The Brush Over Boros - Part 2
Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Gorramit, I'm switchin channels, aint nothin but people screamin..."


0932 Hours

The short haired Corporal Neilson wasted no time scrambling up from his seat at the round table in the galley to come onto the bridge. He entered through the door with a confused look on his face, obviously full of doubt that Bishop was being serious. But as he came closer to Bishop he noticed the ship shake a bit, and bright lights flashing outside. He could see off in the distance what looked like rockets, shells, and laser fire zipping towards them. "Shen sheng de gao wan, you aren't kiddin!!" The corporal exclaimed. He was unsure of what to do. Even though Bishop had given him and his men a directive, that seemed to have blown completely out of his mind when he sat the spectacular sight of Naval ships coming together.

"Corporal, you dumb Hun Dan, get down to the lower deck and get your squad ready for deployment!" Bishop yelled back. Within seconds of him getting that order out, the first volleys of fire began hitting the fleet. "Clemens, drop us down, get us far below these capital ships." As Bishop gave his order to the pilot, he sat down at the right console on the bridge. The ship wasted no time in activating its boosters again getting below the volleys of fire.

As the ship dropped, Neilson took hold of a support pipe, and pulled himself into the next room. When the ship leveled out he ran down the stairs. His men were all taking hold of different objects to keep themselves on their feet. Neilson quickly came upon a crate which held their weapons. The small squad of Independent marines, each wearing a brown helmet and a dark brown duster uniform signifying their status as marines, armed themselves quickly. They strapped themselves full of ammunition, small arms, explosives, knives, indeed everything they would need once they were inside an 'Alliance' vessel. Once fully equipped, each man held a rifle with a sling over their shoulder. They all scurried over to the forward section of the lower deck, and took up positions by the walls, holding onto whatever they could. At the center of where they stood was a large circle, with a visible crease right down it's middle. That was the 'breaching bore' which the marines would use to pierce a hole in the hull of an enemy ship, and enter into its bowels, and begin causing havoc inside the enemy ships. On the surface the marine strategy seemed devastating, but in reality it wasn't.

Once inside an enemy ship, the squad would be greatly outnumbered, and in an unfamiliar territory. There would be no back up, no telling what part of a ship they breached into, or even what kind of ship they had entered into. And all of this was assuming they weren't shot to pieces on the way there. The percentage of survival for marines wasn't particularly good, but for such jobs the 'Browncoats' picked only the craziest and toughest of the lot who could over look such percentages. The 5 men just stood by the walls awaiting the captains signal to commence breach, and then the real fight would begin.

Back on the bridge, it was a different story. Bishop was desperately trying to sort through communications, to get a directive, or at least a general idea for what the fleet was doing. But he wasn't having much success with figuring either of those things out. As he sorted through the transmissions, Clemens suddenly spoke up. "Bishop, the fleet is moving forward, I don't know what to do." Clemens said. Clemens always spoke somewhat in chunks of phrasing. He would give a sort extremely brief pause in everything he said. Rather then a statement flowing clearly, it was very blocky and followed a specific pattern, though not monotone in any regard. Despite this, Bishop looked up and saw the rest of the fleet beginning to advance. "Well, tian sha, keep with em!" Bishop yelled. Their ship then lurched forward with a jolt and started keeping up with the rest of the fleet.

Why the fleet was advancing towards the obviously larger force Bishop wasn't sure, but he needed to get a directive and fast. But it didn't take him long to give up on it. "Gorramit, I'm switchin channels, aint nothin but people screamin on the nav-dac." Bishop said exasperated. Nav-dac was a short term for 'Naval Directory', which was the main fleet channel. He switched over to a local com channel, and started trying to find any short wave transmissions from the fleet to see if he could get a directive.

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