Sweet Nothings: The Story (Epilogue)
Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fluff. The final installment. There's a weddin'. :)


I don't own 'em. They belong to Joss.


Trying to post this before I'm off for spring break. Hate to leave ya'll hangin for a week or two. Thanks to everyone who posted and helped me out in my first fic. Thanks cottonwoolfairy for letting me copy your amazin' stuff and turn it into my own long fic. Ya'll rock.


"It was a beautiful ceremony, mei-mei." said Inara to her best friend. "I'm so happy for you two."

"Thanks Inara." she hugged back. "I'm so glad things worked out. I dont know what I woulda done if you'd left last week."

"It would have taken us a lot longer to plan the wedding. That's for sure." said Simon.

"S'cuse me." said Mal. "I must take this lovely women away for a dance. If ya don't mind."

Inara smiled at the couple as she walked with Mal to the center of the cargo hold. "You really did a wonderful job decorating." There were white streamers and ballons all over. A long white silk cloth created the aisle which led to the white wooden archeway laces with green vines and white blooms.

"Yea. Cost me a pretty penny too." he smiled down at her as they began a slow dance. He looked over and saw Simon twirling his bride around in his arms. The mercenary holding tightly to the first mate as they lovingly looked into each other's eyes. And the pilot dancing with air. It was a happy day. He had given the crew the best thing he could ever hope for. Love. And he had finally found it for himself.

"I have to tell you something." she said looking up into his eyes and seeing his growing concern. When he didnt respond she just continued. "I quite the Guild. It's not like they weren't going to anyway. They told me they recieved my possessions. I told them it was a donation to the house. I dont think they'll be coming after us."

"So no more companioning? 'Nara, it's your life." he said stopping their slow movements.

"No." she smiled. "You're my life now."

He picked her up and spun her around. Kissing her deeply and sweetly. "I have something to tell you too, 'Nara."

"Yea?" she said nervously.

He leaned down and whispered into her ear. "I think I'm in love with you, Ms. Serra." He pulled away and looked into her loving eyes.

"I know the feeling." she whispered back before kissing him again.

"Excuse me." said Simon clinking his glass. "I must make a toast. If you would all raise your glasses." He began once the other five crew members had raised their glasses. "To my beautiful wife, Kaylee Tam. May the love I have for her grow in my heart for the rest of my life and spread into our children's as well." He paused. Zoe slapped Jayne's hand as he began to take a sip from his wine. "He's not done yet." Jayne grimaced.

"And may our baby boy live a happy life with the love of seven adoring people. People who have saved my life numerous times. People I would willingly give my life for. Thank you." Everyone, except Kaylee, took sips of their wine.

"Wait now, doc. Baby boy?" asked Mal.

"That's what he said cap'n. We gonna have a new crew member on bored in a few months." Kaylee smiled as Simon kissed her deeply.

"Oh mei-mei! That's wonderful." Inara said congratulating her friend. "How far along are you?"

"About a month. Simon just ordered some new fancy equipment." Kaylee said cheerfully.

"Congrats, Doc." Mal shook his hand. "There are gonna be some mighty interentin' changes." said Mal almost to himself.

"There's no problem with changes Mal." said Inara wraping her arms around his waist.

"Well I don't care for change all that much. For example, how long you think we can leave these decorations up?" he paused. "I mean another wedding could come along and-"

"I'm not so sure Zoe's ready for any long term committment but-"

"Inara." he caught her gaze and helf onto it. "You ain't livin' in your shuttle anymore. No more companioning. Simon and Kaylee are married with a little one on the way. Jayne and Zoe are happy. And River's starting to become a normal young girl. Everything's going right for once. What's one more change? So long as its for the better."

"Mal, stop avoiding the real topic." she said with the same frustration in her voice that always came out when she got mad.

"Inare Serra." Mal got down on one knee. "Will you marry me?" he pulled out a small box with a silver ring decorated with a single diamond stone. "This cost me a pretty penny too, I might add."

"Mal." she breathed.

"Is that a yes?" he asked smiling.

"Yes. Of course I will." he put the ring on her delicate finger and spun her around once more. Once he set her down they kissed deeply showing each other how much they loved one another through the small touch. He pulled away as he spoke.

"Inara, I know we'll fight just like we did in the past. But I need to know that nothing will ever threaten to destroy what we've created. And just like lil Kaylee and Simon we'll have a family together and grow old and-"

"Mal?" she asked.


"Just shut up and dance." she laughed as he twirled her around the floor.

The couples laughed and smiled as they shared memories and took turns dancing with one another. Their happiness continued long into the night as each couple lay in each other's arms. Finally knowing that everything would be okay.


I felt like there had to be a wedding. Cuz why wouldnt K and S tell the crew about the baby. I dont care for this epilogue so much. So if you dont as well, I'll work on it and post a new one.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006 2:03 PM


That was very cute. Of course there had to be a wedding. And its good they waited to announce it at the wedding.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 10:24 PM


Nice little ending you got here, Sweet. A bit short and a tiny bit abrupt, but a good little starter project;)


Friday, May 5, 2006 7:42 PM


Well DUH there had to be a wedding... and a Mal proposing to a sertin ex-companion I might add.... :) Lovely work as always!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 8:32 AM


I like happy endings, don't change a thing!


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