color are Sean’s eyes anyway? Anyone? Blue…right?

Same time, same place on Friday…happy sailing until then…


Editor’s Note: After a week off due to baseball (two weeks in some areas, you poor souls!), Firefly returns this Friday the 18th at 8PM/7C with an all-new episode entitled “Jaynestown” (Adam Baldwin fans should start getting excited NOW).


“ You can practically see the bumps through his shirt” remarks our Assist. Prod. Coord., Caroline…she of course is talking about poor ol’ Nathan- he’s got himself a right special case of poison ivy…ugh- not pleasant and very itchy. Noth’n a little ointment won’t cure, just doesn’t make it easy to be all capt’n like. Luckily for him, his parents were in from Canada and I think they probably took pretty good care of him. It was nice to have Bob and Cookie hang out on the set….

Friday’s episode has been put together great—there are a couple of reaction shots that are brilliant-Morena really shows Inara’s character layers. Joss has written a terrific script…what else do we expect though?

I have spent the last couple of days on a really- really- really fun project (are you getting the sarcasm? hope so...laying it on pretty thick) I have been putting together a list/outline of all the planets we have visited and/or referenced. This has allowed me to spend countless hours poring through scripts and outlines in a small dark attic room…oh yeah, and it's raining…and I am wrapped in a blanket…and I am playing hooky from school…if only I could give the empress a new name…umm..oops..that’s right..I am not in the Never Ending Story …I am not in the Never Ending Story

Speaking of having “no ending”- we are still very concerned about the fate of Skip’s monkey. The authorities asked me not to report a recent development, but for the sake of the monkey I feel I must…We have received his thumb. That’s right, they cut of the monkey’s thumb. Will he ever be able to peel a banana again? It has also left us all wondering many other things: “What kind of sick people are we dealing with?”, “What do they want?” and, “Who will “The Bachelor” propose to?”

“Out of Gas,” the Ep. we are currently shooting, has this great scene w/Jewel showing…expertise in the engine room—it's sure to be a classic…

Ok, ok, ok- here is some scoopable info for the real fans: the next Firefly Ep will give us more info about what happened to River at the Academy, we will see the Blue Gloved guys again and there will be a gross and brutal fight. Tim Minear instructed us that he “…wants it messy”

Hold on travelers...Fox Friday @ 8:00pm is coming our way…



I’m sitting at my desk enjoying a very fat Fuji apple—a quiet moment to myself…that NEVER happens…but I am taking it as a good sign. I think FIREFLY is becoming a well-oiled machine. There is an air of quiet confidence now that we have had a show on the air…before we worried that no one would like us…now that we know we have a few loyal folks out there watch’n, we feel pretty good…

Speaking of loyal fans…seems I have a couple as well. Me. Can you believe it? I wandered over to Buffy yesterday and had the pleasure of seeing those pop-culture-all-knowing-coolest-kids-in-school writers, Drew Greenberg and Jane Espenson. Turns out they read my web page—Real writers. People who get paid mad scrilla to write clever words and phrases. Okay, keep it cool Kel…no pressure…just the little ol’ webpage…quick be witty---okay…not happening…ummmm….

Here is a piece of info about our crew: We got ourselves a brand new spanking 1st AD name Tony Schwartz…(insert “may the Schwartz be with you” here). He’s great, but its next to impossible to replace our former AD…but we wish Brenda Kalosh the best in her new Universe and we will miss her.

I have to tell you that that I had the pleasure of siting with Tim Minear as he was looking at the final pass of “Bushwhacked” and the Visual Effects in that show are astounding. All you sci-fi junkies get ready-there are a few shots in this thing that will make you tingle. Plus, the EP is a perfect combo of horror, comedy and action—Look for a great scene with Alan Tudyk describing Zoe—some of it was ad lib and it is hilarious. As Tim puts it, “it's that look he gets on his face”.

FOX Fridays at 8:00pm anyone?



Video weblog entry/interview
Yes, she’s a real person, and we’ve got the video to prove it! Learn more about “your spy on the inside” in this exclusive Firefly Web Team interview.


Well what are you guys doing tonight at 8:00pm?

The pressure is on here and we are all a little nervous for the premiere…How are we coping with all this turmoil? Food. We are all going to get together to watch the first Ep as a family at lunch …should be shiny…

We got wind of the first reviews today: they love us, they really really love us!!! And they think Joss and Tim are real genius types (without the house full of popcorn—was that pop culture reference too obscure?…never mind)

N-E-HOO (as Joss would say)-

I was tooling around the lot with Capt’n Mal and we ran into his ol’ gang from Two Guys and a Girl. Turns out most of ‘em work on Reba Now…you should have seen the greeting that guy got from that crowd…nice to see he is loved and they made sure he met all the new folks too…As we were leaving Nate turned to me and said, “Hey, I just met Reba McEntire”

Our next episode gives us some more back story about how all the Serenity folks got together…including Mal showing Zoe around for the first time…going to be really great…plus its directed by David Solomon and it was written by Tim Minear. Its going to be a real gas…in a good way…like funny…oh forget it….

Mad props to Nathan, Gina, Adam, Alan, Morena, Jewel, Summer, Ron & Sean for kicking ass so far . Also a LOUD shout-out to a wonderful and talented crew that have braved smoke, heat, fire, mud, gross pond water and oodles of other crappy situations… you guys have been doing a fantastic job!

