Purple J's Part 2
Sunday, May 6, 2012

Malcolm Reynolds makes his way back to the comfort of his ship. Plans are to explain to his crew the scheme he and Monty mulled over on Monty’s ship. Of course nothings been finalized, there can always be changes. His idea now is to see what his crew thinks, Z


Purple “J”s : part 2

“The Planning”

Malcolm Reynolds found himself back aboard Serenity, in the galley.

He made a mental note to himself,…………“apologize to Kaylee later.”

After he’d first come back onboard Serenity he was walking up the loading ramp and there, his top-notch mechanic, was waiting for him. She had asked if he was hungry, and he’d given her a glance of murder. He felt bad about it now, and was looking to make amends. In fifteen minutes, after the meeting he’d called with the crew, he‘d have a talk with her.


“Ok crew, here’s what we got so far…..” Malcolm began his spill once all his team members had assembled in the galley.

“There’s a fellow being held on Silverhold at the penal colonies there, name of Qinn Greene. He’s our mark. Actually he isn’t our mark, he’s more our associate since he’s the major player in this undertaking. He’s been on that world since he was sixteen, a tragedy of war. Been shuffled around from lock-up to lock-up with other young incarcerations until he was old enough just to be thrown in with the heavyweights. Now he’s at Voltauge Prison where they keep the one’s ill mannered enough that don’t want to play nice, and won’t join the sewing committee down in the activities hall. Questions?”

Of course Mal’s last words about prisoners playing nice and sitting around stitching quilts was just a joke. He had a way of speaking that stressed a very serious point, yet was sprinkled with his own brand of Reynolds humor.

He looked around to see if they were getting an idea of where he was headed with this plan before continuing. There were no question at this juncture.

Zoe stood with her arms folder, next to her husband. Jayne sat in a chair at the galley table, Wash sat in a chair opposite him, and Simon sat at the far side of the table away from the Captain. Kaylee stood two feet behind the doc, arms folded, tight lipped, still aggravated with the him.

If eyes were throwing knives, then hers would have certainly put a dagger blade straight through his heart, not really though.

“Ok here’s what I know, the boy’s got a friend, just recently released, guy by the name of Cecil Deans. …… hell of a cook I’d say, but then I’d be lying. Anyway, Deans is crewed up with Monty now, and has spilled the beans about Greene. He’s got some Intel of where a horde of treasure may be stored, the family jewels, so to speak. The boy is smart enough not to share the full location of the loot with any one person in the lock-up. He’d be dead within an hour if he did. Still, he’s let it be known, through Deans, that he’s willing to tell more to a third party. He’ll keep the Intel separated between three parties so that no one person, or group of folk, have all the information. This keeps the location of the treasure a secret. Each participant or group will get an equal share of the cache, divided four ways, once the treasure is secure. The largest portion going to the forth party, Quinn Greene himself. Since he owns it and knows where it is!”

Jayne finally spoke up.

“What good’s a treasure gonna do him in prison, buy him a better bunk? I don’t see how payin off guards with nickels and dimes is gonna satisfy them very long. Not when they find out he’s got a bundle stashed somewhere,” Jayne paused momentarily, “and loot divided four ways, don’t know if it’s worth our trouble Mal?”

The Captian looked at the big mercenary.

“It is Jayne! Monty tells me that you could leisure comfortably on “Pleasure Moon” for two weeks, and still have a little left over.”

“I’m in!”

Malcolm smiled, he knew that would pull the big mercenary into his plan.

“Ok, This whole thing smells of trap, so I had Shepherd Book look into it on the cortex! Seem it is very on the up & up. Quinn’s been a POW for years. Put there by the Purple J*s, or Purple Jaguars if you prefer. An elite team of Alliance attack squads, designed to collect Intel, discover hidden resources, and undermine the Independent army’s elite teams during the war. They were very good at their jobs! Their success ratio was 83%. Considering that Aberdeen is a rim world, and way out in the rebel territories, I’d say that they were a force to reckoned with,” Mal hesitated a moment, his schemes always included an avert to a history lesson, unplanned for sure, but they still manifested themselves in his speeches.

