Howl Ch2: Laid bare
Sunday, October 8, 2017

Despite what he was feeling however, he kept his head up, face blank and eyes staring; he knew it was annoying the guards but he did it anyway.


Who poverty and tatters and hollow-eyed and high sat up smoking in the supernatural darkness of cold-water flats floating across the tops of cities contemplating jazz. - Howl, Allen Ginsberg

Alone, Simon sat in the claustrophobic room, his arse numb from the cold metal chair beneath him. His body was beginning to ache from the abuse it had suffered during his arrest and he constantly pinched himself to stop his mind from running to ideas of River and the crew of Serenity; he didn't really want to cry in front of these people. He had already ordered himself to give nothing away - even if it meant his death at the hands of the apes outside the room. In spite of his conviction however, he still shuck slightly with fear: nobody really looked forward to torture, did they? What sort of defence did he have from it? He didn't have a body like Jayne, nor a stoic attitude like Zoe. As much as he didn't want to admit it, Simon had to face the facts.

He was scared.

Two hours (he reckoned - there were no clocks in the room) had passed since he had been thrown into this interrogation room and there had been neither sight nor sound (or smell judging by the one that had voraciously manhandled him) of any Feds and it was beginning to irk him. You didn't have to have brains to work out what they were supposed to be doing but it wasn't working and Simon just found himself growing bored and agitated, his fear being reduced bit by bit.

By the fourth hour, Simon was thoroughly bored and annoyed; what the hell were they playing at? The could not, Simon fumed to himself, seriously believe that this tactic of 'making him sweat' was working! All it was accomplishing was making Simon believe that the people that had captured him were amateur morons with as much skill as a racoon at a dinner party - it even made him embarrassed that they had got him. As more time trudged its way past him, Simon began to feel tired, eyes drooping and head dropping towards the table in front of him. Surely, seeing as nobody was coming, he could have a little rest? He was a light sleeper so he would be able to hear them coming. Resolving the issue, Simon lowered his head to the table, closing his eyes and releasing a deep breath....

Yelling, he flailed wildly, landing on the floor as the door shot open, two burley guards rushing to him and yanking his arms up, making him shout as it pulled on his tender ribs. One of them socked him harshly in the gut in response and he found himself sagging between them, coughing furiously to get his breath back. The captain from before marched in, commanding him to "Come here!" and Simon found himself thrown to the floor, completely bewildered by it all. When he failed to stand, the other guard (nicknamed Curly for his ridiculous moustache)kicked him, hard, in the chest and Simon was certain he felt a rib snap.

"Stand up Dr Tam, you're embarrassing yourself."

Cold and calculated, the voice echoed and Simon struggled hurriedly, pushing himself upright painfully. Upon achieving this, he was instantly pushed forward and made to follow the retreating Captain's back. Any thoughts of resistance was wiped away when he heard the cocking of guns behind him; he limped on.

The corridor they entered was, like the room, metallic and bland with walls that were almost touching. It was very long and Simon found himself questioning internally what was behind all the doors they passed: other prisoners? Officials? He was abruptly pulled out of his musings as the captain stopped dead and Simon *cough cough* accidentally *cough cough* crashed into him. Obviously the captain didn't find it funny because he turned around and punched him in the mouth, causing Simon to crash into the wall next to him. He smirked and yanked open the door next to them, gesturing for Simon to enter.

"Right this way Dr Tam. Stand in the centre and wait for further instructions."

"Now just wait a minute. I think I have a right to know what's going on here!"

The Captain laughed and shook his head and Simon cried out when he felt something heavy pound into his back, making him fall to his knees.

"Rights, Dr Tam? You lost yours the moment you turned from the Alliance." As he spoke the two gorillas beside him hefted him up and tossed him, like he used to do with River's dolls, into the barren room. The door slammed closed behind him.


Kaylee refused to speak to him. After explaining to his crew what had occurred on Persephone and his response to it, Kaylee shouted some things about him being a selfish Hudan and, when he refused to give into her demands to go back, had stormed off to the engine room. Inara had gasped loudly and Wash had been asking if there was any chance of them going back later for a rescue. Zoe, as he predicted, had remained outwardly unaffected but he knew that inside she was worried; as much as she demurred, Mal knew that Zoe didn't mind the young Doctor and often had late night chats with him as he tried to wrap his head around the universe.