Off to set my TIVO for tonight… 8:00pm…FOX…show called Firefly…See you there!



“THE HERO OF CANTON, THE MAN THEY CALL JAYNE”— words that have been running through my head for the last couple of days! It's part of a zany tune from the next episode “Jaynestown” written by Ben Edlund and directed by Marita Grabiak. Seems like our crew encounters a town where Jayne is a local hero…and as you can imagine space- adventure- not- too- western- with- likable- characters- hijinx ensue.

Did I mention all the mud?? At least I think its mud, but after all the cows in the last episode…who knows…

We are looking forward to Entertainment Tonight (insert theme music here) visiting our set on Friday. I’m sure they will enjoy interviewing our swell cast…maybe Summer will fill them in on her recent experience with clog dancing…now that's entertainment any time, huh? Huh? Huh? Nevermind.

Looks like our stages will be getting a visit from a familiar Sunnydale face…now before y’all run off to AICN with rumors of Sarah or Alyson guesting an appearance, let me set the record straight: I’m talking ‘bout David Solomon. Buffy’s Exec. Producer/Director will be at the helm of the next Firefly ep.

That’s the buzz for now…



Well, we have been busy. Very, very, very busy. What else is new, right? BUT, I’m talk’n haven’t- had- time- to- pay- my- bills- my- car needed- an- oil- change 12,000- miles- ago- &- my parents- think- I- have- fallen- in- with- that- LA- crowd- BUSY.

But enough about me right? Thought so. Last week we had a read-thru of “Our Mrs. Reynolds” and it was FAB. Our guest star, Christina Hendricks, is really sweet and is perfect for her role. This episode is crazy good…no, crazy GREAT! In fact, I overheard Joss saying that it was, “probably the best script I have ever written.” So its sorta going to be a thing….you can imagine…

Besides shooting an Episode and prepping another (Welcome aboard Michael Grossman!) we recorded the song for the main title. It is safe to say it is unlike anything else on TV and in the good way…not in the Anna Nicole Smith way…wannnnnna know what else makes our show kick-ass? The fact that we shoot 12 hours a day and have 9 regular cast members which = oodles of coverage in a short amount of time. Not only do we get the footage, but 99.9% of it is done hand-held. That means while other shows are rolling their cameras around on a dolly, our iron-cameraman, Alan Easton, is hold’n that camera on his shoulder.

Many thanks go out to those 9 kind-sweet-wonderful cast members who gave their all at a Entertainment Weekly photo shoot on Saturday. Some of them had been out on location the night before and still managed to be in smiley & happy moods when they came to the shoot. We even had a few fans outside the gate of the session. Many members of the cast wondered, “How did they know who we are already?” To tell you the truth, I just wanted to know where they got their info from?



“Hello there, luv” says a familiar voice as I went on stage this shiny morning…I look up…who do I see? Mark Sheppard (he plays a wicked-villain type on our fav show Firefly)—good to see him again. The pilot seems like it was such a looooong time ago. Seems he’s pleased to be with us again as well…and who could really blame him? Look for a great scene between him and River in the episode…Summer always amazes us with all her mad talent!

Word on the lot is that a certain captain of a Firefly class ship has been warned by security about riding his motorized scooter (complete with license small license plate that reads: NATHAN) around the lot. Shame on you Mr. Nathan, but being of the rebellious (but likable) sort, I have a sneaky suspicion that it won’t be the last time! Maybe he was just showing off in front of his high school buddy that’s visiting from Canada. I did manage to score a choice piece of dirt from that source though…get this: Nathan. High School. Mullet.

This next episode is also pretty steamy, I have not seen this kind of sexual tension since Beatrice and Benedick…and if that reference went over your head….read a book! But not on Fridays at 8:00pm…

On the Skip’s stolen toy-monkey front (the real reason y’all read this weblog), turns out that there are clues contained in the Polaroid’s received…we thought they were random objects in the background (ie a ten-dollar bill & an apple), but word is that it’s a clue…is it a date? An address?

So that’s the buzz in space…does that make it the sp-buzz?



This week we have been throwing one hell of a party—tons of fancy dressed folks, piles of food and beautiful dancing. When Vern (the director) and J.P. (the editor) get finished with putting it all together it’s going to be amazing! Plus, it has been all kinds of great to leave my drabby desk and walk down to set and see this fantastic party going on…and on…and on…all day…for like 12 hours…but we are a tough group. As Tim Minear puts it, “Firefly has balls.” Yeah….uh…hello…is this thing on?

I will tell you who is on though, (nice transition, don’t cha think?) On staff that is…Greg Edmonson…as our shiny new composer! I’d rattle of all the shows he’s done, but y’all will look it up on IMDB anyway, right?

So has anyone scooped me on who’s directing the next episode yet? Vondie Curtis Hall. We are excited to have him. Who wrote the episode? Joss Whedon. And as Joss, the Master of our Universe puts it, “It don’t suck!” The episode shoots next week, which means we are prepping like mad right now!

Amid all the prepping, we have a small mystery on set...Skip Crank (on set prop master) had his screaming toy monkey kidnapped. How do we know it’s been kidnapped? We know it’s been kidnapped because he’s received Polaroids of the monkey tied to a chair! How sick and wrong is that!?! There has been much specul