“Anyway, there are things of sentimental value that Quinn is afraid will be lost if he doesn’t see to their procure and proper care. Family heirlooms and the like that will turn to dust if they aren’t rescued. Some are likely more valuable than gold to him.”

“Is there such a thing?” Jayne spoke out loud, his mouth maybe functioning before his brain told it not to.

The galley was silent. He looked around from face to face, still wearing the weathered cap his mother had sent him in the mail. Of course he’d realized that he’d spoken his thoughts before his mind had alarmed his mouth that this was a private conversation.

“I mean, of course there is! there are some things more valuable than gold,” Jayne made a play at recovering some kind of honorable attribute. The others weren’t buying it, although the big merc did have his own set of values. And they did cover not turning your back on your family. Of which, there were a couple onboard Serenity that he felt he had no kinship to at all.

Mal continued……..

“Kaylee you’ll be going in under the guise of being Quinn’s cousin, several times removed,” the Captain then looked over at the big mercenary, “Jayne you’re going in as her bodyguard. The inmates will be behind an electrified fence you know, opposite the meeting area. Still we can’t have Serenity’s mechanic enter a incarceration facility alone, not with fifteen hundred love sick mules around!”

He looked at Jayne.

“One love sick mule is enough to accompany her,” Mal grinned.

The big merc studies this plan for a second.

“So what you’re sayin is we need to bring a mule with us?”

Everyone around the table smiled, but Jayne. He mainly had a confused look on his face. Mal continued with the plan…..

“Now we’ve already cleared a congenial visit with the Voltauge administration through Shepherd Book….”

They all looked at him. The preaches was conveniently absent.

“Yeah , yeah, I don’t know how he does it either but still he can, and it works out to our benefit. The preacher has a connection to the Silverhold colonies, and I won’t push for answers about that link, as long as minds his manners.”

The captain was becoming more suspicious of the preacher though. Still it wasn’t enough to shoot him out of the air-lock!

The meeting concluded, Mal said he was waiting on more information from Monty. When he got it, he would share it with the crew. Everyone went back to what they were doing before, and the Captain pulled Kaylee aside and apologized.

“Apology accepted,” she said, “another scratch for my engine room door.”

Mal was confused, she explained……

“For every apology I get from you, I put a scratch on my engine room door. So far I have three,” she cracked a smile at him as though she’d just let him in on a humorous secret, “you haven’t noticed them?”

Mal’s expression changed, the light bulb came on…..

“Oh those, I though those were made by Simon, trying to get out!”

He’d pissed her off all over again.



Sunday, May 6, 2012 2:45 PM


Oh lovely, you ended with my favourite line and poor Mal, has annoyed Kaylee all over again! Guess there will be a forth scratch going on that engine room door pretty soon. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Sunday, May 6, 2012 2:46 PM


Sorry, I meant to say 'fourth' scratch. Darn my keyboard can't spell! Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Monday, May 7, 2012 1:24 PM


Hello Alison,

Thanks for your post! Yeah, the Captain has a way of making Kaylee angry, even without trying too hard. Of course he can do that to a lot of people too.

I’m sure the reason Kaylee keeps a record of his apologies is because they are so rare. If she kept a record of all the times he has upset her then likely it would be covered in scratches… She forgives him though, and keeps the peace. Good thing Serenity’s mechanic is so good natured.

Enjoyed getting your feedback, I appreciate it a lot! Z

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 3:34 AM


"So what you're sayin is we need to bring a mule with us?" -- LOL! Some priceless lines here. I also liked the way Mal can apologize to Kaylee and piss her off again only seconds later. I am not nearly as sanguine as Mal seems to be, about this plan. Seems loaded with possibilities for trouble.

Thursday, May 10, 2012 11:32 PM


Hello eb….

I think I heard someone say one time that “Trouble” was Mal’s middle name……lol. Yeah, Mal has ways of getting himself, and his crew in a jam, and I don’t mean jam & jelly on a biscuit. But the Captain, most time works his jobs with a backup plan. Of Course if he’s relying on Monty as his backup this time there may be Trouble there too, “Trouble”? There’s Mal’s middle name again……lol.

Thanks for your comments, Z


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