It was River that had him most worried. Upon hearing the news of her brother's arrest, she had stood dreamily and whispered "Too many chickens for the little fox." before dancing out of the room. Most days he left Simon to mind her and now that he was gone, Mal was slightly worried about how they would care for her. It was not that he thought she would hurt any of them but he feared what would happen if she had another one of her fits and started demanding for brother dearest...

At the moment he couldn't find her - no surprise given the incredible amount of hiding spaces on Serenity - and for now, that was fine. It definitely wouldn't be when she processed the fact that Simon was gone. It had been three hours since the announcement and at the moment they were heading for Whitefall to hide out. Since the arrest, more Alliance vessels had flooded the sky and it was only through Wash's skill that they had managed to avoid detection. Mal placated himself, telling himself that once the heat had died down, they would go back and rescue the doctor. Again.

God he needed a drink. A strong drink.


Lights flared up, blinding Simon momentarily but, as his eyes adjusted, he saw that he was in a plain room, silver metal lining all the walls apart from the one in front of him which was covered by a large two way mirror. It did not take a genius to work out that the captain and his guards were behind it. What did confuse him was his purpose there; there was nothing and no one in the room so what was supposed to happen?

Booming, the captain's voice sounded throughout the room, making him jump in surprise.

"Dr Tam. Welcome," At this Simon audible snorted. "You are, for now, a guest at the facility. Now, strip."

Simon stared at the window for a moment before laughing heartedly. Strip? What on Earth-that-was was this guy playing at?

"I'm terribly sorry, Dr Tam, did I not make myself clear? Let me help with that."

Simon's laugh turned into a frightened scream as the flow below him sparked with electricity, shocking him painfully.

"What?-" The doctor's shaky voice tapered off as the two guards from earlier stepped in to the room through a door that appeared from the wall. Both were carrying batons. Simon gulped audibly and stared, wide eyed at the window. "I'm not going to strip for you. It's ridiculous. I won't."

"If you do not," returned the emotionless voice. "then I will shock you again."

"But what about- " Simon swung his arm towards the guards.

"They're shoes are rubber. They will not conduct. Now, strip."

With great reluctance, Simon realised that there was no way out of it. If he refused, he would be shock and beaten, probably to unconsciousness at which point he would just be returned to the room and be ordered to strip again. Moving with obvious anger and muttering all the while, Simon undressed himself, throwing all but his red boxers to the floor. He placed his arm across his chest, feeling self-conscious.

"Everything, Dr Tam."

Simon looked pleadingly at the window for a moment before reaffirming himself; he would not give into these people. With a shaky hand, he pulled down his underwear, chucking them into the pile in front of him. Silence smothered the room and Simon found himself feeling more and more insecure as he was made to stand naked. They wanted him to feel exposed, uncomfortable. They wanted to make him believe that he was nothing before them. Thoughts raced as he pictured a whole group of Alliance personnel behind the window, gawping mockingly at him. Despite what he was feeling however, he kept his head up, face blank and eyes staring; he knew it was annoying the guards but he did it anyway. Sighing and preparing himself, Simon decided that if they wanted to be peeves, who was he to deny them?

Shifting his feet into a 'superhero stance' (which he perfect through hours of playing with River as a child), he moved his arms to he waist, proudly showing off his John Thomas and whistling 'Oh Sir Jasper'. For a moment he felt pure satisfaction as he heard the intercom crackle to life then die. Only for a moment though as the floor sparked again, sending him keening over. He felt the batons crash into his back repeatedly and smirked smugly all the way to unconsciousness.


Sunday, October 15, 2017 11:45 AM


Good job ! Keep it coming

Sunday, October 15, 2017 11:45 AM


Good job ! Keep it coming


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Howl Ch2: Laid bare
Despite what he was feeling however, he kept his head up, face blank and eyes staring; he knew it was annoying the guards but he did it anyway.

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